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Yesterday I opened a new chapter of my life and closed the door of the past. A new life has started, a new me. The old me is in the past where she belongs. I faced fears i never thought possible, yet i did. I am very proud of that and even with unbelief that I could. 

My mind and attitude has changed from facing this fear too. I am now feeling free to be myself and speak my mind. I respect myself a lot more and i do not accept being disrespected and walked over like i'm a doormat, i dont accept being laughed because id disagree with a concept, looked down upon like im stupid or laughed at because i dont speak perfect english. All of which used to happen way too often.

Loyalty is not automatic, it is earned. Trust has to be earned. 
I dont allow walking all over me anymore and i am not afraid to say that or disagree. I used to keep everything to myself and not say anything out of fear to create conflict. Now i know conflict can be a tool for creation of a better life. 

I have already had run ins with people who dont like me speaking my mind in ways they weren't used to. Thats too bad for them. I will no longer change and lessen myself for someone else's comfort. Truth should be out there we have lived long enough under a veil of secrecy and ignorance. We live in the age of information, it is time to share it out there. 

Today a door opens to the rest of my life and I am thankful to those of you who stood by me in my darkest moments and proved to me what love is, and that love heals in ways no one can understand unless felt, 
I am lucky to have had and have those of you around me who have supported me and dragged me out of the dirt time and time again. No that is not codependency because i do the work myself. That is called love and friendship and i am grateful for it.

Much love and peace profound.

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Comment by sav on October 17, 2018 at 5:24am

Comment by Eleonora on October 16, 2018 at 6:14am

Huzzah! Well done, Anki.

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