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The Past & The Future

are the Axis of my Dreams

my ever-Present Mind

penetrates spacetime

& Infinity comes apart

at the seams...

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Dugpas, Deities, and Demons of the Black Lodge

Now I will provide you with the tale of my very first adventures within the Black Lodge. Come back with me to the summer of ’84 and my hometown of Westerly, Rhode Island.

            My mentor, Ross, and I were just getting to know each other. A week earlier, his lessons in astral projection had finally paid off when I left my body for the first time. This was when I was also beginning to learn the secret occult history from him.

            “Today is August 14,” Ross said to…


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When Newton met the Tsar

The following tale came straight from the mouth of Peter the Great himself, and you will not find any historical records to contradict his word. The only thing of mine is the modern narrative.

          In 1697 the young Tsar became the first Russian ruler to travel Europe. It was called the Grand Embassy, a diplomatic tour that acted as cover for a specific cosmic mission planned by the Great White Lodge. With him went an entire company of dwarves right out of Tolkien’s The…


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Sirius Secrets of Peter the Great

According to my mentor Ross, the secret of Gnostic deification was symbolized by the icon of ABRAXAS: the double-headed eagle, supreme symbol of royalty and divine authority for Freemasonry and the Russian Tsars. Peter the Great was the first person to have actually done it, Ross ranted on with religious fervor- become God. The demiurgic reality-sculpting powers were possible. Humans could become Amberites.

            Roger Zelazny’s godlike heroes had a…


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Who really Rules the World

It is a question that has obsessed me my whole life. My mentor, who I met at the tender age of thirteen, was a decadent German aristocrat named Ross. He was a real Neitzschean Superman, who had all the money, power, material splendour possible, and yet still did not Rule the world, nor did he have the godlike powers over reality that one who truly Ruled would possess. And so he made it his mission to acquire that ultimate power, to essentially BECOME the All-Seeing Eye Above the Great…


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Welcome to the Cosmic Neighborhood

We are not alone. This is the most challenging aspect to the labyrinth. It is inhabited by beings aligned to a variety of cosmic forces. Humanity has given many names to these denizens of Chapel Perilous throughout the ages. They have been known as Atlanteans, Olympians, Enochian Angels, Ascended Masters, Unknown Superiors, 4th Density Beings, and Watchers- always originating from a wide variety of celestial destinations, always offering “helpful” hints on how to maneuver through the…


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Sirius Sphinx Mysteries

One night in 2004 I finally perused the most influential book that I had never read- influential on me specifically due to its crazy synchronistic import on my personal mythology. The book is THE SIRIUS MYSTERY by Robert Temple. It deals with the Dogon tribe of western Africa and contact of some kind between the tribesmen and aliens from Sirius. Temple’s case is very well articulated, and despite the best efforts of debunkers, the Dogon evidence refuses to go away, no matter how…


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Millennial Showdown with Saint Germain

August 18, 1999, was the Grand Cross Alignment, one of the most amazing astrological events in history.

             The Sun, Venus, and Mercury were in the sign of Leo; Mars and the Moon were in Scorpio with Pluto close by in Sagittarius; Saturn and Jupiter appeared in Taurus; and finally Neptune met with Uranus in Aquarius. Biblical scholars of the Book of Revelation were quick to point out that these four signs correspond to the four beasts that sit at the throne in heaven. This…


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Solaris Apocalypse

In Stanislaw Lem's sci-fi classic SOLARIS, an expedition is sent to investigate a bizarre world with a living ocean whose telepathic waves create a place where reality and fantasy blend in incomprehensible ways. Upon returning, the team leader, Berton, is deemed insane simply for reporting the facts. An excerpt:


BERTON: It wasn’t an hallucination. An hallucination is created by one’s own brain, wouldn’t you say?


BERTON: Well, my brain…


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How to die for the NWO

For those of you worried about the New World Order, I offer this cautionary tale from the Apocalyptic battlefield, a modern fable showing how The Conspiracy fights its war and the psychic methods They use to win. It is the story of the greatest warrior against the NWO, the sainted martyr of the Patriot community, Milton William Cooper, and his battle with Them.

            Bill Cooper was the John the Baptist of conspiracy theories, a firebrand prophet of the Apocalypse whose 1990…


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The Perilous Passion of Iris Chang

Sit with me now for a few minutes in the most dangerous room of Chapel Perilous: The Black Lodge.

            The motto of the Assassins was “Nothing is true; Everything is permitted.” But here in this room, distortions of despair and reflexive reflections present an even more frightening existential enigma:

            Everything is true; Nothing is permitted.

            Please consider carefully what this means.

            Everything is…


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The Real Reptilian Threat

It is one of the strangest ideas to emerge from the Apocalypse Code transcription, a plot level narrative that seems ridiculous on its face: Could the Illuminati really be shapeshifting reptilians?

              British conspiracy guru David Icke has made a world-wide splash by accusing everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Al Gore to Kris Kristofferson (!) of being lizard people who engage in ritual murder and blood-drinking. They require fresh…


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Sirius Business with the Star People

Are you one of the Star People?

            Like many visionaries throughout History, your mind may have been targeted by the telepathic transmissions emanating from a variety of the stars visible to us in the night sky. The messages typically involve New Age peace propaganda and other “revelations” concerning Earth evolving to the Celestial level. These feel-good narratives often refer to the mysterious Photon Belt, a river of cosmic energy that intersects with our solar…


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Secret of the Space Gods

Easter, 2001, found me again before the Men in Black, answering another mysterious question: Who taught the Space Gods?

            This time, I did not have an answer. Their ranks pressed in a horseshoe pattern around the sides and front of the square, demanding my response. Unable to comply, I turned around, facing the rear of the square. I beheld a series of images, multilayered and mind-boggling, all of them hierarchical structures of one kind or another. The common overlapping…


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Cosmic Judgment

Most people first encounter the idea of Cosmic Judgment at the end of the Bible, in the Book of Revelation. Not me. Apocalyptic thinking actually began in my young mind at the age of seven, when I witnessed the End of History play itself out in the wonderful world of Marvel Comics.

            Jack “King” Kirby was the greatest comic book artist of all time. He created a whole pantheon of unforgettable characters including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and…


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When I was seven years old I had a very strange and beautiful experience.


It was a clear, hot day at the beach, and I was busy creating a small metropolis of sand on the shore. Having built six or seven three-foot tall skyscrapers, I was now surrounding them with several smaller sculptures, which I intended to be cars bustling their way through the city streets. I was carefully detailing the wheels on one of them when I was suddenly interrupted by someone speaking to me. As…


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Life, Death, & Fear

A good friend of mine called me at midnight. He was in a virtual panic, consumed by the uncomfortable consequences of developing four dimensional perception. You see he is in the process of opening his mind upwards and out of the box of 3D illusion, awakening to the larger hyperspatial world where we really exist. He explained that he had just experienced a rather shocking out of body perception, looking down on himself from above, seeing beyond the stage of the present and across the…


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Is "Is" as you assume it "Is"?

Language is all we are here in cyberspace, and the limitations of this are very annoying. The only way to deal with this trap is to define what is "is". Let me just go on the record once again with the following statement of existential parameters.


Judge not lest ye be judged. I pass no judgment upon others. "Judgment" is merely the "is"- the computer code running your holodeck. I hereby make…


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The Art of Realizing

Reality today is an evolutionary artistic process.

            We of Generation X, the children of the computer revolution, have been well prepared for the great and terrible responsibility that this development provides. Unlike our ancestors, we never wanted a solid world. Virtual gaming implanted in us the desire for greater control. We dreamed of a relationship with the Real that was more verb than noun. We began to practice the Art of Realizing.



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Why my Lightsabre is Purple

Dark Side practitioners channel negative emotions into Power, which is why Sith have Red lightsabres. Yoda says the Jedi should channel the Light Side of the Force only for Knowledge and Defense. Teachers like Yoda or Quigon Jinn use the Green lightsabre of Knowledge, while Defending knights such as Obi-Wan or Anakin weild the Blue lightsabre. But there is one other- the Purple blade of Mace Windu, the only Master ever to Balance the Light and Dark aspects of the Force into a new discipline…


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