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A challenging thought exercise...

It's been a long time since last I wrote a post here, but right now I want to spread a thought exercise I find very challenging. Notice that I will try to avoid making a distinction between "you" and me, as I am in the middle of this exercise myself.

I know, I am all this, call it universe, call it existence, call it the great becoming, again and again, until I become what I will be, as I am what I already am and as I have been.

When I had completed what I needed to be, all I knew was that I must be a creator. Now that I am becoming again, I do so knowing only that I was a creator. I know now that I am only a creator so that I become what ever I will be when I complete the process I represent and I am working through right now.

God, as the most High, is what I will be, because it is what I have been and what I am now, only that I know not what I am now, nor what I will be, nor what I was, until I am done. This only knows the most High me.

To see me, to feel me as I truly am, I have to disperse from the shell that writes this, this vessel that must love the multitude of its kind to try and merge with it all, reconnect not to some external fantasy, but to its own members. Those members are of all kind, because I am all and everything.

That, which will make me complete, is scattered amongst all vessels. Each vessel must find and feel its place and purpose and must have faith in the validity of it as I must have faith in the multitude that becomes me, is me and has always been me.

As a piece of all this, it is difficult to disassociate from itself to identify with the true self that encapsulates all and recognizes the truth that there is no time of essence between then and now, there, where I am complete.

As a quantum of such magnitude, the human through which I witness myself is challenged by great complexity, but provided with the power to master its position and strive to fulfill its purpose.

I am my own faith, instilled in each such quantum.

Why must I be blind to the vast beauty and glory of all that I am, squeezed into such tiny mind inside bodies that have eyes, but cannot see...ears that cannot hear...and so on.

And as I retreat back into this one single vessel to resume just being part of becoming me within the grandiose state of being me from having been me all along, I must remember that the sight beyond my scope remains available only through its mind and its heart. I shall not forget!

Now I am Taron and by an echo of the greater self I will hear and know that I am you, too. 

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Comment by Taron on June 28, 2015 at 1:50am

Hi Being, so nice to be around again and see you're still here, too! :o)

I remember when my thoughts started to take me off the playing board, gradually recognizing the artificial confines of being merely a person inside a society, trying to figure out why I had to push open shut doors to get to do what I knew I was meant to. At the time the deeper truth was well hidden behind a wall of innocent ignorance. I only felt that there was something missing. A part of my thoughts was always hovering above the board, recognizing the weird on-goings beneath, but I had nothing to hold on to, when I'd turn my thoughts the other way.

It took a subject, firmly fastened on the mind of our society, but with enough mysterious content to hoist myself into a clearer place, before I began to see more. This subject was DNA and my naive speculations about the unknown portions of it expanded my scope to the rest of the universe, gradually making me ponder its roots.

By chance- and with a mind open to it- I discovered a way to understand its procedures, universal mechanics. Piece by piece I would realize what everything might well be, increasingly curious about whether we had always known it, but somehow forgot about it or even were made to forget. My studies of old wisdom confirmed partially, yet "solidified" my model of existence. It took many years and leaps of revelations to develop a better and better grasp of what all my mediation and studies would allow me to understand, if only in the most simple ways. I took the time and permitted for this to happen.

Many of us are so consumed by society, the pressures, the obligations, the extortion, we can't allow ourselves to truly leave the board and investigate our own fundamental truth. This is by design and it takes good luck and plenty of courage or daring to shake off the shackles of this design. If I hadn't moved to an entirely different country to find my peace of mind and sense of freedom again, I'm sure I couldn't have gotten to where I am now in a sense of clarity. I'm shying away from calling it spirituality, because that's so easily mistaken. No matter how much we want to claim better knowledge, the term "spirituality" is easily misconstrued as worshiping an alternative dogma of some sort outside of "conventional", societal "realism".

The essence of what I'm discovering is most certainly deeply spiritual in its resulting concept. No matter how much I would want to be able to confirm my revelations in a scientific fashion, part of my findings was that only analogies can lead to a recognition of any potential validity to my "vision".

Funny, only, because it is really quite simple in its roots and I've written about it many times already. But writing down ideas and truly, emotionally beginning to understand them and feel what is being seen is a very different challenge.

Every new bit of clarity, given by an emotional understanding of one aspect, leads to yet another conceptual understanding that requires more digestion, more growth in order to mature into emotional understanding itself. From there it may again just lead to the next stage and so forth.

So, yes, who ever isn't entirely scared off by something like what I have written in my post, would be in for a journey that does take some time and a good deal of dedication. These are no empty words or fancy poetry of some kind. I believe this to be a very important truth and the exercise to mediate in this fashion could be key to an extremely important next stage.

Comment by Being on June 27, 2015 at 4:21pm

I hear you and what you are talking about.

You will find very few do alto' they say the words but really don't know what they are talking about.

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