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Calendar of the soul verse 29:

The light of thought, ignited forcefully within me

The meaningful experience of the Cosmic as a source of power

This is for me:

The heritage of summer,

The tranquility of fall,

and the hope of winter.

There are two concepts brought to the front; the one being the light of thought and the other a sense experience of the Cosmic. The one is the inner subjective world of our cognition and the other is the objective sense experience of the world around us.

But here is a change in how we engage or experience the objective and subjective worlds of our consciousness. In the subjective world our thoughts are strengthened and more powerful. This is not ordinary thinking processes that merely interpret impulses and compute reactions based on memory and past experience. These thoughts are put into place by a self discipline…a process of strengthening the thoughts. These are thoughts that are sourced from our intuition …of from the light within e.g. the soul, or master within. But for our thoughts to become a light we need to have thoughts that are coherent, focused and clear. We need to embrace a new logic that acknowledges both the natural world and the inner world. We need to raise our thoughts to reflect only our most noble ideas. Our thoughts must be ignited by a self-imposed individual morality that strive towards being the best version of self you could possibly be. In a stoic sense we need to embrace virtue and eliminate vice from our thoughts and consequently from our actions. In alchemical allegory the dross needs to become refined….our base thoughts must be turned into refined thoughts. These are thoughts that are alive with energy that brings new life. Light brings life, light brings energy. Those are the same qualities that need to spring from our thoughts if we want to experience our thoughts as light.

The second sentence I can understand only from a Rosicrucian perspective. Because here again we do not talk about a impulsive sense experience but of a sense experience that is meaningful. What are we experiencing? What is this thing we call the cosmic spirit or the world spirit? If it is to be meaningful and different then it is the experience of the cosmic with a full understanding that the cosmic represents all the laws we experience in the natural and spiritual world. An understanding of how the world operates and how we experience the physical world comes into play. Here I am reminded of the emphasis that was placed by Gurdjieff that we should continually be busy observing ourselves if we want to become truly conscious beings and awaken from our sleep of automatic behaviour. When we understand the laws of the cosmic then we are empowered to use natural and spiritual laws to evolve ourselves spiritually.

Strengthened thought and a keen understanding of the Cosmic enables the emergent property of a strong will. Our clarified and coherent thoughts direct appropriate action in the world in accordance with Cosmic law.

These two principles, strengthened thoughts and a meaningful experience translates to three things: Inheritance, Tranquility and Hope. Each connected to a different season of the year. Moving from the good times to more troubled times. If it is the heritage of summer then it is something that is gained from the good times. When things are going well for us we need to feed those principles of refining our thinking and bringing meaning to our experiences. When things becomes more challenging then it is those principles that will lead us to equanimity for it will provide us with fortitude against calamities that might befall us. When we enter into times of real strive and difficulty then it becomes our hope for we do not rely on external circumstances but rather on the inner strength of our own strengthened cognition and our ability to find meaning within.

Other English translations:

To ignite the light of thinking
so forcefully within me—
To live within the meaning
of the cosmic spirit’s source of power—

This is for me:
The heritage of summer,
The tranquillity of fall,
The hope of winter.

Original German Translation:

Sich selbst des Denkens Leuchten
Im Innern kraftvoll zu entfachen,
Erlebtes sinnvoll deutend
Aus Weltengeistes Kraeftequell,

Ist mir nun Sommererbe—
Ist Herbstesruhe—
Und auch Winterhoffnung.

Afrikaans Translation:

Die lig van denke, kragdadig aangeskakel binne my –

Die sinvolle belewenis van die Wêreldgees as ‘n bron van krag –

Dit is vir my:

Die erfenis van die somer,

die kalmte van die herfs

en die hoop van die winter.

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Comment by Jurgens Pieterse on May 7, 2018 at 4:36am
@Chris Kelley, you are on a good track of thinking. Contemplate those thoughts a bit more and draw a picture of it. You will be surprised by the insights you gain by that perspective.

Comment by Jurgens Pieterse on April 25, 2018 at 5:58am
@Chris Kelley, Thank you for your discussion and raising some interesting points that need to be considered. I have an underlying base of influence coming from GI Gurdjieff's teachings. He stated any spiritual path must begin with self terms of our senses, feelings and thoughts. If I understand you correctly I agree with you that one cannot jump over to a pure spiritual intepretation but needs a firm foundation. Rudolf Steiner in my understanding says that thoughts must first be strenghtened, meditative contemplation acquired and then we might get to the point of meditation void of sense perception. So getting to a pure spiritual perspective is a process of development and opening up. What I want to point out is that a subjective experience is a tangible goal. I think it could be one tangible goal...but assert that one can go beyond even subjective experience and include a spiritual perspective. But these are on a continuum. They are not seperate things but a journey allogn different states of awareness.

Comment by Jurgens Pieterse on April 23, 2018 at 3:18am
@Chris Kelley. The easiest way to think about objective and subjective is that objective is stimulated through the senses while subjective is the interpretation of those stimulus by creating links of meaning between the objective impulses experienced. In meditation we can go even to a level deeper or beyond subjective thinking where there is pure thinking totally independent of the objective. you will experience events objectively through your senses, however to interpret that event in its full you should aim to intepret it from a pure spiritual or soul perspective independent of the sense perception.

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