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9 Ways to Deepen Healing with Cannabis and Consciousness

The clinical cannabis experience and consciousness research have independently demonstrated 9 mechanisms to deepen our healing process. Each of these mechanisms are subject to conscious intervention, and the more we know and understand about them the easier we can achieve the kind of healing that goes beyond the mere management of symptoms, and bring about profound and positive changes in the quality of our lives.

For instance, consciousness research in cancer has discovered that the single most common trait that determined cancer survival had been a sense of emotional authenticity. Similarly, many cannabis-using patients suffering from various cancers report disease regression in connection with the deep relaxation and frame of mind that makes it easier to accept one-self in the present moment even in the presence of otherwise intolerable feeling or emotions.

Another example, chronic negative affect, or the tendency to feel constricting emotions such as fear, worry and stress have been determined to harm our well being just as the opposite has been proven true. Cannabis is broadly recognized for its capacity to diminish negative affect and replace it with a gentle attitude, an easy smile and more optimistic outlook, all of which have proven to support out natural self-healing abilities.

Forgiveness has demonstrated a powerful ability to supercharge our healing process. Cannabis has the capacity to send a pink slip to the slave driver in the back of our mind that insists on punishment and blame as tools for growth and motivation. As a result, implementing forgiveness becomes easier and more elegant, and in doing so contributes to our healing.

Whether we are choosing to work with cannabis as an ally, whether we are working with consciousness alone, or whether we use a combination of both – the more we become conscious about these 9 natural mechanisms to deepen our healing process, the more our natural healing abilities multiply. Some will appear more familiar to us, others may take a little effort to master, but all can be learned, applied, and used to deepen our health and healing.


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Comment by JD on November 24, 2017 at 1:43pm

Great post.

I am of someone with experience in the matter of cancer(see profile). I have also been helped through cannabis intake. While I feel cannabis is a natural organic council of reason and acceptance. Although It is authentic will to continue in this cycle of growth or ascension. I am in Canada and know a fellow who was in the army ans has been medically released for PTSD. The government sends him cannabis through the mail at their cost so he told me. Cannabis is truly hope to cope and harmony. One last thing to add is research were the health of babies and development Link?

Namaste JD

Comment by Jolan ☯ on November 24, 2017 at 8:36am

Quoting the article : "A simple gratitude exercise in which patients at UC Davis’ Medical Center were instructed to write down five things they were grateful for every day, using no more than one sentence to describe each item. After two months, researchers noted a heightened sense of well-being, more hours of sleep, reduced pain, increases in optimism, happiness, fewer physical symptoms, positive states of alertness, greater attentiveness and determination, high energy, positive moods, feeling connected to others, increased empathy towards others, and more positive attitudes toward their family."

related timed video :

Comment by Mystic Amrita on January 18, 2014 at 8:20am

Thank you for sharing this article Mystic Misfit.  I have had intuitive inklings of late, regarding  partaking, for my own healing, and potential creative inspiration.  Though, have also received counsel, via astrological aspects, to "avoid all mind-altering drugs, even those prescribed by a doctor."   Still no clarity on the issue. 

 I presumed cannabis would be a helpful remedy, for persons suffering PTSD symptoms, but surprisingly, here in Colorado, this is not presently an "approved" usage for medical marijuana.  The article does indeed touch, on some of those aspects, for potential healing. 

Comment by Raymondo Passero on January 17, 2014 at 11:32am

Agreed.  Thanks for posting on this important topic.

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