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Purging, rather than Showing work

     "I'm into throwing away all my crummiest tapes and songs," I told my neighbor Gray.

     "Ah! A purge."

     "Right. It's different when it's voluntary, not like losing stuff to fire, flood or legal maneuver."

     "Making room for the new."

     "Yes, Gray, yes. Sculpting the archive".

      My standards are higher now. And some tunes are transitional -work songs - more important as process than as something to present. It's liberating…


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Who Stirs Up the Poet

Inelegant rhymes with which to compromise

The uncivil sentiment

Pliers screw drivers down to size

Idle dreamers awake with effort

To prevent the sleep sand barnacled bloodshot eyes

From duning down the very ones they seek to therapize

Who stirs up the pot? Who sorts this one from the rot?

Scrubs it from the bottom, slurps it from the top

Who looks for the hot spot, churns butter in the crock

Turns the tide, rolls the rock, holds…


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brief notes on Taoism

The Bagua or Pa Kua are eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either "broken" or "unbroken", respectively representing yin or yang. 

It begins with two. There are only 8 ways one can combine them as 3. 

5 of the 8 Forces are included in Taoist 5 Element Theory: water, fire,…


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26 for ki

a breath

comes down






jiggingly kicking lilting milking











xTacy ~

your zygote.

                        {   26 for ki   }      



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Thank You, EO, for a safe place

   I was born to a  basically upper middle class childhood, where everyone generally liked each other. My mother divorced my father when I was three, and I was raised to look out for her. I have never been the type to hit on girls. Indeed, the phrase has two meanings attached to it - aggressive romancing and domestic violence. Anyway, neither in my history, which was always to my credit. In high school, my clique of intelligent guys were the ones who actually knew how to be friends with…


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"Zendyn Gold Immortality Pill"

In the long tradition of blues dealing with any subject turning the human tides, here is a brand new blues, hand-written earlier today, typed for the first time direct into Esoteric Online.

It's an 8-bar blues, so, strummers and sliders, pull out thine axe. First chord is C, second line goes up to F, third chord back to C, fourth back up to F. Fifth…


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For such an

For such an all-consuming,

pervasive everything,

God is too short a word.

The word for God should have…


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Welcoming Blog

Putting a lot of energy into welcoming new members lately. This morning I decided it's time to welcome anyone in the river of time affixed by my blog.

Tomorrow is the 2017 New Moon/Solar Eclipse. There are a number of variations on the basic global meditation. The important thing is that our total connective vibration heals what's ailing us.

I come from the Classic Rock wing of beginner's cosmology. 



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"Give Her a Dream"

Give me a moment, one to remember

When I can show you what’s inside of me

Give me a moment, when we come together

And we are living as a family

And give her a dream, Lord, give her a dream

Make her sigh and fly through all the time between

Give her a dream, Lord, give her a dream

Because she might not…


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Offline Legend

He's an offline legend

and he's got a tale to tell

He's an offline legend

because he still knows how to spell

The manuscript reads like a dream

Black on white of coloured cream

He's filled them all - he bought a ream

And although it gets passed round

His book never will be bound

The story concludes with the hero realizing that language has been transformed.

The only way for this edition of the race to get…


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Tantra and Pop Culture

What pop culture would be like with alchemical love making as the norm is the fascination of a lifetime.

Notes of a Rebel Angel is the 2007 Scribd essay of mine that imagines this shift. Music and movies are both looked at in depth, music more than movies. Sufi codes are discussed along with Wilhelm Reich, Mantak Chia, and Riane Eisler in terms of how entertainment is the way it now.…


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"Buddha" - the laptop mix

"Buddha" is posted at my home page now. With a bit of manual work clicking the player you can hear it; the option for having it on when you get to the page sagely decided to replace itself with a two-step process for getting the song to play at all. It's from the same session as "the Ballad of the Art School…


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"Dancing In My Own Mist"


                          "in the country of thresholds we move like vandals overturning birth dates"

                           - Ben Belitt

                           When the late poet was asked how John Savlove was…


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notes on being mentored

   I'm old enough to be a mentor as well as be mentored. Active beginner's mind, yet I am no longer a sheer beginner. Students of Alchemy at all levels pass through this site's portals, but Taoist inner alchemy is the closest I come to bearing knowledge to offer. Instead, over these years with EO Theater I've been schooled about a specific alchemical study related to mine but with much differing tools and applications. We mentor each other. Mentors come and go throughout our lives.



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Three Pillars / Many Foundations

                                          Truth          Love        Simplicity

                                          Energy       Thought        Form



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who would i be?

    The Work can lead one to monasticism or relationship. I post thoughts here because I am in the esoteric work, but I wonder aloud about relationship since regarding monasticism there is less mystery.

    After all these years without a partner, the person writing this is sure to be someone quite different than the person he is used to presenting to acquaintances. Acquaintances is plainly the best word under which to gather all the other people in my life. An intimate would be a…


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"When West Meets East"

                                                               When West Meets East

When East meets West, and West meets East

We’ll put the guns down in a circle, have a world-wide feast

When West meets East, and East meets West

Holding hands around the world, that business is the best

I’m in a hurry to get this planet straight. Don’t wanta wake up screaming, “It’s too late!”

I got to re-lax,…


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