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SEE IF THEY WET THEIR PANTS - Kabir 15th Century, India

The words Guru, Swami, Super Swami, Master, Teacher, Murshid,

Yogi, Priest

most sporting such a titles are

just peacocks.

The litmus test is:

Hold them upside down over a cliff for a few hours.

If they don't wet their



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Give Me A Love



Give me a love who will lie with me on green

amidst the silent sounds of forest, shadows veiling

and revealing, walls of trees, ceiling of azure sky,

Who will couple amidst the deer, lion, squirrels,

Along the river, in the clump, on the hill where

green is dominant mixed with a thousand shades of



Who will lie unashamed, naked, among the ancient…


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There Is An Immensity In Me

There is an immensity in me

It is huge, wide, deep and full

It is so grand, awesome

That when it seizes me

My spine shakes and trembles.


It is a wonder, it is full of bliss, has

         endless beauty

It lights the way.

It makes me rich, silly with joy

Spontaneous, giddy

The immensity in me.


It was there at my birth

There when I started school,

It was there on the ball fields of my…


Added by Paul Garza Jr on January 4, 2014 at 10:41am — 11 Comments

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