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I have come to the conclusion that all existence is about the evolution or alchemy of the Soul. Alchemy is not about material metals being transmuted from lead to gold or having to choose between lead and gold. The setting of our consciousness is not important but the ultimate progress. I was alive millions of what. None of those lives are relevant now, only this one. In a million years this one will not make a difference. The same as when I was a baby, a teenager, a man and so on. All different people in the same life with progress along the way. Death just another change without much notice.

Now the Soul calls out for continuation of consciousness. Holding the body without death. To continue to progress. Some may have gained a form of this by transferring consciousness from old body to new at death. The transfer of consciousness since ancient Egypt. This has it's problems! 

Then there is the swapping of consciousness of one entity with another. Very prevalent and obvious in the political world of today. Each has to choose their way. Are we in a simulation right now. Who cares? I am still conscious and working on the alchemy of the Soul.

A purpose to the move forward with some awareness of the actual destination would be nice and helpful. It seems kind of important. This idea of singularity is funny. They think we are the first to reach that level of technology, lol.

There is no law.

I am a biological programmable robot. In my case I programme myself in most cases the reality is created by others. There is no responsibility taken for personal reality. All verification is handed over. 

Now to upload your consciousness to a machine. That is a very limited approach and short sighted. But, go whatever way you wish about it because there is no law.

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Comment by Duke on January 10, 2018 at 5:48pm

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