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Moon in Gemini ~ Descending ~ Approaching Mercury Direct Station

We feel the upbeat energy of this retrograde even when we are exhausted, after all, something is indeed exhausting us when it pulls our energies in various directions. We now are a week away from reaching Mercury's direct station and we will need to hang on to our guides's and ancestors's tunics just a little longer. Nobody is truly safe just yet or at this point.

Find some comfort in reaching out to friends or loved ones for some…


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Why dislike or hate Sex? Why hate pleasure? Why avoid and neglect the carnal instincts?

How can mastery be attained without having engagement with that which should be understood?

Many belief systems, doctrines, and conspiracy theories will have you think and believe that Sex is "evil", "worthless", and "degenerating". Is it…


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Lay down flat on your back and inhale deeply while filling your abdomen or lower dantian first. Then allow your chest to fill the upper part of your lungs and chest with oxygen. Place your focus point on both ankles and then place it on the crown chakra. As you come to the conclusion of these procedures you will stimulate and awaken the water element within you, which, when expanded and active, you will cover your entire body with until you are covered in a…

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What particular and effective procedures would you recommend to someone who is suffering from repetitive sleep paralysis caused by an unknown and foreign entity?

Share your thoughts

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As we make our way towards the new year and complete an additional spin around our nearest star, the hopes and inspirations influenced by the upcoming and promising 2019 can stimulate tremendous excitement. And while we navigate through the month of December, a month in where powerful and highly vibrant frequencies fluctuate throughout our planet, and its sway helps us in preparing for the harvest of the upcoming year. We should come to the understanding and acknowledgment of the fact that…


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You have recently moved in into a new house. And on a Sunday afternoon, while you're enjoying the comfort of a family reunion accompanied by a tasty combination of foods, drinks, and cheerful laughs. The sun is shining, conversations are eloquent, and unexpectedly, a child surprises you with a wooden box covered in dirt and tells you she has discovered it buried beneath the lawn of your backyard.

You then decide to inspect the wooden box and find the object in the image…


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Prior to the New Moon's arrival on Friday, December the 7th. Remembering to rest up, to fast, naturally purge, and integrating a healthy diet can be beneficiary for our Body, Mind, and Magick. The energy we have collected and harnessed for our personal practices this weekend will be as good as the willpower and orientation we did put forth when drawing in such energy from the natural sources of this world or any other sources we are accustomed to drawing in…


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While we currently face the havoc generated by the energies of the last few months of the year, and after so many planets which had been in retrograde all at once, many can agree that a rejuvenating process is needed in order to set us back in track and prepare us for the month of December and Christmas festivities.

In this particular working, we will begin by revising our diet for the duration of three days. Three days in which we will facilitate the body lighter digestive cycles,…


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1st Week of November

As we head into the third to last Waning Moon cycle and the last two months of the year, Scorpio shines its powers and beauty on banishing crafts. We are now in the presence of opportunity that is available for discovery and the application of the elixir to the poison which we have accumulated over the last 12 years, and which lives in us after carrying all the baggage for such an extended time.

After harvesting the fruits grown by the seeds we planted back…


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People often place their attention on how to dissolve the influence of the evil eye once it has afflicted them. Or how to build protection against the Evil Eye, But they rarely pay mind to the reversal of the evil eye upon the realization of its existence in an average joe.

Initially, the practitioner should develop extra sensorial perception in order to energetically identify the presence of the Evil Eye being near. One must pinpoint which chakras in one…


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The full Moon in Taurus delivers a deep sense of desire for structure, stability, peace, and comfort. As it rises to its highest placement and second house, we begin to receive the grounding energy we as human beings living in the current times need. In matters of love, the full Moon in Taurus encourages us to retract and observe our self-worth and to gradually discover if we…

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During this weekend's intense astronomical events, we can begin to expand our imagination on the many traditions and practices taking place. As our Sun begins to travel into Libra and our Moon into a full Moon in Aries, we can start pursuing our inner equilibrium and independence.

As the power of the Harvesting Moon shines its light and the equinox manifests. We are responsible for searching diligently for the silence in…


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September 21st - September 24th Placements

Sun & Mercury transition from Virgo into Libra
Moon transitions through Pisces into Aries
Full Harvest Moon
Equinox (Mabon)…

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All practitioners of the crafts should be in some way herbal-literate. Since we are in a biological platform and inhibiting biological bodies. It is essential that we as masters of our destiny become educated on how to maintain our bodies. Understand illnesses and help others in need of healing and finding a cure. Our great mother is still fertile and provides us with a large herbal quantity. Our connection with the earth and its qualified provision of…


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Spirit Communication

In the subject of spiritism, a broad field of interpretation exists. A field holding a variety of ideologies over-shadowing the philosophy and science. A science, which for centuries, has become subject to systematic belief and taboo. Causing its authenticity and dynamics to plunge into mal interpretation, mismanagement, and negligence of the craft.

When taking up the practice of spiritism it is necessary to enable within, a sense of emptiness in the mental and emotional…


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Considerations for the Retrogade Chaos and New Moon's astronomical shift.

After all the havoc the planetary retrogades in our solar system have caused. We can look forward to this weekends New Moon in Leo with Mercury and Sun in Leo following in conjunction.

So what does this mean?. It means it is time to work on your confidence and Willpower. To read some interesting pieces of literature and engage with your poetic self. To examine your financial strategies and recognize with gratitude your ample success. To acknowledge the triumpths that have…


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I want to play a game

You wake up in the middle of the night from sensing rapid movements within the room. As you recover wakefulness in your physical form you realize there are two shadow beings in the room with you.

what would you do?…


Added by Azbaadan Namkuzu Di Nergal on February 21, 2017 at 4:16pm — 3 Comments

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