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High Frequencies, Electro magnetics, are they preventing healing??

Hi All, just a link I found interesting whilst reading material on electro magnetics, brain waves and so on.

Currently living in Exmouth Western Australia, which is home to one of the biggest HAARP facilities, also was secretly visited by Hillary Clinton a few months back, as this US base is to be used to watch 'space junk'. I…


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Dear All,
I would like to apologize for anything that was said or comments made to anyone a few days ago, which resulted in my being blocked from the site. Much thanks to Tris for your understanding and reinstatement. Those of you who know me I am sure you would have realised it was not me. My account was logged into without my consent, by my partner, who sadly has…

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Ghost Whisperer - Shiny's defeat Shadows

I couldn't believe it when I watched this episode of Ghost Whisperer, I have put on here just the last part, which to me made so much sense and was very comforting to see light defeat dark :-)…

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As we approach another huge activation time, being 10.10.10, I stumbled upon some interesting video's by this you tube user MagentaPixie and others. I hope you will find them a good watch also, Samantha :-

">… Continue

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Being Different

Being Different

Are you the 'black sheep' of…


Added by Samantha Chapman on October 8, 2010 at 9:04am — 4 Comments

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