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Sacrifice, weird word.

"Coffee and donut in the mourning, shitty pizza for dinner. Expansion of belt size.
Take ownership! Now! And resolve that problem! I have a program to help."

To take ownership of a situation is great, but there's always another side.
Another polarity. Who/what is taking ownership here, exactly?
Are you pouring more emotion and energy into a behavior or pattern by focusing on it and over-analyzing it, and what the plan should be to defeat the "enemy"?

If you accept the possibility that the pattern of behavior owns you, then there is no sacrifice.

Now this is the tricky part. As I write this I am saying to myself "you sound like a self-help, fake guru". Lol.

There is a co-worker whom I began to be very judgmental of. To the point where I flat out made up stories in my own mind to continue on the perspective of who this person was as a coworker.
One day I assumed that he was neglecting his duties, then found out that he was working. But working in an area that I could not physically see.
A couple of days later, after I had realized that the judgement and that the possibility of the story I told myself could be false, I began to understand.
I began to understand him, and what I thought was him. I understood, because I "saw" what I thought he was, in ME.

Those things that have been bothering you, it's probably a sign that you need to embrace it and understand it. Not get rid of it. Not to sacrifice it all.

If you place all of your energy into removing something, one way or the other you will be forced to face that thing.

There's no sacrifice in that. It probably wasn't yours to begin with...

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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