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Hello all.. I would like to write a little bit here since there is nowhere else I could say this to anyone.. If I talk about this with my family they will think I'm crazy and that I need more antiphy…

Hello all.. I would like to write a little bit here since there is nowhere else I could say this to anyone.. If I talk about this with my family they will think I'm crazy and that I need more antiphyscotic pills (I tried it so that's how I know).. If I talk to my psychologist or psychiatrist about this they will think I'm just having allucinations and that in order to fit with society I have to follow their academicfreudian psychological advices and if I don't they will put me inside a pschitrical instituion like they did before.. 

So te begin with this.. I feel that I don't care anymore about what people, friends or family think about me.. I used to and it gave me a lot of pain.. just because you will never be like they want you to be.. I realized is better to live to your own expectations than to other peoples expectations..I just had fights with my family because I left the Whatsapp group (HAHAHA) and my friends thought something was wrong about me because I left thei stupid group.. where they actually dont't do anything expect talk shit about everyone and send pictures ofsexy women.. My sister says I should be in the group just because we can communicate better and i just said.. fuck it.. if you want to communicate with me just talk to me or send a private message.. I;m not going to stand all your stupid posts trying to have some aceptation from everyone else.. My friend posts pictures with his new car and I feel so dissapointed.. come on man.. fuck your new car and thank you for showing me what is inside you.

I'm trying to be as true to myself as I can.. I don't say this to anyone but someone is "guiding" me inside my heas and is so hard to do things right.. I'm tired.. "Hipocrita" (Hypocrite), "Cobarde" (Coward).. I'm grateful for its guidance and I understand that someone wnats me to learn how te reach my full potential.. but at the sme time everyone around me is taking a directionI don't want to follow.. I know that everytime they see me they think "Oh here comes that crazy guy again.." 

I want to love them.. but everyone is full of shit.. there is nothing I can do.. 

I'm trying to think "don't be mad.. have mercy and love them for who they are" fuck it man I'm not a buddah or whatever

peace love and light to everyone here

PD> I', not a christian.. I just like how jesus hinked and his story I dont care if its fake or real... thats why the picture

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Comment by neophyte on Thursday

You're most welcome Kc.

Love is being honest - first (always) to 'God', second to yourself and then to all others.

Love is being kind... but there are times it is necessary to be cruel to be kind in the long run.

(But we should never overdo it and be sure that what we are doing is for the good).

I believe some suffering is necessary for spiritual growth (more in the removing ourselves from our attachments to material things - or people). ;-)

Sometimes we need to go down a long way in order to be able to rise and reach heights we had not achieved previously in this life. This gives one a greater sense of appreciation than if we had never suffered at all - the greatest Victory is to him who overcomes the greatest difficulties/sufferings. :-)

Not that i would wish anyone have to suffer needlessly or that i cause any unnecessary suffering on another traveller/seeker.

In the end - we all tread and travel our own pathway.

God is within you. :-)

Comment by Kevincito on June 13, 2018 at 5:26pm

Hey Neophyte! Thank you for your inspiring words. 'm trying my best.. But now I'm thinking that love is not only about saying tender words to each other but also saying what you really think.. and lik eyou said.. "testing" each other so you can overcome certain things that make you suffer. 

Thank you again! It was great reading your post.

Comment by neophyte on June 13, 2018 at 2:37am

I believe Jesus is a truly great example to follow for any human being who wants what is ultimately for the most good.

It's a pity so many of his followers and cult religions have tried to co-opt him and his works for their own selfish ends - still that is a human trait we all share to some degree while we live in this world.

Wanting to love them is not enough i'm afraid. You must love your neighbour, your relatives and friends (yes, even those you may see as enemies) as yourself - not because it's the 'right' thing to do  (which it definitely is) but because inside of you - at your heart, your very core, is God and He is there inside them all as well. Hating them means you hate what is inside them and is telling them to do and that is the same thing that tells you what to do, what is 'right'. The only difference is they may not see what you see inside of themselves the same way you do - yet. ( Because although we all come from the same Creator we are all made to have a different experience here - what is the point of making 7 billion exact copies??)

It may not seem like it right now, but everyone you meet is facing their own task to find God within and sometimes the search gets people so frustrated they give up and take what they can get down here instead. I hope you find the strength to stay on the narrow path.

Seek the kingdom of God - or whatever you call the Creator - WITHIN you. Know that within you God exists, believe on this and you will do as Jesus taught. Know (what is within) thy Self. (the good and the bad) and to Thine own Self (that which contains the God within) be true.

And remember that there is deceit and trickery in this world and we came from out of it and so may have this now within us also. Put all things to the test to see what is true and what is deception/false images.

Have faith in that which is true - even if it cannot be seen by human eyes or heard by human ears from the outside world. Trust what is in your Heart that is good. Find your inner strength.


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