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For most it's the past that influences decisions that involve future occurrences. It's also the obsessive consideration of future outcomes that produces paralyzing fears, and eventually stagnation. 
Everyone you know also exists in the limbo of past and future. This mental tennis game has been ingrained into western culture.
And its my belief that this separation of perceived time is accelerating due to our "connectedness".
Be carful who and what you connect to. The gates of your mind are under attack. 

Consider the corporate world were what you did yesterday is not good enough today.
Consider people you know that still exist in the memories of their high school/college experiences.
Consider the tsunami of information projected into your eyeballs that prevents the very acceptance of now.

My three cents.
Concerning the past you must pay off your debt. Other wise you continue to make monthly/daily payments on interest until you die. What is the debt? Acceptance, forgiveness, and sacrifice. Accept the issue as is (take responsibility for the issue), forgive all involved (especially yourself), and sacrifice the memory/the past self to become something new.

Considering the never ending goal.. Yes. But only do so if it leads to or helps reveal your own true inner passion. Do not let others dictate this for you. Trust your inner voice, your intuition.

Considering the tsunami, turn it off. Don't be sad if the world forgot about you. Think about all the emotion baggage that no longer exists in your life or poisons your mind. Loss usually turns out to be gain.

As far as the forgiveness portion of it goes, I leave you with this testimonial.

The Individual is Paramount

As Within So Without

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