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In the subject of spiritism, a broad field of interpretation exists. A field holding a variety of ideologies over-shadowing the philosophy and science. A science, which for centuries, has become subject to systematic belief and taboo. Causing its authenticity and dynamics to plunge into mal interpretation, mismanagement, and negligence of the craft.

When taking up the practice of spiritism it is necessary to enable within, a sense of emptiness in the mental and emotional dimensions. To pause or diminish any psychological filtering and unsettling feelings yet in need of comprehension.

Cultivate the power and abilities of your senses by sequentially working them in a trance state. As the extra-sensorial perception of paranormal communication surfaces, permit the encounter and relationship to, by nature, take its course. Refrain from forging any demands and utilize your language with utter diligence.

~ Miccaletto 

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Comment by Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz V on Sunday

Hi Helena, May I ask what methods for clearing you used and what ingredients were recommended to you?. How exactly does this energy torture you? In what way and where on or in your body do you feel this presence? Any physical pains? Nausea? Thank you!

Comment by Helena on Sunday

I have had a "ghost" problem for more than year and a half. I believe it belongs to this topic. Two years ago I met a widower, absolutely great man who has become my boyfriend and still is. I am very sensitive for energies and from the very beginning I felt uneasy with the energy in his apartment. Later on I found that his wife was dying there for more than a year from cancer, died there in the same bed which he still uses, including an old mattress and the house has not been energy-cleaned because he "does not believe such nonsense". Thing got worse half a year later when our relationship became more serious. The dense energy activated itself and started to torture me. One of my friends who understands these things told me that it is residual energy of the deceased which cannot bear I am a successor. They had very close relationship and he took care of her until her last moment under very difficult conditions. To make it shorter, after doing a few thing to diminish the energy (I got an advice from a friend what to do) things become better but I am still under occasional attack. I have heard many comments that it is solely my fantasy etc. but after year and a half I am absolutely sure it is not. It appears from the outside, without any reason, without me thinking about it. Anyone has any experience, advice? It is not an entity able to communicate. It is not a whole ghost seems to me. Just a bunch of very strong emotional energy of the dead.

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