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7 Gates of Cereo-Synchro Consciousness

Allow me to describe for you the Seven Gates of my Consciousness:

            The First Gate is my Ego, the continuum of perceptions running one 3D timeline, connected to the meat puppet that is my physical body, dangling on gnomic strings within my hypercube.

            The Second Gate is my Spirit or astral double, the dream self and shamanic vessel of Second Attention. These two initial selves are active by default and used by everyone.

            The Third Gate…


Added by Steve Prellwitz on September 25, 2011 at 5:00pm — 21 Comments

Why I AM Christ Personal

I AM experiencing a moment of Rapture more powerful than anything I have ever known, and that implies a shocking magnitude as anyone who reads my stuff knows. My consciousness is pulsing through a vast pinball machine of power in an escalating spiral of symphonic synchronicitous insight that-


Sorry. I left my body entirely for a moment there. Now let me try to explain with a brief recap of the day’s events. It began with some mind-bending dialogue with my business…


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The Dwarf God and the Borg Queen

The following is a section from my magnum opus that I originally was not going to share here, but recent dialogues have generated further interest in this nexus of subjects, leading to a few private requests for more info on these Apocalyptic matters. And so I present to you now the key conversation that changed my whole life and set me on the path that I currently tread. Everything crystallized during this visit from the Dwarf God Bes in 2006……


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How to Pass Cosmic Judgment

How can we solve the Final Riddle of the Apocalypse? What form should the End of History take? When the 2012 Omega Point forces Cosmic Judgment upon the Earth, will we pass?

For some perspective, consider how this scenario has already played out on a parallel Earth inhabited by the characters of Marvel Comics. In 1976 their world faced Cosmic Judgment when the greatest of all Marvel talents, Jack "King" Kirby, thrust the Apocalypse upon them through the arrival of the…


Added by Steve Prellwitz on September 19, 2011 at 12:30am — 9 Comments

Dreaming of the Eternal Dance

The following dream sequence first occured in August 1994, and has returned to me at several key times in my life, including tonight...I have just awoke from a vivid replay of this most delightful cube, so I thought I'd share.

Out of the darkness the stars come, casting their light down upon the flowing ripples of the great river. The rushing currents dance…


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Seeing Beyond the Singular Horizon

One puzzle for human perception of the Omega Point is the Event Horizon of the Singularity. It can be understood like a black hole, from which nothing can escape...

But this dark bubble of Uncertainty is not bad; it is just an egg for the Unknown waiting to be born. In his excellent book The Spectrum of Consciousness, Ken Wilbur clarifies this for us. All you…


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Are You Omega Allergic?

The subject of the 2012 Omega Point Singularity is going to increasingly dominate the conversation as we proceed towards December 21st of next year. When I talk to people about this upcoming Event, their reactions reveal the most fascinating fundamental principle of the Apocalypse: The more you know, the less prepared you are for Omega. In fact, some of the very smartest cosmic players have no choice but to deny the very existence of the approaching Singularity because, simply put,…


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9/11 and Your End Times Portfolio

A decade after the Overwhelming Event, it is time to look at your 9/11 Apocalypse Stock Index and reconsider your investments. During the past ten years the End Times Marketplace has unexpectedly reshaped itself as the War on Terror unfolded, forcing upon the Apocalyptic investor one troubling fact that hovers above everything else like the Sword of Doom: Nothing went according to plan. We don’t know what the hell the New World Order is really going to be. Uncertainty is the brutal…


Added by Steve Prellwitz on September 5, 2011 at 2:30pm — 55 Comments

My Dark Elf vs the Omega Man

In August of 2002 My Divine Mistress Cleopatra assisted me in setting up an intricate series of connections between my memory palace and Surak’s crystal citadel. The first doorway was only the beginning. We were creating an interpenetrating hyperspatial labyrinth.

I quickly decided that I wanted Surak’s help in forcing the hand of the mysterious being known as…


Added by Steve Prellwitz on September 3, 2011 at 2:00am — 4 Comments

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