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Easy there on the spiritualism. Ganges river in India, the one that is mythologized as flowing from a source that exists in another heavenly dimension.
Full of trash:

**Note that people who have physically been to the site of the river report that officials "persuade" the photographer's lens to NOT capture this kind of perspective.

If we seek to forgo the world and our troubles and worries we miss the opportunity that it provides us with.
To turn away from what is right in front of us, serves no good. To anyone.
If you consider all of the things that bother us, en masse, there's a lot of stuff to do here.
Right here. 

If all of this was created to produce pure suffering, well maybe we should suffer.
There's a lot of shit around, literally. And there there's a lot of shit around telling us that it doesn't exist.

Suffering is a ticket handed to you at birth that dictates you route in through the amusement park. 
Suffering is not pain. Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice.
Reminds me of story..

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Comment by Butch Zym on June 21, 2018 at 4:06am

India is in a sad state of affairs today. The cleanliness of the Ganges River (or lack thereof) symbolizes the dirt and filth that covers most of this once great nation. This could be social decay from the lingering effects of colonization amongst other things. Oh well, going to have to find another river for our generation to call sacred.

Comment by Chris Kelley on June 15, 2018 at 11:52pm

I would even dare to say that the type of control of the imagery of this "Holy" river is replicated in the "academic" consideration of the Pyramids. If these are truly holy sights, why is the mainstream interpretations so guarded? And further more, why is there not a clean up crew? The separation between what is "Holy" and the "actions" of the "followers of the Holy" is enough for me. 
Spit in the cup man, no worries, the cup is Holy..

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