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Ver Heil und Guten Tag miene Brueder and und Schwestern!

Esoteric and Philosophical Writing have always been in my blood. My wife and I met through our writing. As I continued journeying through the Esoterc world gathering and gaining much information and wisdom, I found a sacred magickal quality to it. I love writing in poetic form, especially in Skaldic form using alliteration and kennings in true Germanic and Scandivanian form. I have even begun to write using the Elder…


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Do Multi ethnic people have a Close to the the Esoteric Wisdom of the World?

Good Evening All!

I am a true son of the earth in that I have ancestry all over the world from West and Southern Africa, to northern and Mediterranean Europe. In my experience, I am finding that being conscious of all of my roots, and the cultures they represent, I am more in tuned with the esoteric meanings and wisdom of the cultures I am rooted to.

I am a Cosmic Tree rooted in many worlds and in seeking truth and wisdom I wish to become strongly knowledgeable…


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