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Hermetic law.
Law of correspondence, law of cause and effect, law of gender...
All of the laws in participate in revealing what the fundamental pattern of existence is.

The event that helped bring this concept forward for me, was a work related event.
This observation really "sealed the deal" for me.
This interaction was a pattern that I have witnessed now on multiple levels and environments.
Observations witnessed at the level of personal relationships, through the sharing of others and their relationships, viewpoints of societal trends, and now through the experience of material/mechanical processes.

Speaking directly to the material/mechanical occurrence, the problem always returns to source. The source being the initial point of the change, the deviation, that eventually led to that which is unwanted, or different than the intended outcome of the process.
(The "problem" can be replaced with the term "change". These events are neither good nor bad).

I now see similarities between this material event and life choices.
We are constantly making choices (hopefully), and every decision has tied to it a certain amount of energy.

Regardless of the type of energy, that decision will manifest that energy into this realm or state of being.
And energy always returns to source. So see the causal circumstances of the physical world change along with that movement of energy. Magick!?

The I think that what I am trying to get to is twofold.

1. It's crazy cool to see this connection/association/law in action in multiple environments with the same pattern.

2. The consideration of how directly applicable this is to everyone's life, and in all instances of that life.

Major decisions made in life are usually the result of either, or both, deep emotional response and broad perspective changes. Magick.

Its through these major decisions that will cast ripples into the universe, and usually the subsequent decisions made by the individual are guided by that major course change (think habits, routines, changes in the mental environment).

Imagine a programmer who decides to sit down and write out code for a really cool project (usually something they have put off), and just hammers it out non-stop until it's complete. That action and emotion changes things. And probably the programmers life on multiple levels. Energy returning to source.

Decision and effort, that's Magick.
Aannndd, so is everything else... Which decision is YOURS?

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