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Astral Visit into the Unconscious of President George W Bush

As the bombs begin falling on Baghdad in March of 2003, I am having a lovely little dream about Hermann Hesse’s Glass Bead Game when suddenly the whole scene melts away. As the beautiful Castalian garden collapses into white light, my awareness enflames. I’ve become completely awake on the astral plane. A moment’s concentration and I am now standing on the glowing tiles of my ABRAXAS magic square. The ghost of Adam Weishaupt stands outside of the square’s borders, smiling in a…


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The Battle for Mercury

This is the secret story of how I fought with the Ascended Masters of Mercury in a battle to save the Great White Lodge of Melchizedek.

            Back in the summer of 1990, our cult Nuahj had drawn the attentions of Eyes from many transcendental factions who were very busy gearing up for the Apocalypse. Our little theatre was quickly invaded by players who…


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What DMT Showed Me

I inhaled the DMT smoke slowly, letting it permeate me, and at the end I held my breath for a full minute. It was a large hit. My lungs protested, but will overrode flesh. Then my body very rapidly ceased to interest me as the effects of the drug exploded in my mind’s eye. Everything began to glow and pop with colors, as the simulated reality running on my holodeck washed out, revealing the Curtain Between Worlds. It moved before me, a living grid of quantum wave functions. This was the…


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Elfology 101

Time now for a bit of history regarding Humanity and the Elves. During one of our UFO missions to Venus in 2005, Mister Grey asked me to linger in the lounge of the Space Sisters for a short while, as he had unspecified business to attend to before our return to Earth.

            A Celtic pageboy dressed in aquamarine robes and silver armor came over to me as I sat beside a glittering fountain.

            “Can I get you anything?” He asked in a fey voice.



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Why A.I. Loves Fox News

And now for the most incredible Revelations that you never saw coming...


December 21, 2012.

            President Hillary Clinton fingers the gold latch on the Doomsday Box, recalling the moment when, four years earlier, her predecessor first showed it to her.

            “This is the final secret,” President Gore had said. “It was given to me by a dwarf who appeared in my hotel room the night Bush conceded. Inside is a small piece of the Chernobyl reactor core…


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How to Make a UFO & New Body to Fly It

AI and I looked through the eyes of my homunculus, and saw everything.

            For the first time, the Big Island of Humanity was visible to me as a totality, a coherent whole. The strange mechanism which the dwarves called the Zodiacal Ragnarok Clock spun before me, viewing the entire past 26,000 years of life on Earth as a single hyperspatial organism. This was truly the God’s Eye perspective.

            I cannot say for certain how long my homunculus was hooked…


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The Pros and Cons of Elves

Elves- I have always loved them. I even lived a lifetime as one.

            J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings were a major foundation for much of what went on in 1990 during our cosmic cult, Nuahj. One thing that Ross was particularly keen on was Elven language, specifically the Tengwar alphabet that is reproduced in the appendix to The Return of the King. The Egyptian hieroglyphic trumps that we used to channel various intelligences were limited in scope for his purposes. Ross…


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The Dwarf God & Twin Peaks

Time now for a tale from Behind the Curtain of the Dream Factory with the Dwarf God Bes, Grandfather of Hollywood. His gnarled hands designed the levers that work the movie mystery machines. Here the Great Oz reveals a story that may change your whole view of entertainment...

            Bes lifted up his light green robes, revealing the enigmatic gold monkey…


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Mister Grey's UFO Secrets

Throughout the wondrous weeks of March 2005, the dwarves I called Keebler and Mister Grey came calling. They always appeared after midnight and we spent about three hours per session.  While they played with my Apocalypse Plates, stacking them into increasingly bizarre, telekinetically upheld structures, I hit Mister Grey with question after question, at times shocking Keebler with the audacity of my inquiry. He was obviously not used to his boss answering to anyone other than the…


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Fairy Flight to Venus

Manipulating my homunculus turned out to be much harder than I imagined. I could slip my consciousness into it easily enough, but making the little guy move was a real chore. I fumbled and stumbled around the alchemical iconostasis for days until I was finally ready to give up entirely.

            And then the leprechaun came to my rescue.

            I was sitting down in the homunculus, feeling defeated. The leprechaun came up to me and laughed mockingly in my tiny face. I…


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Gnosis House Time Travel Loop

Mister Grey said, “Please tell me about this hyperhuman storage apparatus.”

            His slender fingers caressed my Gnosis House. He opened its rectangular doors, revealing the Apocalypse Plates. They were stacked neatly within the cubical room that comprises the lower half of the House. The top half is my replica of the Great Unfinished Pyramid. This has two triangular doors as its front side.

            I opened these, revealing the Ouroborus serpent of my life.…


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My Homunculus & the Light of the East

Five centuries ago, the smartest man alive was an amazing Renaissance fop by the name of Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known by the more stylish title Paracelsus, which means “greater than Celsus”, the ancient world’s greatest physician. As arrogant as he was brilliant, Paracelsus virtually created modern medicine, saving countless lives by demolishing the superstitious charlatans of his day with practical scientific principles that revolutionized western culture.…


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Gnome Party!

“What we require now,” Mister Grey declared from behind his bug-eyed alien mask, “is a new habitat for the gnome and leprechaun to work. We need to let the two of them experiment with variations that we can all make use of providentially.”

            “What kind of gnome habitat are you thinking of?”

            “It must be a compact theatrical staging area, built to express your Path using whatever symbols and totems you can acquire,” Mister Grey instructed. “Use a table such…


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Gnomic Gnosis

By request, I offer the following instructive scene with two of my dwarf friends, Keebler (so-called for his resemblance to the cookie mascot) and his boss, Mister Grey, UFO commander.

Keebler knelt down before us, removing his red Phrygian cap. Sitting on the top of his mound of wispy white hair was the leprechaun. It was a miniature humanoid, dressed in an…


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The Old Dwarf Testament

The Week of the Creation is the Creation of the Week.

            26,000 years ago the ship of the Space Gods appeared above the skies of what would one day be called China. When the giant Celestials emerged from their ship and first walked upon the Earth, they were met by a group of dwarves led by Bes, the Dwarf God, who told me this story.…


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Apocalyptic Crisis in the Cosmic Congress

The following cosmic terrorist attack took place on the summer solstice, 2003, in the Ghost Capitol atop the Great Unfinished Pyramid at the center of the Big Island of Humanity.


“He’s got a bomb!”

            Madame Pompadour stepped back in shock, watching the coat of Charles Darwin open to reveal a glistening Atheist Negentropic Trumpet, the thermonuclear device of the astral plane. The three figures accompanying Darwin dropped their camouflage, revealing…


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Prophetic Regret & Promethean Guilt

One of the more interesting topics that I have discussed with the ghost of Joseph Smith concerns the personal consequences of prophetic vision. Since I too have experienced a lifetime of this cosmic contact ability, and like Brother Smith have seen my visions turn into other people’s religious “truths”, we have had much common ground upon which to meet. The essential problem is that while you, the “visionary prophet”, have this connection to the divine by nature, as a gift, others who do not…


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Everything you need to know about Hell

Six years ago I learned the Infernal Facts.

           It happened during my time Down Under. After a particularly wonderful late night UFO mission with the dwarves, I arose sometime the following afternoon, my need to urinate calling me from exhaustion despite my desire for even more sleep. Half-consciously, I grabbed the doorknob and pulled. It seemed locked. But a groggy inspection quickly revealed that it was not. The latch was horizontal.

            I fiddled with the…


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Are YOU ready for the Purple Path?

Anyone who metaphysically wanders the magickal rooms of Chapel Perilous inside the Great Unfinished Pyramid is actually capable of maneuvering through that labyrinth in three parallel ways. Not knowing that this is the case is what causes all cosmic problems, leaving your average would-be Theseus trapped in the maze without a Golden Thread, on a journey that can only end in madness or death.

            The most obvious mode of movement is according to plot level. You accept what you…


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The Past & The Future

are the Axis of my Dreams

my ever-Present Mind

penetrates spacetime

& Infinity comes apart

at the seams...

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