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A supply of Smooth Talkers and Ignorance and a demand of Sheeple

'Smooth-talking authorities and social commentators.' These are the people that use tonality, charisma, and linguistics to persuade people, rather than logistical arguments. Smooth-talkers always like to do the talking and they seldom listen, as the sound of their own voice is like a constant orgasm. Sometimes they like to disguise their ignorance in articulation. Other times they like to offer quick and easy solutions that sound like music to the ears.

You can find such people in all walks of society, Some of them might be your friends, family, associates, or ex-lovers. Some are TV anchors in the news. Others are professors and authorities in the education intelligentsia or entrepreneurs trying to sell you a product or service that you don't need.

The best way to defend against a smooth-talker is to be vigilant and conscious. Remember who you are, and who is talking to you. Scrutinize the smooth-talker by their facts, and not by their persona or their delivery. Guard your subconscious with your consciousness and do not let any thoughts that you cannot scrutinize enter your subconscious archives of thought as true facts. In a way, smooth-talking is like a method of hypnosis. If you are on guard, then the smooth words will not penetrate your subconscious. Smooth-talkers like to use repetition and commanding phrases to persuade. and so be conscious of these as well.

"Sheeple" -- People who let their thoughts dominate on a receptive level or on a group-thinking level rather than on an individual level absolutely love smooth-talkers. Sheeple don't like to assert their rights. They like to take the path of least resistance like an amorphous rock that breaks apart into pieces after an impact. They connect with smooth talkers in an effortless manner that doesn't require that dreadful expenditure of energy called willpower. Instead they allow their consciousness to dominate in a simultaneously receptive and emotional realm of being. When smooth talkers use humor, the responding laughter by one sheeple is very contagious to the other sheeple who are present.

Being a sheeple is not a permanent state of being, but many sheeple are deeply rooted in their habits and behaviors and thought processes. Some non-sheeple even revert back into being sheeple from time to time, although once you are red pilled, it is hard to revert back to the matrix.

Smooth-talkers succeed because it is human nature to be attracted to things that feel and sound good. Or maybe we were bred that way. It does seem that humans are currently being bred to be sheeple. We see this in mainstream culture and in politics on all sides of the spectrum. This doesn't necessarily suggest that conformists are naive and lack willpower. However, conforming to ideas and trends in a receptive and emotional manner is perhaps one of the most sheepish things a human can do. 

Either way, smooth-talking in all instances is not necessarily a bad thing. Right now it is just the reality that a significant amount of humans are sheeple. And right now they only are receptive to smooth talking, rather than facts and information and logic. So maybe if you are trying to attain material wealth or success in the earthy world, it can be beneficial to use smooth-talking when you are talking to a sheeple, for that is the only level that they can communicate on effectively. But the laws of karma will no doubt follow your actions, so if you 'feed the beast' and abuse your smooth talking abilities and take advantage of people, eventually the karma will have a rippling effect back to its source. Abusive smooth-talkers can be some of the most ignorant people in the world. They can't use facts and information to support their words, so instead they must resort to stage tricks and psychological hacks. 

So ask yourself. Are you a sheeple? Can you smooth-talk without being abusive to others?

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