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It seems to me that we have a tendency to champion our problems.
Now this may seem contridictory to some of my previous posts, but it's okay.
This is the other side.

Remember that scene in "Fight Club" were Tyler says somthing along the lines of "the furniture ends up owning you".
You get out what you put it. What you focus on, that of which you bring conscious awareness to.

This rule works on every level. If you focus on not having anything, then it's true.
If you ask for forgiveness for every percieved insurrection, prepare to have bloody knees.
Also if every wrinkle produces motivation for change, standby to be wrinkled and easily moved/triggered.

There is a difference between acceptance and submission. I believe that these are different steps of the process.
And both steps should be looked at from the perspective of who is walking them.
Not the other way around.

Acceptance of the feelings and thoughts that occurr from the experience of life.
Submission to that "higher self" that speaks when shit hits the fan.

We "know" what to do, but we hold onto what is familiar. The past...
We dress ourselves in the comforts of past problems and use them to justify current actions.

Thus we have, stagnation, mindless habits, and a sea of distractions.
You gotta look the part though, because everyone else is wearing the same clothes.
And you wanna fit it in, right?

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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Comment by Chris Kelley on January 30, 2019 at 9:49pm

The cool thing is that if you can identify that which you dislike, or more importantly, what you don't want to become, you have direction. I think that has been the subconscious goal of mine in these posts. I need to see first before I take steps.

So hell yeah man, see now, and step forward.
Don't just "mind the gap", see the gap and step over.

Comment by Dean on January 30, 2019 at 12:53am

The ego uses the past and the future against you to escape the present.. Ive wasted enough time personally.."trying to fit in"

Ive adopted an universal approach to does not depend on the individual..

I prefer to look at the current state of the individual but the solutions are always universal..The failure to make use of the solutions does not mean they not for means that some have a stronger will than others..some have already become submissive to the world ..they run after money,woman and wine..Who taught them to do it? 

The stagnation is created by confusion..that goes back to when the Fall occured..nobody has been certain of anything since..

The obvious solution to all problems is mind and there any other problems other than that? yes..the people running the world who know what they doing is wrong..or selfish but they do not care..

So my point is dont waste too much time trying to look like others and fit in...because that very play will cause stagnation.. 

It is very simple i have found..people all think they different..but they are not..they are all the same..the only difference is the kind of blockages they have..which is self generated by the mind..So a wholesale expropriation of ideas of how people can overcome the mind will benefit them..

It doesnt matter if someone is attached to religion or sex..or take any habbit as an example.. It is because of genetic weakness/belief blockages..either self imposed or imposed by the norms of society.. We know very well where that leads to..

Now the big question is we allow poeple to play out their ignorance or do we change them by changing ourselves and been an example?

Fact is people need examples in this world.. The mindlessness is there..sea of distractions is there..The indoctrination and big pharma is there.. Religious institutions are there.. But examples of human capability is not..Its time the world has some examples.. Infact it has never been more essential.. that people who know what to do become examples..I have already accepted my fate.. I must reach the highest level.. to me personaly nothing else would mean anything to me..

i once heard that once you go onto the path..there is no turning back..i found that to be true..

The biggest fuck up right now, is that people cant stand to be alone and have been indoctrinated into socialism which just serves to turn people into replicas of the standards set forth by hollywood ..

A sad sight for those who can see the stagnation and bad habbits etc.. more sad to those who are empaths.. but its a delight to the gentiles.. But mark my words here today brother kelly..

I will reach the highest level..and I will take many with me... in the sense that I will show them how to overcome all obstacles and reach that level in which they are not touched by cold,heat,pleasure and pain..but as soon as you are touched by these you are weith the movie.......

Thanks for this post, it summoned forth the desire to be the best I can be... Stagnation is not only a waste of life..but its also a failure to live up to the ideals I follow..The ideals set forth by the greatest of human expressions in the form of the siddhas(perfected beings) 

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