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A little reminder to ponder upon...

We are universe. It's so easy for us to forget that. Even when some like to mention stardust and all that, but it's so much more than that. We are physically and logically universe, equal to anything that is in terms of physicality, but quite so much more in terms of universal obligation. Here's my "reasoning":

Let's use ordinary scientific models for this analogy, just to make it a bit easier. But let me start by acknowledging the fact that all there is has motion as its core and the patterns of motion form relationships that we perceive as particles. The impulses that pass through those motion-patterns we name radiation. I think that those impulses are in fact the momentum given to the patterns to continue. I'd then go as far as saying that there's no matter without radiation. But I'm getting carried away already. Would be sad, if I was wrong before I even start, hahaha...anyway.

Let's consider each point a dimension of its own, a dimension of purpose. I'll skip (1),(2) and (3)...

(4) Atoms with their protons and electrons are building blocks for molecules and all atoms do is to carry certain loads, pass them on and draw them in based on what larger structure they are meant to support. They don't think, really, they act.

(5)Molecules are essentially substance, substance fulfills a certain purpose, depending on the context they are in. They don't think, they act, but in more complex contexts than atoms, more specific.

(6)Substances combine to carry out even more specific tasks with other members of their dimension, other substances. They don't think either, they act, but they become identities, named to be addressed such as metals, minerals, gasses and so on.

(7)Objects consist of a variety of substances or even just one substance, but their unique form or structure isolates them from their surrounding so that they assume an identity above the substance they were made from. At that layer one may already find organic life. It does not think, it acts, even if it now differentiates between different substances to fulfill certain tasks, it is automatic, really, reactive in general. I'm talking about cells, of course, not yet plants or animals.

(8)Living subjects like plants and animals are collectives of organic objects, working in unison to act adaptively, shape their surrounding based on reactive behavior and a certain automatic purpose. They seem to think, while all their "thoughts" relate to circumstances. They do not create, but react with some choice and always based on need. Even to play serves a direct purpose and is no idle pleasure.

(9)Humans. We are all of the above plus the ability to create based on desire that which did not exist before. We don't just need to adapt to our environment, for example, we can alter it dramatically to suit our needs. We can imagine and then make things manifest through our actions.

But ultimately we are the exact same thing as an atom in terms of general purpose, really. Our actions are meant to accomplish something. As little as the atom knows which molecule it belongs to or the molecule knows, who inhales it, or the plant knows what landscape it makes...and so on... they all function by doing what the must do as do we. But we are given a mind to choose carefully what we contribute to and we participate in the becoming of something even more complex than ourselves. Our decisions create something new to the universe, not easily predictable by some formula, beyond simple circumstances and superior to all that anything else before us produces through its actions.

It is in our hand not to act beneath our potential. We do not depend on instructions to function, but we may take advantage of them to reach our best possible achievements. To run idle means to defy our own being, as we are the thinking, creative hand of our larger body, the universe itself.

Because of all this, nothing ever dies, nothing ever ceases, nothing ever gets lost. We would just be foolish not to feel that way, grief if loved ones die or if we wouldn't fear death, because it is vital for us to exist in order to function and sometimes learning is function itself, because through us the universe learns, but only through our actions. Even if this action was writing, so that someone else could carry on with the inspiration and help manifest something new, what ever it is. And there's love, of course. All in the universe can be considered love, really. All that is good, all that carries on, all that can function. Love is practical, even if it sometimes feels weird to look at it that way. Practical does not mean conditional at all. We can love anyone without ever knowing what this person does or this creature or this plant or this rock. This love is for them as it is for oneself, of course. That's why a labor should eventually always be of love.

Anyway, forgive me for writing all this down here, I'm hoping it will be of use for some of us, just an inspiration, but I felt great joy to recognize myself as life with two brown eyes those years back and now to fully embrace that I am universe as are you and everything. You feel just right when you recognize your tremendous grandeur. And when YOU do, then I do, in that logic. So, please, do feel great for all of us!

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