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If one spends their lives looking into a well, devising ways to get the water and never acts; he will surely die.

Inasmuch I have seen a constantly reoccurring theme within the fold of "the initiated"....

on this subject I will expound. there comes a time in each life that tears a rift between self realization and self-actualization. this, within new age indoctrination is rampant. Secularly there shouldn't be much issue save the one of the hungry. Charlatans, zealots, and naysayers the like are the implicit "Saviors" to you; this hinges on a small wicket, a natural requirement that sees a flaccid approach in most cases. What I am really getting at is the "use" of whatever may be the fodder of your development and lack of reciprocating through discipleship and community (Many are not at fault here). Yes I am sure that everyone here has heard a sort of mumbo jumbo regarding the ebb and eddy of energy use from alchemy to finding a reason that a spirit guide is pushing you away. The "what may be" of each situation is in all absolute a reflexive issue. The trouble with the hungry is that they tend to eat all they can find and forget to prepare for the next hungry passerby. This implicitly becomes a third density issue. I will explain more if interest is shown. 

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