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 i know i am so behind in my esoteric studies than most of you, so thanks for bearing with me.....

Lately i have found myself thinking about when i studied the Tower of Babel story. it always intrigued me-   its interesting that the Ggod who created these people, would  want to keep them so distant from him as to create division amoung them. they worked harmoniously together on this Babel project. Ggod  separated them so they could not reach him.  why?   the people  are quoted…


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The Original Seekers Purpose

We were once a single worldwide civilization of harmonious families that lived in PEACE.

We knew our spiritual selves and our power of "enlightenment" or "attainment" was a fundamental lifes purpose. We accompanied and sustained each other because we knew our dignified place in existence and worked towards that honor.

Weve forgotten - and thats the root of ALL SEEKING. To remember and return. Thats the original seekers purpose.

How did we lose this knowledge?…


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the time has come to remember our true origin

this is one of my favorites.  

check it out.  she is " newearth " on youtube and the playlist is "When the Atlantis Survivors wake up"  All sources are cited, and Very  reasonably interpreted. this is about who we are as truly glorious spiritual beings and the suppression of our true honorable identities. we belong in/to the rest of the divine universe!

Excellent take on our stolen past. and perhaps to help regain humanities dignity!

(the time has come…


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Man on the Silver Mountain

while roaming around creating a music playlist for myself, i added "The man on the silver mountain"  written by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and singer Ronnie James Dio this song is, as Dio said, …


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totem? animal spirit messenger? what?

Female Ruffed Grouse

hi- a mature female ruffed Grouse  hit the west side of my home today around mid to late afternoon. it was sunny calm and clement out. it broke its neck (no blood) and died almost immediately.

ive always been a bird lover and ever since my firstborn was growing in my belly (22 yrs ago) the Crows have shown themselves to me- they gave me a  first message ( only distinct- important one -that id accept to feel) the week before  my birthday in 2007-- it was…


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the company of the Moon

is calm, private, intimate, peaceful.  

is a place for my hearts respite, builds my spirits stamina,  rejuvenates my secret self.

protects me, safely encourages my power.

she knows herself and shows me myself. 

the Moon shares the stars with me.  she dreams with me.

the Moon accompanies me among my known and unknown dead and unborn.

i Remember the loveliness of the Lady Moon..... 

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third of 3


so, ive drawn my 3rd and final id card. the SUN:)

that makes the cards that i Am - Moon-Hermit-Sun.

i asked the cards to help me understand who i am.

i wonder what they mean taken as a whole?

i love my cards. 

moon, hermit, sun...

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vomit/gag relex

did you ever get so sick on something that even remembering it brings on a vomit reflex? 

just a good thing like a candy bar that maybe went bad or had a bug in it could ruin it for you for a long           time.  you can eat the chocolate and the fillings separately just fine. but the combo ... omg 

say someone graciously invited you to Share a High Holy celebration of feast and honor.  and there it is --       that candy bar that had the gross Alive bug in it. theres…


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my moon

this is just me meandering

soo how many months later after joining here i took a long shunned path= to seek thru the tarot. 

so my first card pulled for my own id  = the MOON!  my initial reaction was joy  -yay! My Oldest Friend. but when i read the traditional tarot meaning it didnt jive with me. i second guessed myself and my friend. then i strengthened my tenuous grip on my Initiation (?) I refused to ignore her whole being! (and mine!). i guess its a first lesson.…


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