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AbZu Solving the Mystery of the 666

What is the beast? The mark is 666. The 6 letters are F, O, X, a

sly and cunning animal sometimes to be feared. Where is the

beast? Since 3 × 6 is 18/9, and 9 is the number of humanity,

there is a beast in every one of us. It is important to add here that the



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AbZu Archon Earth Masters: The Gods of Duality


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AbZu The Mystery of Santa Claus Revealed


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Nothing now remains but for the scribe to bear witness to the strange Qabalistic "coincidences" connected with this Drama.

Was Wagner a great Qabalist? Were those from whom he obtained the sources of his information such? Who can tell?

Rather I would suggest that, being inspired, this Drama must of necessity conform to all truth, on all planes. For there are certain Numerical Emanations, called the Ten Sephiroth, and there are…


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AbZu The Sumerian Universe

Sumerians divided the Universe into four layers: 1) Heaven, 2) the Great Above, 3) the Great Below and the 4) Underworld.


Heaven, ‘An’ in Sumerian, was the top layer of the Universe, situated directly above the Earth. Besides the stars, Heaven contained a city named Anduruna and was the original home of the gods. After…


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AbZu The Star Union

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AbZu 7 Chakra Open Eye Meditations


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AbZu The Template

The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, forgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.…


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AbZu Interpretation of Tabula Smaragdina

Artist Matthieu Merian undertook a very special project when he began a meticulous engraving for inclusion in Daniel Mylius’ Opus Medico-Chymicum, which was published in 1618. Merian titled his work Tabula Smaragdina, which is the Latin for "Emerald Tablet," and his goal was to incorporate all the truths contained in the Emerald Tablet in one awe-inspiring vision. This beautiful work shows in dramatic detail the birth of the Philosopher’s Stone as it leaves heaven and…

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AbZu A Kabbalistic View of the Chakras

Rebekah Kenton

The chakras are connections between the physical and psychological bodies. They are situated in the spinal column but their reflections can also be perceived as whirling discs in front of the body. As for the exact physical location points in the body, there is much literature available that deals with this in detail. My reference is Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and all quotations are from this book.

The… Continue

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AbZu The Age Of Horus

There is a story in Egyptian mythology that goes like this: The goddess Isis married her older brother Osiris and they were deeply in love. Set, a demon of envy, set about to destroy their happiness. Set murdered Osiris. Then, to prevent the possibility of his resurrection, he dismembered Osiris' body and scattered the parts in various places along the Nile River. When Isis learned what Set had…

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