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I have no parents:
I make the heaven and earth my parents.

I have no home:
I make awareness my home.

I have no life and death:
I make the tides of breathing my life and death.

I have no divine powers:
I make honesty my divine power.

I have no means:
I make understanding my means.

I have no secrets:
I make character my secret.

I have no body:
I make endurance my body.

I have no eyes:
I make the flash of lightening my eyes.

I have no ears:
I make sensibility my ears.

I have no limbs:
I make promptness my limbs.

I have no strategy:
I make "unshadowed by thought" my strategy.

I have no design:
I make "seizing opportunity by the forelock" my design.

I have no miracles:
I make right action my miracle.

I have no principles:
I make adaptability to all circumstances my principle.

I have no tactics:
I make emptiness and fullness my tactics.

I have no talent:
I make ready wit my talent.

I have no friends:
I make my mind my friend.

I have no enemy:
I make carelessness my enemy.

I have no armor:
I make benevolence and righteousness my armor.

I have no castle:
I make immovable mind my castle.

I have no sword:
I make absence of self my sword.

a warrior's creed - anonymous samurai song - 14th century

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Comment by Sunmover on October 12, 2011 at 5:48pm
From "The Zen Way to the Martial Arts,

Bushido, the way of the samurai, grew out of the fusion of Buddhism and Shintoism. This way can be summarized in seven essential principles:

1. Gi: the right decision, taken with equanimity, the right attitude, the truth. When we must die, we must die. Rectitude.

2. Yu: bravery tinged with heroism.

3. Jin: universal love, benevolence toward mankind; compassion.

4. Rei: right action--a most essential quality, courtesy.

5. Makoto: utter sincerity; truthfulness.

ó. Melyo: honor and glory.

7. Chugo: devotion, loyalty.

These are the seven principles underlying the spirit of Bushido, Bu--martial arts; shi--warrior; do the way.

The way of the samurai is imperative and absolute. Practice, in the body, through the unconscious, is fundamental to it, thus the enormous importance attached to the learning of right action or behavior.

Bushido has influenced Buddhism, and Buddhism has influenced Bushido; the elements of Buddhism found in Bushido are five:
# Pacification of the emotions;
# Tranquil compliance with the inevitable;
# Self-control in the face of any event;
# A more intimate exploration of death than of life;
# Pure poverty.
Comment by Sunmover on October 12, 2011 at 5:36pm
Love and hate are NOT opposites. The opposite of love is no love. The opposite of hate is no hate. Hate is NOT a by-product of no love, and no hate is NOT a by-product of love. Emotions are continuum's of energy, which have many levels from end-to-end. At each end of the continuum there is a commonality of neutrality........ Todd Acamesis
Comment by ancestralblue on October 12, 2011 at 10:03am
Very good Sun!
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on October 12, 2011 at 1:29am
Wonderful, Sun. It's always time for the Samurai!

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