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Skywriter on QueenMother4real blogtalkradio program 3/19 @ 9 PM

The Link:


Call in 347-989-0180 at 9 PM to join the conversation with Skywriter. She will be teaching about the Goddesses in the Astrological process connected to Neptune during our current Pisces cycle.

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Happy New Year to all my friends and family:

2012 Prayers for us

May this New Year 2012 open the door for our enormous victories as good and blessed people of honor and integrity! 

May our inner spirit of light, love and compassion overcome any and all hardships in our lives to sow seeds of good health, abundance, long life, comfort, satisfying income as well as all other rewards and accolades that we richly deserve!

May we all enjoy the fruits of our labor and soar like the eagles on our path towards…


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Preparations for 2012




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Transformation to one's true path arrives without struggle and strife.

It is simple truths that change existence

Wh en change is a personal choice.

In the process of change avoid being a greedy person

Greedy people care only for themselves they do not care for other people’s problems or the problems of Mother Earth

Mother Yemoja great mother of the seas says that people do not have to be rich to be greedy because being…


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Fruits of the Spirit: This Year Women Manifest and Create Successfully

Ogbe-se The year for women's success

In Rex, GA this ifa priestess celebrated her Odu Ifa Celebration with her children, her siblings and her extended family. All around the world Ifa priests (babalawos) and ifa priestesses (iyanifas) are celebrating the wisdom of father of divination, Orunmilla. Orunmilla gives his advice in the odu (pattern of lines) that are…


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Are you ready for the Rainbow Children?

The signs of the times are here, birds, fish, animals dying, sea turning black, and the earth is dying. People need the love and peace that the Rainbow Children are bringing. The need was show by the enthusiastic happiness and joy that captured the nation in celebration of the death of Osama. He was the creation of the American government. The US trained him and let him loose on the world to cause death and destruction.

It is time to stop cheering about killing, murder, abuse and harm…


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Chapter one: The Newborn Rainbow Child:

In the Africa of the past, the cradle of civilization; newborns were considered gifts from the universe. Now in present day Africa children are seen as curses from a devil conceived from minds of people looking to kill everybody’s God but their own. Africans embraced this foreign God that destroyed the vision of children as gifts, they embraced the foreign God that took their land, sucked out resources of the land and left the image and feeling about their children as evil spirits that must…


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On this day June 24, 2010 People with evil desires that have access to money & power still die leaving behind the money and power!

Be ware that on this day evil crawls around the planet influencing tender minds, when you see evil, pray for the souls of the tender spirits that fall prey to earthly desires, that are here today and gone tomorrow.
This day can be used to spiritually renew yourself read more Ofo Ase- Words of Wisdom on askqueenmother hubpages.

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Living in the Moment Hard for You? Slow down

Osun says living in the moment is hard because you continue to focus on accumulating material wealth in an uncertain future. Slow down and then you discover life is not about hoarding the big money. It is about sharing the big money. Your money comes when you recognize that your life has substance. You

have the skills and abilities to create the money that you need to be

comfortable, but you have to want that for others too. Use your skills and

abilities to manifest…


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Ofo Ase - Words of Wisdom Save Yourself from Grief- Turn your attention from the Mecury direct effect!

For those of you experiencing pain right now, Osun says let it go, accept your current situation and ask the Orisa Sango to bring victory to your door. Trust in the light energy of the Orisa Obatala, it is the light that will prevent

the illness of fear; doubt; guilt and anger to eat up the soul. If your day is

going from bad to worst – Think to call on the Ancestors that have the Sango

energy to bring victory and…


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