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"Wilts", "Wholes, and "Laws"

"Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law".

Odd occurrences lead me analyze this statement of intent.

As such all statements of intent, should be...

Okay, let's break it down, in "simplistic", "action oriented" associated metaphors as I, interpret them.

Fancy, right?

I do what I do.

Simply, another aspect of this sentences is the word "wilt".

Another word is "law".

These are two words, in my mind, represent two aspects.

Will ("wilt" in…


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Love and Fear

Love, as best as I can see it, is embrace.

These are just words, and these string of characters can be interpreted in different ways.

But words are limited, frankly.

This is why myth and storytelling is so important.

I'll take a page from Martin Faulks lectures on memory and say that for a concept to truly be absorbed, or made one's own, it needs to have depth and width.

Depth/width of experience and/or repetition (there's more branches to hold onto).

So this…


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Thought, Action, Building Inner Bridges

There arises a need, a desire, a lust for change.

This feeling is being offered and accepted (or discarded) producing the motivation for construction.

You run through different scenarios or possibilities of how this change would look and/or feel, but it's still imaginary (definitely not trying to downplay this part of the process, but the thought is not fully realized in the possibility of the material yet).

Now the desire, the attraction to the thought now, builds until…


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Toxic Feminine and Apology

Getting all "tyrannical" here.

I see articles addressing "toxic masculinity", and while these do offer some substance (consider the sources), I would also like to bring to the table the idea of "toxic feminism".

If we speak of one aspect, we must consider the opposing aspect of that subject.

While as a Man (male sex characterized by physical attributes and general mindset produced by society's observation of these attributes), I accept the fact that men have done terrible this…


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Interesting Links for the Week

Very interesting lunar eclipse this week:

Vibration and hormones:

Your Post-Workout Music Has a Big Impact on Your Recovery

Another form of meditation and creative expression:

How To Write In Your…


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How Long Does It Take

Author: Mark Stavish

Taken from VOXHERMES, the blog of the Institute for Hermetic Studies.

Blog link:

Excerpt: “Essentially, from the general point of view, particularly, from the intellectual viewpoint, the most important thing is the capacity of attention and concentration, it is that which one must work at and develop. From…


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Thoughts on Silence

I believe this aspect is mis-understood, and I don't think that it's limited to esoteric practices.

Fundamentally, it's related to the mind and nature, I believe.

If this is true, its applicable to any field or endeavor.

Take training for example. Consider this in a professional/corporate environment.

Those who are usually selected to train "new hires" are usually those with the most experience in said vocation.

Why? Because through experience and performance,…


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Gates, Arches, Flow

Imagine that you are a gate.

Lots of thoughts and experiences pass through you.

Some of these passerby's are of your own volition, some not.

Yet they still pass through.

I am beginning to think that "we" tend to create complexity and separation in fear of dealing with what's within.

It can be considered right brain logical thinking, but now this hemisphere of sparks has produced a place for emotion and irrational action to arise and flourish.

Perhaps the…


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Heavy metal, old school edition

Heavy metal edition, old school.

Have patience, what for it to kick in....

Vivaldi : La Follia (2 minutes until shred)

Antonio Vivaldi - Summer (1:20 for shred time)…


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Heavy Metal Videos You Shouldn't Watch; Chapter 5

Alright, here's some heavy metal videos for you.

Do NOT watch them...

KILLER BE KILLED - Wings Of Feather And Wax

War of Ages - "Sulphur and Salt"…


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I am Ego, I am Possession

I wonder about possession. If I am possessed, then I am consumed.

Utterly infatuated and immersed.

Now you are probably thinking about demons at this point (or perhaps not), but also consider a violinist playing/performing Vivaldi.

Or consider lovers in the thrall of sexual interaction.

Or perhaps a surfer that becomes one with the wave.

These experiences can be considered "possession", but also single mindedness.

But not single mindedness in the form of one…


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Its interesting that if you were to look this word up in an etymological dictionary/website, you see "desire" as both a noun and a verb.

Then there are other expressions of the word as adjectives.

"desirous", "desirable", etc.

The concept of "desire" is both a thing (noun), an action (verb), and a description (adjective).

This is very interesting, and honestly I did not realize this until I decided to sit down and write.

So perhaps we'll keep this observation in…


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If you become the hammer, then all you see are nails.

If I am to consider consciousness en mass, historically, the Renassiance was a tipping point. Art, religion, science, humanism appeared to co-alesce.

Then suddenly this erupts into the potential for new perspectives.

Make note here that its not conquest that drives human endeavor, its exploration.

Conquest comes later as a result of ego, en mass.

Back to the renaissance, Douglas Murray brings criticism to this…


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Negative Growths and Thought Fertilizer

So there's a couple of thing coalescing here, and I'd thought I would share :-)

Thinking in terms of nature, and thoughtforms, there is growth. Always growth.

The practical application of this is to feed that which you feel/know is positive for you.

The negative growths (important: decision made that the act, decision, situation, or response to such is negative) can be addressed by not feeding them.

So one option, after you have studied the negative growth and it's…


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Point, Non-Point

This idea I had for interpreting the elements through music, and then extending that to the planets, was interesting, but I think I missed the point. Or the non-point.

It was all based on interpretation. There is no seperation of the elements, these planets, these signs.

This might seem "elementary" as far as occult knowledge goes, but I believe it bears repeating.

You are not changing, or isolating elements, planets, etc.

What you are doing is exercising your perceptions…


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Move Foward, or Defend

I will diverge from thoughts that were presented in my last post, directly.

But indirectly, I think that it's still the same vein of conversation.

So if we apply Hermetic law as a conceptual framework of viewing the world, then simply, you embrace all.

This leads me to a more fundamental idea that, consciousness is experience. And vice versa.

I really like the Stoic tenant of “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”



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Phil's Osophy

So I am going to layout some fundamental aspects of my current mental wanderings in regards to the esoteric/occult genre of reality. Which for me, tends to shade my personal, day to day life experience.

I mean it has to, it's a new lens to view the world that produces results and new experiences.

Any who…

Signs and symbols. They gain power through attention. Now if you have inherited these symbols via cultural tradition or subliminal methodology, can you truly know the…


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Who the Fuck Gave Me Consciousness

Alright this is a philosophocal debate. In my mind.


But for some reason I am pulled back to this paradox.

There seems to be question here that I "need" an answer to.

On first pass I think, well "the answer is in the question".

That's not good enough. Clues yes, but answers, no.

Is that the point? The goal? I haven't even established a starting line yet.

Weird times now.

Oh by the way, I'm not holding back on this one. Take a trip. There's no…


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What Is Accepted

Thinking out loud here, but um what is the purpose of memory?

This is a tough concept to consider because, I think anyways, that we rely on memories (visual/emotional movie scenes) to fall back on and remind ourselves of "I am, I did".

I'm good enough because I did this back then, or I suck because I failed at that when I was 16...

But why do we hold onto to these "images" of experience?

Are we afraid that there won't be any more images?

Or are we in a situation…


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