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 I figure that me messages hold some value and I also it is also a way of me keeping track and record of events so that I can use them for future use.

 Quick reminder.. My mother named m Roger and I have named myself Archer. That also being my Pen Name..

 On this day I met someone first just a glance and then felt that I need to offer a message as I get so often. What I got was something far more than just offering a message. I got in invite to meet their Church Pastor.

They (the couple that I meet) Said that I really need to meet their pastor "Roger Archer"

 Go figure that one out for me if you will...  LOL

 Take care friends.. Archer De Angelo  

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Comment by sav on September 11, 2018 at 8:12am

Resonance is beautiful and meaningful. Maybe the mind can create anything it wants - the horrors of war so base in human projection - but this is one of those wonderful moments where the meaning could only happen to you. 

There's a nice bow - an arc if you will - in the move from Roger to Archer. 

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