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One Lost Goddess – The Crone

One Lost Goddess – The Crone

In the Celtic tradition, the Goddess appears in three forms: maiden, mother and crone. But now, with the weakening of societal structures that we thought were stable, older women, known as Crones, are marking a comeback as keepers of family and community secrets and caretakers of the young. 

As you read this article think of…


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"Sex - The Secret Gate to Eden" DVD

I just watched this movie and am totally confused.  This was shown on a Gnostic website and comments were not allowed.  I know that meditation on the Kabbalah is a form of self-knowledge but I did not know that orgasm is frowned upon even within a loving relationship.  I thought that the Alchemical Marriage was a celebration of sexual love not a denial of it? 


If orgasm is thought of as harmful to the soul then how can children be born in love and bliss?  To me it seems…


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5 Monkeys in a Cage


I hope this link works - sorry about the last one :-)

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Time Wave 2013

This is an excellent full length movie that is filled with information for us all during the coming years.  I apologize that the only site I could find where it is in one video includes German captioning, but I know that this group can block that out and receive the messages given here from some of our most learned "now" teachers.  I do hope you enjoy it as much as I.


Time Wave 2013

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Occult Symbols at the Los Angeles Library

Occult Symbols at the L.A. Libary


Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to view this library.  I am posting this for those of you who live in the area or will be vacationing or working there.  I'm sure it promises to be a great visit.  Enjoy!

Added by Seagypsy on August 1, 2011 at 8:07pm — 1 Comment

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