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Question:            Is there something you can tell us about Beings from other dimensions; say, their inferiority or superiority in intelligence? Do they visit us? Randomly or stated periods?, and for what purpose. Can they be contacted for the solutions to this myriad of problems besetting Homo sapiens on earth. It is becoming increasingly apparent that man is helpless in averting these disasters, but I refuse to believe that we are utterly helpless. There must be a solution, but where is it? Any more about UFOs.

Answer:               Yes there is more about beings from other dimensions that can be given. To start with there are two kinds of aliens that are in contact with earth. There are inner spacemen and outer spacemen.

Inner Spacemen

The inner spacemen are the ones that can help us the most. They are, after all, previous incarnations of everyone incarnated on the earth plane at the present time.

This is not to say that they are any smarter or wiser than us walking on the earth, but they do have a broader view of events that are taking place in the world.

Also, they can be in touch with other inner spacemen that have superior knowledge in a certain field than they have. They can confer and exchange ideas and help come up with solutions to the many problems on the earth plane. The way it works with inner spacemen is as follows:

"You on the earth plane are experimenting and sending us the results of your experiments. 

We then take all this material and condense it and come up with overview thoughts. 

These thoughts are then sent back to you for experimentation and this, then, returns to us. 

It is a cyclic ebb and flow of information that will progress the human race."

Now this process can only take place if the person walking the earth plane is in touch with his/her inner being. They are here to help us. This is part of the whole plan of the lay-out of creation – to be able to take advantage of what came before us in this period of time. As given, the only way to do this is to be in touch with one's inner being. This gives a line of past incarnations to tap into that can go back as far as wanted. Of course to help with present conditions and solutions to present problems you would not want to reach too far back this line.

Remember that you on the earth plane now are more knowledgeable about most things than they are, but they have the wider view. Also, due to evolution your intelligence levels are higher. This is not only due to evolution but also to nourishment and improvements in health care and more understanding about the human body than your past incarnations have.

Perhaps from all this you will began to realize that contact with these past lives is so very important and one should do all that they can to get in touch with that inner voice. This is why the new education guidelines are so important – to open this part of the child's ability to make contact with their inner being at an early age and be able to take advantage of lessons learned in the past. Otherwise it is like starting each life with a clean slate and no past to have as a basis for this life. We were not meant to lose contact with our previous lives but due to not knowing that we can get in touch has prevented us from taking advantage of this "miracle" of evolution.

The old soul is in the body of the new baby until they are about 4 years old. Then, as a matter of continuing growth, this old soul must retire so the new personality can come into its own.  This is the time when a great effort needs begun through the arts to help this old soul from being completely lost as the new personality takes over. There needs to be a periscope from the inner to the outer through some form of art using the right brain to preserve this ability for contact with your inner being.

Outer Spacemen

The other kinds of spacemen – the outer spacemen are those inner beings of inhabitants from other planet systems than earth. Some of them are very much advanced from us and some of them are not so advanced. It is best to not be in contact with most of these. Some of the more intelligent can help with our problems if we can form a unit of understanding with their way of life which is very different from ours. There is not much common ground to interact with them due to their different forms of energy and ways of moving around and groups of family life and knowing what each other is thinking – an openness that we here on earth cannot ever know to the extent that they do. They are wide open with everything. This makes their approach to solving problems so completely different from ours that it is for the most part unworkable.

The other group – those below us evolutionary-wise should not be feared, but neither should approaches to them be made. They are capable of doing harm if they are crossed in their purpose of contact with us. For instance, they do the animal mutilations to learn all they can scientifically about life on the earth plane. My fear is that they will progress this to, or perhaps already have, abducting humans and doing experiments on them. Those that come into contact with these lower evolutionary beings should help them if they reasonably can with advice but should not go beyond this. This group of aliens is more to be feared than the higher intelligent ones. We must stop now due to energy loss – perhaps more later.

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Comment by Lotuslakedawn on April 5, 2011 at 9:10am
Gosh I rambled on in the wee hrs last night. To put it in context it was mostly tho not exclusively
when working with these pastlife friends that my ' sight ' switched on and I had the ET and other
dimensional beings experiences. The first time I met my innerplane teacher was in about 71 so some years prior.
I did have it confirmed who he was during those times tho as I had thought him to be like meeting Christ or God having been brought up Christian, although I was aware that if I'd been brought up buddhist I would have experienced / interpreted accordingly. It was my Grace Awakening
experience the confirmation that God and the spiritual were real that I had requested to know some
4 yrs earlier wishing for more than a blind faith. It is another long story . It is good how what other lightworkers share here brings these stories out as I know they are for sharing and that I have the task of writting them down.
Comment by Lotuslakedawn on April 4, 2011 at 11:55pm

I've been told by various spiritual and healer folk that I am a channeler * and that my healing comes from that, so it changes according to the need of the person. Most of my training in this comes from past lives.

I often ask Gabriel although I see her as She, in blue with silver chalice of healing waters.

I either see her pour the healing waters or pour them myself and with this particular lad it was the perfect thing as he felt it flow soothingly through his aura although I was across the room. To become settled from such an experience can take a lot so we were both happy he got such instant relief. He became a buddhist monk for some years.

Although I rarely would call on others now, I used to work with several other Arch Angels due to working with Mystical Qabballah for some years, mostly after meeting past life friends who belonged to a Lodge decended from the Golden Dawn. The universe arranged I would meet them when thumbing a lift.

* I am wary of what most mean by channeling as before the new age it was known as mediumship and certain safety measures were taken. 1 is no one belongs in your body but you. So the only safe channeling is from your own higher self, at that level you are in telepathic communication with others so you can more safetly channel higher wisdoms from your spiritual family including teachers. I've had one sinse Atlantis when I knew him in the physical world, he has come through to me and natural psychics the universe has arranged for me to meet. Not often, tho unmistakably when he does. I also have a different relationship with Qabballah which goes back to those times

rather than Judaic .

These are long stories and it is very late here. I do appreciate your asking tho as it calls forth those aspects of myself and helps me earth and intergrate them. That is also helpful as I am in a new phase after kind of having a reshuffle and still seeing how everything settles back.

Thank you for clarifying about the feedback you get, it seemed implied just needed to check as we need such for discernment and earthing when dealing with such phenomena. Love Norma's insight.

To turn it on and off and to tune it, you can see it like a radio and use your imagination as a tool.

These things can be nebulus and if we do not learn a few simple things can be destabilizing.

When it happens without our control it is called negative psychism.  When I have time I will see what you have shared about your path so far to see what references may suit you best, like astrological.

Do you have your chart, I am an astrologer tho I work with one who is well studied as I'm more intuitive. 

As both myself and Norma have some time challenges you may well find Sunmover's blogs good.

She is wise a truth seeker who is very active here. I mostly popped by due to Norma taking a needed break which I'm doing myself so If I'm off for awhile you know why.

I've been up all night as I so enjoy being here and not enough hours in day yet needs my rest.

I will follow Sunmovers blogs and see you there and you are welcome to befriend me so we do not

lose touch. I also am getting a green spiritual blog together which is taking my time. Once that is up it will help me intergrate my worlds and you are welcome there also

* namaste *

Comment by Norma Hickox on April 4, 2011 at 7:20pm

Hi christine,

Just a quick thought - the ringing in your ears could signify the beginning of the opening of your ear chakra.

Comment by Lotuslakedawn on April 4, 2011 at 6:17pm
Closest thing comes to mind just at the moment is like either I or the person I'm phoning knowing who it is even tho its been months sinse we talked. I did feel a little tug to look back here just now. I think ringing is one way it happens and rather an interesting way with all the associations with bells and communication over distance. I sometimes get restless feet and have to follow them and when i arrive they say how they were in need of my or someone calling round. One young friend was just starting on his path at the time and was in need because he was feeling lost and had blasted his chakras open with LSD and couldn't shut down again, Gabriel helped that when asked. We had some strong astrological links and I would find I rose in consciousness to give him the spirituaI counseling he needed when ever he came round. Then it started happening just before he arrived like when he was at the open gate, so I would think I wonder what thats about and soon after he would knock on the door like his higher self and mine were already communing before he got there. I think the little telepathies can become normal so we do not notice them. You did not mention how the folk responded to your calling them, had they confirmed they felt anything special or been in special need of you at the time.
Comment by Lotuslakedawn on April 4, 2011 at 4:06pm

Hi Norma and Christine

Some thought communication stories,

I can relate to that insecurity to do with telepathy 

this is one story

I was wanting to be chosen as ready for initiation by a Mahatma and I felt like he could read every

impure thought like sometimes the mischief in you plays up so would make me think

' I wonder what he is wearing under his robes'  I was somewhat unnerved and embarassed by this

and why would such a thought cross my mind just then as I had never thought such before!

years later

I was away on a meditation retreat and a fella had manipulated his way into my bedroom

and I was intent it would go no further. I found myself very naturally looking into his eyes from across the small room and saying very clearly with my mind ' There is no need to sleep together for us to communicate' poor fella was so shocked because he heard my thoughts he went to talk to one of the counselors next day who said he knew of the phenomena. 

Another time I was in a room with friends and I said to this guy " yes I am walking that way"

"but I hadn't asked you yet " he exclaimed shocked ,I think in part because I hadn't realised he could see up my skirt so had had other thoughts as well that I had not picked up on.


I had very strong experiences with some partners as well. Like the music that was on their radio when they narrowly missed an accident suddenly came in my head.

Some are like communing between higher selves in another world above the clouds.

The experiences are not every day and can be quite rare 

it is the naturalness of them when they happen 

like this is something we have always known yet are usually asleep to.

Comment by Lotuslakedawn on April 4, 2011 at 3:30pm

I have been contacted by a variety of those one could call love wisdom ray ET's

most of these were when others were present so not a personal hallucination.

they were mostly tho not all over 30 yrs back

tho relatively clear memories like lucid dreams can be

The experiences were mostly to give me a or others simple message 

such as that where they came from couples were in perfect balance and harmony.

Their subtle bodies manifested clearly enough to see their clothing and hairstyle.

One androgenous being appeared as a golden egg above the head of a friend 

although this person had never taken drugs they started to say the following

' LSD had been introduced because a mass awakening was needed'

they went on to say ' they were however concerned about the many casualties'

I had involvement with the healing of one such soon after

and they have become remained a close spiritual friend.

Others were like golden suns a group consciousness connected by golden rays

it was very strong as they were meant to commune with groups being such themselves.

After such a bright light shone through the remote caravan window I was staying in 

I hid under the covers 

I found myself on a ship 

the beings were loving and wise 

the main ones like transparent pumpkins about a metre across

with occilating wings within their watery light bodies

I was moved to put my arms round one in an embrace

A wise woman sat at a round table near the door opening

a kind of philosophy psychology and other disciplines all in one university tutor

Later I read others had met her.

We left in individual silver balloons their baskets were also silver

we fell towards the ground and seashore in these tho I felt no fear.

It may well have happened thro dream yet it was more lucid and clear.

I do not find these amongst the lists of abductors or such 

i have no doubt it was contact

they have never asked anything of or from me

and apart from our general fear of the unknown and seemingly alien

I would not fear in meeting them again.

It is such a shame we have so much clutter of imposters to deal with nowadays

vying for us to enter and support their universes that are separate from source

as we approach the multidimentional crossroads ahead.

I am content to have met the kind I have and not in a rush to see a physical craft 

many of which seem to belong to the 'science knowledge ray'

without the balance of the 'love wisdom'.

* namaste *



Comment by Norma Hickox on April 2, 2011 at 10:17am

Hi christine,

I don't remember getting other people's thoughts about me, not then anyhow, but I do remember feeling guilty and somehow unworthy to be able to think what I wanted about them and not have them know it. This feeling of being guilty somehow never quite left me. I also remember later, when I was playing the piano thinking to myself, as people praised my playing, that I was pulling the wool over everyone's eyes and that I wasn't really that good. It was so easy for me that I didn't see how I could be considered extraordinary. In some ways that has never changed either.

Comment by Norma Hickox on March 31, 2011 at 6:55pm

As far as the wide-openness being talked about with the higher beings, I can remember as a child, about 10 yrs. old I think, of being very surprised to discover that other people did not know what I was thinking. This was completely shocking to me – that I could stand right in front of someone, look them in the eyes, and they not know what I was thinking about them in my mind. The higher planes are certainly different in this respect than what we have on the earth plane.

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