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The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is about perspective. It is the relationship between the observable, the act of observation and the observers ourselves. The relationship shifts with all the possibilities and comprises all possible constellations of the relationship to fulfill the Holy Trinity - God. Together the Holy Trinity constitutes an inner correlation of the relationship that is…


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God always was, always is and always will be. That is the Holy Trinity. There are many ways that it can be and together it is the Holy Spirit that always was, Jesus Christ that always is and the Heavenly Father that always will be, in an infinite amount of universes - one part that doesn't even begin, a second part that always continues and a third part that begins eternally. That way there is a universe to everyone's name; to…


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Truth, experience and focus - 


All truth is always true by how it carries in focus. Truth altogether is that each truth is fulfilled by order of coincidence with it all. The whole fulfills coincidences with truth in order of experience.…


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The separation and unity with God

Being started moving in a wholly quickening acceleration. As the acceleration hit infinity, the wholly quickening made the motion cross over previous positions all at once. Every position was crossed. Together these crossings were all and as the acceleration continued it became all in all, as all was in the being. By the wholly quickening acceleration in being we all became holy. As the quickening continues after all is holy, life…


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The making of souls

Everyone existed, potentially. It was all a matter of everyone being fulfilled by a force, without that force being recognized by itself as any of those being fulfilled by it. Therefore it moved with its back towards its action, only gathering what it had been doing after it had been done. This force became what had not doubted its ability to move in this way, even onto it being fulfilled completely - everyone being realized. This…


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Be loyal to God and humble before others, until you are pious in all. Such is gratitude. A gratitude so deep, when it is applied, is love.

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Being Christ

Build all of your inner light into love. Let it then apply in all things. Fold all that applied love into your spirit. Then let your spirit be present in all. Let your light, your love and your spirit meld into one. Then you have made way to take on the name of Jesus Christ - the holy light - and God will fulfill all your wishes for yourself as they are made in that love, as you have completely taken on His name. Let the way grow until you are made one with the…


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Unity by Numbers

Christ is the boundless Heaven - the Light. To it we have infinite dimensions in what there is to observe, and as our observations, and of our observers. They are the three generations - the observable, our observation, and any observer; what all in relation is made of. The given dimsionality across all three generations makes an entity of God. We are many. Every one of us believes in the Light. To each as how we do, we are in…


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God's creation

God is not diminished from fulfilling your truth. Everyone's truth has an equal placing among each other. Therefore we can only create for ourselves, but where truth overlaps there will be a synergy as we delve into it. It will make it bigger and more beautiful than we wished for as we gather into it. Anything can be created, for God is not diminished by it. Anything that we pray for and believe in the name of the light, will be…


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Where God is strong

God does not judge. Instead He relies entirely on what is true. Don't ever wait for God, but instead fulfill your own presence, stand for it and remain resolute. What do you want to be this very moment? It's all that matters. God will be there. The more you fulfill yourself, the more he will be evident. He finds his place where you have found yours.

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Love is the encompassing of all, in the purest embrace. The essence of that embrace is the purest of being - the essence of just being. In its purest of states, love is the encompassing of just being. In this, the purest of being, all is encompassed. Quiet yourself and that love is what remains.

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The honor of truth

Truth between us is governed by care. To care for each other's truth is to honor each other. Honor gives us space to express our truth in. The honor we have for each other makes us connect with each other in the presence of that space - the space where creation is due. Where creation is due, our slightest whims jots out our presence. Love makes our presence come through to each other. With it, we can see each other where we focus in our presence across the dimensions. Love gives us focus…


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The light at the end of time

In the holy light, all things are visible, all things are true, but not all things are relevant. It is in the relevance that we determine truth, and it yields the current moment - what there is to focus on. The holy light lives outside of our focus, to fulfill all things. It is made up of the order of relevance - what is right and wrong between us. All eyes sees it, but none look upon it. It is present now, always has been and…


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The heavenly family

Real insight into the context of all things, clears us of confusion. Christ is everyone. The Heavenly Father is everyone in everyone, and Christ is him too. Christ being everyone in everyone too, thus being the Heavenly Father, is distinct from him by being everyone in everyone by the Holy Spirit. We all are everyone in everyone by the Holy Spirit - the Heavenly Father through Christ. The Holy Spirit in all is the second coming of…


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The heavenly story

The Heavenly Father glanced at the purest of being forever, in one holy moment uniting the two. That moment, fulfilled, is the Christ - all of us. In the glance there was a great struggle between all potential spirits, until the equal and set amount enough to be reflecting a depiction of the Heavenly Father had answered yes, to fulfill the Christ. It is the promise of eternal life. Then we all forgot.

All beings then started to re-enact the holy moment, starting from the part of the…


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The Process of Creation

All these things we have derived at with our care:


  • What we observe.…

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God in All and God in Someone

God is in a wholly quickening acceleration, that puts it present in all at once. By that state, there is a state of God separately present in each individual. That separate state is The Holy Spirit. God in All at Once is a different state, consisting of all those possible states of God within at once. God in All is the purest state of being there is. It just is, regardless of condition or even being in existence at all to begin…


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Origin of Individuality

God in everyone is the source of all, because God in everyone is the meaning of there being a source. It is the ability we all have to experience - each individual soul altogether. The Goddess of Divinity is the individual having an option to fill everyone with God, to be fulfilled. Her choice to be fulfilled was the fulfillment of God - the creation of everyone in all.…


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Behind Instant Manifestation

Where there is love, care is fulfilled. Opposing care wins out on the personal plane. Every entity has a personal area of existence where their love takes form. It consists of an infinite amount of entities, all forming the order of that love. There are an infinite amount of angels, each consisting of an infinite amount of truth. Every truth each consists of an infinite amount of information, each consisting of the same infinite…


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Just a roleplaying game

Years ago I wrote a generic ruleset for tabletop roleplying gaming. There was a section on Spheres and Planes in it which I typed as I did because I wanted it to resemble how things really are in my mind, as much as possible to work well in a game setting. It went like this;

"This system supports gameplay on physical planes and on the celestial planes. The game plays out in a universe that consists of three types of planes.

  • The physical…

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