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'Twin Flame', is the person, with whom one, is currently, in love.

Nothing remains stationary. All things are in motion. Everything vibrates. - The Hermetic Principle of Vibration, The Kybalion.


The quark spins. The atom spins. The DNA molecule spins, when it replicates. Water spins, on its way down a plug hole. The Earth and other planets, spin. The Sun, other stars, and also Black Holes, spin. The Solar System, Spins. Our Milky Way Galaxy, spins. Clusters of galaxies, spin. And the Universe, spins.

This is, the Wheel of Nature.

The Wheel of Nature, turns, at a constant speed, or rate of motion. The relationship, between spin and vibration, can be compared, to a grandfather clock. In the clock, the cogs turn, at a consistent, steady rate. They are driven, by vibration, or waves, in the form of, the swinging pendulum.

Since all things, are part of the ever-turning, Wheel of Nature, this includes, the sexual faculty or dimension, of the human being.

The essence of the human being, is their consciousness. And the essence of a person’s consciousness, is their sexual energy.

Sexual energy, in the form of Love, causes consciousness to expand. But sexual energy, in the form of Lust, causes consciousness to contract.

Consciousness, can expand, indefinitely. If this continues, beyond a certain point, the human being becomes immortal. But if consciousness, contracts, indefinitely, then the human being, ceases to exist.

Love is selflessness, altruism or self-sacrifice, in the form of, putting the happiness, well-being and security, of one’s Twin Flame, before one’s own. And Lust is selfishness, or self preservation, at the expense, of the happiness, well-being and security, of one’s Twin Flame.

Love, ultimately, is, cultivating the instinct, to protect, comfort and nourish, one’s Twin Flame. This is done, through the Seven Soul Portals, and by Hermetically Sealing, the Seven Lust Modes.

The Seven Soul Portals, are the Soul Eye, and they are: 1). Desire, which is magnetically attracting, 2). Intention, which is planning how, 3). Attention, which is the focus of desire, 4). Intellect, which is the tool of intention, 5). Imagination, particularly visualization, 6). Perception, in the form of controlling, or relaxing, the points of focus, of the five physical senses, and 7). Action / Behaviour, which reinforces, the nature, of the Desire and Intention.

Each of these Seven Soul Portals, which constitute the Soul Eye, is in one of the Lust-Love modes, which are:

1). The Soul Eye, the Seven Soul Portals, simultaneously wilfully set upon, either Lust or Love. When set upon Lust, the Soul Eye is diseased. But when set upon Love, the Soul Eye is healthy.

2). Orgasm Frequency and the Sexual Impulse: This is the WHEEL OF NATURE. Orgasms, to be Loving, must be at the minimum frequency. This could be, once every four to six weeks, or even less often. Sexual impulses, which are weaker than ability to resist them, must be resisted. But impulses, which are stronger than one’s ability to resist, can and must, be safely neutralized, by initiating an orgasm, but the orgasm must always be loving.

3). Orgasm Nature: The Nature of the orgasm, to maintain consciousness expansion, must always be, Love. This is, physical union with, or imagining, the Twin Flame, and contemplating the Twin Flame’s feelings, instead of one’s own. This is empathy. And the objective of the orgasm, must be, to give pleasure, to the Twin Flame, but not to one’s self.

4). Adultery vs. Faithfulness and Loyalty: Never desire anyone, either lovingly or sexually, other than the Twin Flame.

The other three forms of Lust, are 5). Fetishism, 6). Masochism, and 7). Sadism. These are the result, of failure to control, Lust-Love Modes 1-4. If such feelings are experienced, they must be surgically removed, by willful focusing of the attention, upon the objective, of providing the Twin Flame, with happiness, well-being, and security. Only regular meditation, by generating selfless loving emotion, for one’s Twin Flame, can Hermetically Seal, Lust Modes, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

The Lust-Love Modes, through the Soul Eye (the Seven Soul Portals), must be trained, by the human being, to have the same rate of motion, as the Wheel of Nature. This will assure immortality of the Soul. But to move the sexual faculty or dimension, at either a slower or faster rate, than the Wheel of Nature, results in the contraction of consciousness, and ultimately, death and mortality.

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