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So I had an interesting experience the day that I felt like sharing.

Mind you, I am no yogi, but I like sharing experiences that I feel were important to me.

The experience was substantial for me, and hey, maybe there is something for you. I don't know, and I do not claim to know, but I will share nonetheless.

There is a project at work I am the owner of, and the goal of the project had changed multiple times while efforts were in progress to complete the original goal of the…


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Fuel and the Flask

I have become jaded. Not because anything else really has changed, but that it hasn't.

At least in the way I have perceived it.

Being jaded, to me at least, means that the "view" of the scenic overpass is now boring.

This is a metaphor, and should be understood as just. For example, work situation...

Here's another problem that looks like the same as the hundred before.

Now stop and think. Why is this situation boring to me now? Am I jaded? And if I am, is that…


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Push and Pull

Go, do, interact, but be vigilant in your doings.

There will always be a response, and the response may not be what you expected.

But do not let this stifle your action.

Embrace all possibility, and all reaction.

Do not let defeat, defeat you.

It is the stone that sharpens the blade, it is the wave the ship travels on, it is the wind that whispers in your ear, it is the earth that carries your feet.

The Individual Is Paramount



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Shiny Chains

Getting closer, or maybe further away...

Now know that these are my words, and I take full responsibility for them.

Also know that this is a work in progress, and all I have are my experiences and observations as such.

This what I must speak.

These are my questions/issues.

Be warned, there is no censorship:

Spiritual initiations - I follow the regiment of practices and once completed, I am bestowed a grade/title of competence. Thanks. What next?



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No Fear!

Let's lay the groundwork here. This is based on a true, personal experience.

Boss is on vacation, an individual is covering for the boss.

Lots of things going on, projects, new issues, lots of action.

The boss of the boss (upper management, lets say), critizies the individual covering.

An emotional response is produced.

What I would like to point out is that you have a manager who doesn't normally deal in that level of "detail". He's inexperienced at that…


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To Consume

To consume.

Bring it back to Neolithic days when the kill of hunt was consumed and shared by the tribe.

There was the squad of hunters focused on that of the kill, that of the bounty.

That of the sustenance, the survival, the action taken that ensured the tribes future existence.

Now, what do we have.

Dependence? Trained…


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The Individual Is Paramount,

As Within So…


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Past Regression (I'm not charging)

Seek situations and environments that appear "scary" but that you are drawn towards anyways.

Definitely be aware of re-occurring theme's in your daily life, at all levels.

Consider the experiences of your own life from birth to now. Do this deeply and fully.

Allow the emotional water of those memories to be felt, and fully accepted.

Without question. What has been done is done.

Now once drained, look at those memories again. With clear eyes.

Detach yourself…


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Emotional Addiction

I feel. I feel more so for others.

Is this a gift or a curse?

Why am I attracted by this messy, confused whirlwind of energy, that is not my own?

Or is it my own?

These relationships are one-sided. These interactions are one-sided.

I had no say, or did I?

Have I been running from the very thing that I am attracted to?

The need to serve others before myself.

The motivation to solve problems is the same, to silence the noise.

But whose problems am I…


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Relationships, Mirrors, and The Stone

There are relationships, associations, and correspondences all around.

Everything is connected.

Observe nature, see this manifested.

See this and know you.

To understand this is to know yourself.

The very act of bringing this to conscious awareness brings another truth.


You are connected to everything. And everything is connected to you.

This can be overwhelming, but also empowering.

That negative relationship, that job you don't like, that…


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Cloak and Dagger

See the cloak, it has not changed. History is the key. The fog has been passed down and accepted.
The dagger has changed. It's more devious and more carry it without knowledge.

Look to that which is not shown.
Look to that which is not accepted.
Look to that which is surrounded by fog.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within, So Without

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Lines and History

History check, how long was Christianity around before Islam was created/received?

Roughly 700 years.

How many different forms of Christianity were created by the splintering of the Roman Empire?

Think about this to present date. How many names of denominations are they that fly the flag of Christianity now?

Now Islam only lasted as a single cohesive religion as long the prophet was alive.

As soon as he died, you have Sunni and Shiite that still battle to this…


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Without death, or the contemplation death, there is no life

All these things/concepts reside on the interpretation of the plane of polarity.

Practically speaking, do you "have" any time?

Take for instance a really "busy" person. Do they have time or does time have them.

If you have ever had that really good meditation session that once it ended you looked down at you watch and saw that only 20 minutes had passed? When it felt like it and lasted for…


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Redemption Through Acceptance

Every event in life is meaningful. Just because you don't see it, doesn't make it less true.

The major events in your life will either hinder or support your progress.

Usually those events that hinder are those that are held onto.

It's very easy to see the result of this.

If you are someone that has left and lived/journeyed to other places other than where you…


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Patterns and Enviroments

If you place yourself in a situation that you are very familiar with, and you allow yourself to observe, you see caricature.

Take a bar for on a Friday night for example.

If you go alone, and just sit and watch, you see the guys getting off from after hauling trash decompressing from their job in a way where the Friday night drink with tha boys is now a ritual and helps bring in the weekend mindset.

You see the man and women hashing out thoughts, complaints, and experiences…


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First of all, happy holidays, best wishes and good fortune to you!

I saw rainbow today, and now I write this post.

Lets start with the rainbow. While staring at the colors I began to think the elements, but before that, the first the "basic?" observations.

The rain storm was moving in a northeast direction from my viewpoint.

It was the late afternoon, in winter, and the sun was low on the horizon.

Rain was falling at my vantage point but it came from the southern end…


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Where Does the Foot Fall?

"All truths are but half truths"

The other half that is missing is YOU.

The thought or emotion is only the starting point.

First accept that, then seek to the find its origin.

It's the associations and links that are important, because it's through those paths or roads that the traveler walks, that the thought or emotion (starting point) becomes made conscious, fully conscious.

Its the heroes journey. There is an initial glimmer of something that is profound, or…


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The Occultist's Red Pill

That didn't last long.....

I have to share this, because it opens the door to a matter I posted about previously here, that has been lurking in the back of my mind for quite some time.

In fact, the subject matter could be the largest factor that lead me onto this path of the esoteric and occult.

The interview is here:…


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Breathe In, Pause, No Breathe, No Thought Part 1?

Part 1 and part 2 were written on the same night. First part 1, in my normal logic/comparative tone. Then part 2 was written based on part 1, but in an attempt to express the same thoughts in a more allegorical/somewhat poetic tone.

Perspective and association. Look at both posts side by side. See if you can make any correlations. Cheers!

I'm taking a break from blogging. I need some silence to reflect and put together some of these elements that have presented…


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