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Imagination. I think this word get a bad rap in our current age.

For one, it's can be associated with "fantasizing" while not "paying" attention to that which is being taught/served.

On the opposite side of that prejudice, you need to imagine if you are to build.

You have to plan, and create a course of direction to achieve that which has been "imagined" in the mind (goal setting and action plans).

The distinction here I believe, is that the work that is done internally…


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Fear, Plugs, Lightining

What I can see generally are two mindsets. One based in fear, the other based in accepted ignorance.

There is fear driving action and decision, then there is the attempt to escape from fear.

Which makes things easy for those who accept this predator/anima based mindset.

If you break it down to the instinctual level, a female bear with her cubs is not a situation you want to mess with.

Same could be said when considering the current state of "masculine/animus"…


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Unweaving Magical Patterns | Josephine McCarthy

#048 - Unweaving Magical Patterns & Thinking Sideways with Josephine McCarthy | Glitch Bottle

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Space, Mind, Emotion

Say you make the decision to purchase a new vehicle. Perhaps you have saved up some money, got your credit "score" in a holy place. An elevated place above all the other participants in the "credit" realm.

Then you select your vehicle and go through the purchasing process.

What is involved in this process to purchase this vehicle?

Trade in vehicle and the establishment that owned it, that you were paying monthly offerings to so you can drive it.

The insurance company that…


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Reflections, Awareness, Light (Potential)

I started this thread of thought with title…


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I have come to the conclusion that I do not know.

Where do I start? There's demons and earthly "pleasures", then there's Angels and restriction. Submissiveness to both.

I look at both and find another wall. The pain of the human in this cell.

The madness of dichotomy packaged and delivered via "free will".

I seriously just contemplated giving up everything to live in a shack on a mountain.

Why do I ask???? It's in my nature to....

What's the answer…


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Comedy, Arrows, Probably Slings

Characters, personas, identities placed in absurd situations.

It's interesting that when all of these variables are presented in a metaphorical way, comedic way, how quickly these descriptions of life are immediately personal.

Take this process of comedy, it produces laughter. It's connection and association, with a spin.

The punch line is the result of a process.

Bring you close via similarity (of life experiences), then drop the "bomb".

The "bomb" being the same…


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Art and Mind

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Self Analysis; Condensation

There have been some re-occurring ideas that have recently bloomed further into a deeper understanding.

Which is a fancy way of saying that connections were made.

That sounds even more ambivalent, but accurate in my experience.

To attempt to illustrate these "connections" I will go over some of the topics I have ranted about in past posts, and state my current thoughts on those topics.

Simple and straight to the point.

Begin rough edit:

Individual and…


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Duality, Individual, Creation

There's something here. Something subtly dominating our actions and thoughts in regards to social interaction. It's undeniable to me now.

While this landscape of sharing has produced wonderful insight, it has also provided a conduit of fear and control. The fear is obvious, the control is not. That's how it is designed to be.

With this level of interaction and expressiveness, understand that whatever the "intent" communicated will be heard faster, with less depth of…


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We are the influenced, and the influencer's.

No man is an island.

Yeah, yeah, we hear this but generally speaking I'm not sure we fully understand this.

Consider the following potential influences:

astrological, genetic, familial, environmental, cultural, life period (adolescent, teenager, adult, etc.), daily interactions, infotainment (blahhh).

So many categories. If you have to create a category, you do so to group multiple observations together. I have listed…


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Chewbacca Explained

Ha, ha. Nope.  The intent is reflected in the word.

It's crazy thing to consider the subtle, but at the same time a necessary act.

Once that which is presented has been accepted, and this presents no further clarity, then a new viewpoint is necessary.

But clarity is not what is fruitful. Curiosity is that which provides.

On a societal level of behavior I see malefic female energy. That of unconscious acceptance.

The other side I also see misdirected male…


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Circles and Blades

Good topic here. Allow me to share my perspective on this.

It would seem to me that the word individual can be interpreted at different levels.

Such is all things apparently.

So first there is the individual, I AM! But what is this really?

There is an emotional element in this declaration, which is fine, but if that's all it is, then that's all it will be.

It's a response to perceptions of external events triggering an internal process.

I went through this…


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All Returns to Source

Hermetic law.

Law of correspondence, law of cause and effect, law of gender...

All of the laws in participate in revealing what the fundamental pattern of existence is.

The event that helped bring this concept forward for me, was a work related event.

This observation really "sealed the deal" for me.

This interaction was a pattern that I have witnessed now on multiple levels and environments.

Observations witnessed at the level of personal relationships, through…


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Vengeful Gods in Today's Society


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Systemless 3: Conscious

So I like to keep things simple. I like finding fundamental truths that are useful in any situation and any level of thought.

One thing I am beginning to contemplate more is consciousness itself.

So at a base level, earthly realm we'll say, our ability to deal with changes is a direct result our experiences in those situations. If you are a mechanic, you're good at understanding mechanics through experience (you even have a title!).

On a psychological level, if you have…


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Systemless 2: What Now/Know?

There's a fundamental pattern of attachment I see in the larger social domain, and even in myself.

When things/patterns are accepted, they become comfortable. Mesmerizing one could say.

And when the expected appears, via the accepted pattern, it is crystalized in the mind.

This is limited perception, limited consciousness.

Coming out of what can be called the "dark" or dense stages of the Kali Yuga cycle, and the new realm of Aquarius (corresponding element of Air),…


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