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Nothing now remains but for the scribe to bear witness to the strange Qabalistic "coincidences" connected with this Drama.

Was Wagner a great Qabalist? Were those from whom he obtained the sources of his information such? Who can tell?

Rather I would suggest that, being inspired, this Drama must of necessity conform to all truth, on all planes. For there are certain Numerical Emanations, called the Ten Sephiroth, and there are certain Vibrations of a numerical nature connected with Words.

It is not my intention to write a treatise on the Holy Qabalah (those who wish to study this interesting subject may do so in "Q.B.L. or The Bride's Reception"), nor to describe fully the "Tree of Life", nor the methods of drawing numerical meanings from words. The accompanying plate shows the structure of "The Tree of Life", and the Frontispiece indicates how the "Chalice of Ecstasy" may be drawn therefrom.

The Qabalistic teaching is that Malkuth - The Kingdom - The Animal Soul - THE FALLEN DAUGHTER must be RAISED through the Office of the SON - Tiphereth - The Sun - Harmony and Beauty, to the Throne of the MOTHER - Binah - Understanding - THE CUP, when she is again united to the FATHER - Chokmah - Wisdom - Will - THE SPEAR, thus absorbing all into THE CROWN - Kether - The Pure Light of the DOVE which descends upon their Union.

This is the Mystery of Redemption and of the Great Work, the Uniting of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm - Man with God.

The main Formula of the Great Work, that of the Rose and Cross, is symbolised in the Great Order as 5°=6°. This refers to the Microcosm and the Macrocosm as the Pentagram or Fivefold Star on Unconquered Will and the Hexagram or Six-fold Star. The Work is to discover their equivalence, and to unite them.

The first stage of this Union occurs in TIPHERETH, and is accompanied with the feeling of Ecstasy. This Sephira is that of the SUN, and is necessarily connected with the Solar Numbers of which 6, 66, and 666 are the Scale. This is the Sphere of the Crowned King - The Son who unites in himself both Glory and Suffering.

But since there has been, what we may term, a change of Office in the Great Hierarchy in this New Aeon, we find that the Number 418 which is the numeration of "ABRAHADABRA" the Word of the Aeon is also particularly attributed to this Sphere, since it represents perfectly the formula of 5°=6°. (See Sepher Sephiroth, Equinox Vol. I. Number VIII.)

Again 777 is a number representing alike "The Flaming Sword" and the Unity of all things including the World of Shells. In Greek Qabalah it corresponds to the word STAUROS - The Cross.

It is worthy of notice, and most careful consideration, therefore, that with slight adjustment of spelling, the Names of the principle characters in the Drama have an extraordinary significance.

TITUREL, Founder of the Grail Order, adds to 666.

MONSALVAT, the Mountain of Salvation, adds to 666.

GAMURET, the Father of Parzival, adds to 666.

AMFORTAS, with his Cross of Suffering, adds to 777.

KLINGSOR, who represents Choronzon (333) adds to 333.

GURNEMANZ, Conductor of the New King, adds to 418.

PARZIVAL, The Pure Fool, adds to 418.

KUNDRY and GUNDRYGGIA, alike add to 290.

In the above the Hebrew equivalents of the letters and the old spellings of the names are used. With small study of the Qabalistic System and the Grades of the Order based on the Tree of Life, the significance of the above will become more and more apparent to the Student. An extended treatise might be written on the subject, but that is not the intention of the author at this time.

Now, there are several spellings of the name Parzival; the one I have adopted being that of Wolfram von Eschenbach, from whom Wagner derived the Drama. The usual spelling - Parsifal - is interesting since it adds to 388, which, with the addition of 500 (Final Mem. The Water of the Great Sea of Understanding), becomes 888. By Greek Numeration 888 is the number of Jesus the Christ.

But there is another spelling, much more significant, and probably the oldest of them all. PARCHVAL, the numeration of which adds to 326.

It will have been noticed that the most important Points of the Drama are connected with THE CUP - Understanding - Binah the THIRD Sephira; The SPEAR - Will - Wisdom - Chokmah the SECOND Sephira, and THE HEART - The Castle of the Grail - Tiphereth the SIXTH Sephira. If we examine these Spheres on the Tree of Life we find they form a Descending Triad representing the Bowl of The Chalice of Ecstasy, the points of which are 326.

Now 326 is the Numeration of IHShVH - The Hebrew Jeheshuah - Jesus - The God- Man or Redeemer. This Word also symbolises the descent of "Shin" the letter of the Holy Spirit into the Four Lettered Word IHVH - Jehovah - The Ineffable Name and the Formula of the Four Elements. Thus PARChVAL symbolises the whole process perfectly; the Descent of Spirit into Matter and also of the Redemption.

It also shows the transition to the New Aeon, there being a connection between this old spelling and that of Parzival the formula of the present time. For the central letter of the word PARChVAL is "Ch" in Hebrew Cheth, which spelt in full is 418 the numeration of Parzival, and of the Word of the Aeon, his Magick Formula.

I need only add that The DOVE - Kether - The Crown - when shown above the bowl of the CHALICE (in its natural position on The Tree of Life) together with Yesod - the Foundation and Malkuth - The Kingdom, as the stem and base of the Cup; completes the Qabalistic Design. This arrangement clearly shows how the Chalice is one with the Tree of Life and filled by the Holy Spirit.

The numerical proof is not, however, quite complete - indeed it could never be completed - but let me draw your attention to the word Grail. The old spelling is GRAL and here we find G - the letter of The Moon - and R - the letter of the Sun, coupled with AL, the Great Name of God.

Turning once more to our Qabalistic Design of the Cup drawn on the Tree of Life, let us examine the Numbers of the Sephiroth involved. We shall indeed discover the "Chalice of Ecstasy" for we obtain 1 + 2 + 3 + 6 + 9 + 10 = 31, which is the numeration of both AL and LA - God and Not- Key to the Mysteries both of the Old Aeon and the New and when properly understood the Final Formula of


This is just the conclusion. The full text can be read here:

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Beautiful post. This is like brushing up on history.

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