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A little about the manifestation of spiritual lives.

There are, in some traditions, great ones who live in the heavens. And at night we can see them if we look closely. In a constellation of stars can we imagine that we see one of these? And which individual star might be the heart and which the mind and so on. Look closely. Can we imagine the arrangement of chakras? And if this is so then what else might there be that we have not yet sensed?

As amazing as our world is it’s ethereal counterpart is more so. From this slightly higher platform distances are more definable, colors brighter, focus infinitely sharper. Our vision is greatly enhanced. And what of our minds? Does this newfound clarity extend to them?

Imagine that we can see a tremendous “heavenly man” far, far away. As we gaze he notices and moves to respond. Now this figure seems to move, or is it a trick of our senses? More quickly now and in an instant more we find that this great one is near to our planet.

All of the above was contained in a dream. The Earth, our familiar world, was no more than a single entity alive and functioning in a larger world that is unseen but largely knowable through traditions only. The spiritual being which is our planet is one of a group which, if we could but know it, forms the body of our solar system. Look more closely and note that each of the planets in our system has significance. The Earth, our home, is the solar plexus. Saturn is the heart. And the mind, the crown, is our sun. Here, too, like our planetary “man”, is another.

It’s easier to sort all this out if we remember and apply the Law of Correspondences. “As above, so below” is more than just a catch phrase. Each of us is has a human form which is connected, via spinning devices that we call energetic wheels (chakras) to a higher yet similar form. Beings within beings is a handy way to put it. Going back to the beginning we can see an individual human being. He or she has seven principal chakras arranged vertically, base to mind. Through our senses we know that this is true. We also know that these are made of the matter of the lowest of the spiritual planes, the ethereal. We know that sometimes we can both see and feel these using our ordinary, day to day, abilities. Those of us who have a greater facility in this are often said to be psychic.

View the Earth as a series of concentric shells. The inmost of these is hard physical matter. The next outward is the realm of liquids. The next is gaseous. These three make up our familiar world. The limit (boundary) to these is about 350,000 feet above the surface of the planet. The next is the ethereal with it’s many subdivisions, some of which are sensed by science. From this vantage point we would see our world in a greatly enhanced way. The ethereal, like the physical, begins at the center of the planet but extends outward a bit further. But let’s continue upward.

As we look higher we see another spiritual world. This one is like unto the ethereal below but is much more rarified. It too has many subdivisions each of which supplies the world below with what we might call an emotional life. As we can imagine the heavier of these is in the lower portion while the more mindful are above. This is the astral plane of the Earth which extends outward from the Earth’s center to a distance of about 26,000 miles. No need to continue this examination of our world. We can easily imagine the next, the mental plane. Those higher planes are a bit more complex because they are not only of the Earth but of our sun… and higher. Of these we sense mostly in bits and pieces of information which are, by habit, translated by us in terms of our minds and emotions. This is the reason we so often experience emotionalism in worship.

As we see we, each of us, is connected to the greater life which is the planet by our chakras. We are bid be mindful for good reason. As we think so do we affect others who are closely attuned to us. The mind of the planet is one. We are a part of it. Consider this broadband of perception and think… if this were not so could there still be anything like psychic phenomena? No. There could not. The connective ability of our chakras to those of the planet constitutes the avenue the pathways, the medium through which psychic sensory is possible… Are we not bid to have care regarding our thoughts? This is the reason.

Let’s shift our vision now and encompass the entire solar system. Beginning at the center of the sun it, too, has all the very same attributes as does our Earth. It, too, has a clearly defined set of functioning chakras. We defined some of these above.

Let’s stop here and look more closely at one thing in particular. The advanced woman or man on Earth is connected to the spiritual realms through a union, a conjunction, of the heart and mind (through our chakras). This connection, in reality, is one which joins us with the great being which is, in reality, that which gives life to our planet. We are “one” with this “god”. We live “through” and are literally a part of this “heavenly host”. Now let’s look higher.

Just above we spoke of the solar system. It, too has the chakras through which another even greater being expresses. There is a slight difference though. These are not arranged in the same ascending manner that we are used to seeing. From the sun (crown) the heart (Saturn) is farther away than is the Earth (solar plexus). This illusive though. Remember that we are gazing upward using our ordinary senses which include the physical and lower psychic channels. Yes there is the possibility of higher paths of perception too but these function in different ways. Briefly because of the differential of consciousness most of us tend to slightly distort what is sensed. There is no blame in this. Here is a hint about how it works.

We know what we know. We wonder about the unknown. What is not yet understood may be taken as fact using faith that someday it will be revealed. Sound familiar? And that which is eventually known will now move from the realm of faith to that of sure knowledge. So we can easily see that the boundary between what is known and that which is taken on faith continually moves. This is the very process of spiritual growth. And as we move forward that which is assimilated is known to us as being “wisdom”. This progression seems acceptable to the lower rational mind because it is expressed in therms which suit the requirements of our system of logic. Now lets return to the solar system.

Here things are a bit different simply because they do not suit the requirements of our three dimensional expectations. From a higher plane this would not be so. The solar system, as a whole, is little different in spiritual structure than is our planet or ourselves. Now extend this idea to the local part of our galaxy, our neighborhood of stars. Are there perhaps other great ones hidden from view? Yes. These are the sources of the ancient practice of astrology. Groups of stars, in defined arrangements, constitute a being of great power. And this being has as “his” body of manifestation, a set of chakras just like we do. The business of these constellations of beings is outside the present topic. Suffice to say they gather to themselves from yet higher sources streams of wisdom which they then embody send to us in the form of rays of power. It is these that are subsequently refocused, redirected by our planets and finally to each of us as we take our first breath of life. This aspect is, in turn, of great interest.

The examination will stop at this point. There is much, much more to be said regarding the functions of these beings. Indeed it is not possible for us to comprehend more than a little. But it is enough that we can develop a thirst for more. This is the dynamic which will insure we progress.

Returning to the law of correspondences we see a series of beings, one within another, within another and so on to the limits of perception. This is the essential arrangement of the spiritual worlds. “In God we have “life””. We are “of” the “Father”. How many other statements are there that seem to confirm this thesis? They are all literally true. Only the descriptive method differs (according to Earthly cultural requirements).

In the structures above we did not mention any of the higher spiritual planes. It is enough to think only of those which touch our planet. Here is a bit more for those who want to know. As a human being learns to join heart and mind she or he is, in reality, making stronger the connection to the great one which is the “Lord of our world”. This individual action is not simply static. No. As we “will” ourselves to advance the entire planet is raised up. Spiritual evolution is not about us alone. Our planet (the great one that gives it life) also advances. As we will ourselves to express through our heart/mind a curious thing happens. The great planetary life becomes a bit more capable of melding with the life of the solar system. Our planet is the solar plexus. Through our actions it becomes more capable of joining with both Saturn (the heart) and our star (the crown).

These lower spiritual and physical worlds don’t just happen to be there. They are necessary. Growth is the accumulation of wisdom. Wisdom comes only as a result of lower plane experience. So… each of us, every day, gives to the greater life that depends on our efforts for it’s own progress. See? See how the idea of “oneness” is suddenly much more meaningful?

A last note is this: Our moon is our guide. It is an outpost of sorts. It is akin to a smallish yellow colored globe positioned just above our shoulders. An examination of the aura of the world would reveal it as such. The spiritual moon is the manifestation of the greater spiritual guide to the Earth. This, too, is subject to the law of correspondences. Again we see the similarities between a human being and those other greater lives of which we are a part.


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