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There have been some re-occurring ideas that have recently bloomed further into a deeper understanding.
Which is a fancy way of saying that connections were made.
That sounds even more ambivalent, but accurate in my experience.

To attempt to illustrate these "connections" I will go over some of the topics I have ranted about in past posts, and state my current thoughts on those topics.
Simple and straight to the point.

Begin rough edit:

Individual and Environment - Yes; connection made. Information is shared between both. Within that relationship is that which is "seen" and that which is "acted" upon. Both provide benefit.

Warrior and Farmer - The warrior sets and maintains boundaries. But also gains clarity of mind through training which allows for new lands to be explored.
The farmer maintains and cultivates that which is at "home". Learns to survive through the storm, and eventually thrives because of it.

Signal to Noise - Two words. One thing. Both important.

Surrounded by Solutions (Not Answers) - Wrong, lol. There's a buffet, and only experience will provide the menu.

Emotional Addiction - See individual and environment. Tools for creating balance.

Careful Who You Run Towards - Yep, the past is a teacher, but not the goal. Repetitions of the present should be defined by the present consciousness.

Conclusion: There is a pattern here, I believe in these act's of writing/blogging about stuff.
I think of a loom, taking a ball of cotton, spreading it out and creating threads.
Then eventually the threads come together to create a new material.

In my metaphor, a new foundation of thought and perception to experience, is the material.
Creating is fun.

There ya go.

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Comment by Chris Kelley on April 29, 2019 at 9:35pm

I do not know until I express. I can do neither without thought. 

Comment by Loki on April 29, 2019 at 6:02pm

Like the idea of warrior and farmer, I took the two together.  The idea of boundaries in the present moment, to build the foundation, before taking on more than can be overcome\cultivated.  Hope your own foundation reveals itself more deeply from the roughness of the myriad thoughts.

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