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While we currently face the havoc generated by the energies of the last few months of the year, and after so many planets which had been in retrograde all at once, many can agree that a rejuvenating process is needed in order to set us back in track and prepare us for the month of December and Christmas festivities.

In this particular working, we will begin by revising our diet for the duration of three days. Three days in which we will facilitate the body lighter digestive cycles, and with the help of water the body can expel any toxic residues that are living in us at the moment. Manage your food intake during these three days in a way that eating meat and grain consumption is to a minimum or none. Implement eggs and salads rich in a variety of vegetables into your meals along with fruit juices and large amounts of water. Remember to incorporate an intense cardio exercise and lots of stretching. (Good time to implement your yoga)

While we are engaging in the practice of light diet consumption, large amounts of water intake and exercise. We will assemble a smudge stick out of Sage, Eucalyptus, and Dandelion. Prior to burning our smudge stick, a good calling to the elements for their guidance and assistance is to be done. Recite the following words as you hold the smudge stick in your hands and connect to the source of its power (Supreme Consciousness).

"Depths of earth, I forever call, the form of the living, I surely praise, roots of prosperity, entwine my wealth, Earth to Earth, firm it gave.

Water rise, water flow, bring to me the psychic bowl, show thy face among the rain, a life of dreams and death to pain, flowing water brings me gold, provide for me, a healing torch, clear my veins, and scorch the pain, rise in me like hurricanes.

Fire burn, in hasty winds, ash to ash, the phoenix sings, to rescue me, among the grief, across my heart, the flames submit, to make its home, and burn to live, to give me light, and raise the bliss.

Swirling winds, meet your coy, quick transform, to soothing joy, cleanse my mind, and glow divine, thoughts are sweet, and clots subside. "

When you have recited the previous calling or any other calling of your choosing and preference, direct yourself to the West quarter of your home and light a black candle. Once the flame is consecrated in the way you find most useful and effective, begin burning your smudge stick and direct yourself towards your front door. Open the front door of your home and pass the burning smudge stick by the entire frame of the front door, then close it.

Now direct yourself to the East quarter of your home with the burning smudge stick, then the North, then the South, and finally return the smudge stick and yourself to the West quarter. Proceed in passing the smudge stick by all areas of your house.

After you have completed the previous exercise prepare for yourself a spiritual bath with the following seeds and herbs, which will assist you in regaining spiritual powers, abilities, and parts of yourself that have been forgotten or lost.

* Anise seed for increasing your psychic powers.
* Betel Nut with three drops of lime for strengthening spiritual and mental power.
* Lemongrass for clearing away any negativity and/or evil influences.
* Pine for purification.
* Basil for drawing prosperity, success, peace, happiness, Tranquility, love, and purification.

Once you have bathed with this mixture you can proceed to perform a grounding exercise accompanied with chakra alignments, energy shielding, and energy fields placement therapies. Utilize the full moon of November 23rd for higher potency in your performance.

Continue to strengthen your energy centers after these three days of magickal practice. And repeatedly invest time and dedication to developing your meditational skills and ability to banish and cast away accumulated energy formations or residue attached to your aura, your life, and your journey.

May your workings be fruitful
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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Comment by Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz V on December 5, 2018 at 12:32pm

Thank you for your support Sister

Comment by anki on December 5, 2018 at 5:10am

Very practical yet deeply mystical, great information as usual my friend

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