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An Introduction - Culture and Initiation

Mountains spread before me, flickering through a shroud of trees, revealing a glimmer, reflected on the water -that sun dappled shore- it mirrors a depth I can never fully fathom, beauty that leaves me rapt and calm.

The act of engaging nature is multi-faceted, one can perform a thousand acts, the very act of getting there -where one finds a good fit- is integral to vitality, one finds the depth of action and storied memory, through hobby and environment.

If one is to look at a thing like pick up, should they read a book, hit a bar, or learn to appreciate the depth of nature?

The failure of shaping the individual -through shaping the society- this is the prime failure of Marxism, for the individual builds the society, but remains at liberty within it, otherwise there could be no individuation -one would necessitate conformity at all cost- integrity exists in the part -when has it been an absolute mono-color?- the branches fluctuate in waves, what is extension?

When the individual conforms above -by mediation of the state- or below -by the mediation of personalities- then one must be segmented complication.

Integrity extends through simplicity to complexity (a great trick shot in pool, this is simply a series of arcs, no matter the degree of skill) every element is simple in cooking, take steak and potatoes -with sea salt/fresh cracked pepper/house made butter- such a dish may be simple or complex (flank steak and balsamic dried tomato -in a deconstruction- pickled pearl onion and roasted red pepper coulis -mixing a steak sandwich with steak and potatoes- on a potato based focaccia bun) the integrity is simply precise structure, no matter the depth of complexity.

This relates to the knowledge of a thing -the underlying integrity of form- and the understanding of a thing -the subjective application in a flux- surface learning through a book or event, this may show knowledge of a thing, but depth of wisdom arises in understanding.

Regardless of whether knowledge is objective, the shallow learning only leads to mechanism, knowledge applied to each thing, as a separate entity (learning the various techniques of cooking, without integration to the simplicity of a meal) builds a segmented and complicated form (still at the mercy of nature -rather than harmonious- through trial and error one recalls!) science may become a hot airbag.

Direct experience develops a shifting understanding, in contrast to raw knowledge, yet remains bound to a given form, capable in a given area like cooking or medicine -yet- the ability has no depth beyond that form, a bar connecting effects and goals.

It is neither the pure structure, nor the mercurial context, in which that knowledge must be applied -but a combination- it is more than the sum of its parts.

Wisdom comes through the common sense -it must be simple- extending beyond form -an engineer may learn- from carrying a cake or viewing a leaping whale, though understanding is specific, common sense is noble.

The objective is only useful as structure, the active application and use are increasingly subjective, thus objective controls from states -above or below- must be increasingly haphazard as they are added to, seeking to conform the subjective as if objective, taking it on as a shadow, demanding a view of humans as chunks, which may be conformed to a system.

One may consider the layout of a restaurant, gas connections and electrical outlets, to doors/load bearing supports/water -these are the basic points of integrity- the restaurant may form these, or find that future refinement is pre-disposed, placing lines/sinks/ovens/etcetera (the menu also has integrity, custard/bread/grill/braise, splitting into an infinity of broad forms) there is no best bread but excellence.

The mind is but one pillar of recognition -alongside the body and soul- but Descartes recognizes his failure, without adapting his consequent thought (ultimately unable to remove the mind, from the grounding in body, nor its necessity and impact) the opposition of knowledge and understanding (this may be seen as individuation, it opposes empirical knowledge taken as absolute -lacking subjectivity is leveling that demands probability- the goal is to move beyond the form.) a thing must be seen in myriad ways, doubt arises when there is one perception of a thing, multiple perspectives of the thing ground, objectivity does not oppose subjectivity.

The form shifts with the philosopher, yet to understand each is no more the same then, olive tapenade/ garlic aioli/pepper relish, as spreads, the objective is useful, as far as it helps develop the subjective.

Side note (saying garlic aioli, is like saying garlic/garlic mayo, but most aioli is a bastardization!) irony!

So the mind is an archi -taken on its own- it distorts reality while appearing as truth -but- together with other mirrors focused by or through awareness, it becomes a form -the nexus surrounded by its matrix- universally known and personally understood, conscious.

Here is a round of questions, how can all seek a certain common integrity, beyond subjective goals, without suborning the individual to the state -what is the purpose of government?- to make politics synergistic rather than divisive -what is the role of subjectivity?- but what is slavery -and- what makes it a natural outcome; to answer this one must first answer, does a paradigm shift once in a millennia, or a dozen times in a lifetime, but is death a paradigm shift?

Poor Ptolemy is so misunderstood, so a mature method is lost, for the sake of certainty -why shouldn’t one know a pulsar!- the glorification of the modern age, it comes at the cost of ancient intellect -but what is burning?- no matter the depth of knowledge.

Today, each cell seeks to differentiate once more, there can be no more level ground, some have cried out ‘love and peace is the way!’ the body is a diversified extension from a singular organism -it could not exist in a disconnected war- global peace is common sense (poor Ptolemy, no one seeks to understand, everyone already knows!).

Pol Pot had ideas of how things could be, Hitler had them too (few degrees separate, the sinner and the saint) the church has always possessed divine truth -!- no salvation will ever come through any institution, liberty is an individual affair -society an archetype that reflects the individual- one speaks of new systems, so what!

One could institute new forms, but the cracks already exist -showing through bloodshed and force- demands made against one for the greater good, but the end reveals the integrity of the means -ever a mutating despotism- only by reorganizing the self -and- the psychic view of essence, may the image gain vital integrity.

One could put forward many forms (consider the use of dish soap -using the idea of diluting powerful cleaning chemicals- even with legitimate reasons for diluting with water -still- wrong use fails to clean raw poultry) the form we build systems in -that devilish box!- cannot prevent idolization of a point (relying on any facet, at either end of any spectrum -cheap/workaholic/fearful/etc.- leads to complete imbalance.) the system will never control the individual, absolutely.

However, mechanism demands the total control, of forces and environment, Marxism is really not so original -that it should deserve its own ism!- flabbergasting indeed -but- why did Marx say he was not a Marxist?

Freedom -an amusing statement- taking some words and placing them over all history, it is all about freedom -!- then what is acceptable -anything that doesn’t take my freedom away- the singular drive to safety and shallow empathy, any statement that depends on the construct, is a form of control to that construct, what is nobility?

People look to slaves -thinking that they railed for freedom- do men rail for freedom against sexism -or against an aspect?- do blue collar workers rail against money (revolutionaries rail against systems -few are revolutionary- visionaries rail against something deeper, from these sources spring pivot points) were god-emperors upheld by their slaves, did slaves fight for certain freedoms, or for a blank idea called freedom, what change leads to Athens, then fails to uphold it in integral nobility?

Take the following example, small steps in subsidies for producer and client arise (developing small business -in more economically frugal situations- bakeries and glass blowers may effectively compete -while no longer paying minimum wages- skill workers may be attracted in a wider range) the workers trained through subsidies are gradually dispersed (additional bonuses coming through college collaboration, this ensures continual influx of trained workforce) entering into Sobeys/Zehrs type brands.

Then marketing arises, for customers at Walmart/dollar stores/etcetera -small hits like bread or glasses that expand- making the crafts competitive by subsidy, demanding a step rather than total change, if one is not prepared for another’s change, is that one evil -and- how does such conflict help the evolution?

After placing pressure on the bottom rung -McDonalds/Walmart/etcetera- subsidies arise for companies, those that support small business, providing windfall for companies, those renting or selling space to these businesses (a large store profits from providing market booths, while charity allows sale of excess product, in third world countries) lower rung businesses thus gain profits.

Meanwhile, the whole form shifts up, dissolving the lower rung (while supporting similar development in charity -for example- some clothes are broken down to be reformed -fashion by necessity- while others allow initial profits for clothiers) bonus and charity provides guidance, ensuring the support of businesses making clothing, in gaining nearly free start-up product, rather than mere sellers.

The reason for demanding a collapse, stems from a general unwillingness to change, without this will, one form of collapse is inevitable, but comfort demands one kind of cushion, even as conscience demands charity!

All this is a mere influence on the individual, even without the conflict of forced change (Pol Pot lead the way to hell, but would any of us do any better -the separation between Hitler and Jesus is a step- a crack that cannot be covered permeates) the most terrifying things are honest solutions -clung to with fanaticism- when they are purely physical development, for a mental pattern, made of personal understanding.

Lack of initiation is a core failure, for absolute control is impossible (even with a gun to ones head, I cannot control a shaking hand, or a poor decision) the physical construct is an effect, secondary to the perception of each (seen in the deaths of warlords, the introduction of democracies fails, the perception of right cannot uphold it) consciousness arises in degrees, initiation provides those degrees (though one could question modern democracies maturity, one could argue that since WWII -a meditation of walking on eggshells arose- we have generally become only more afraid) but the few modern initiations are often shallow, relics of a past that spits Ptolemy’s name.

One hopes a university will initiate -adolescence!- drink took many, the devil finished most of the rest, but what is an illusory veil, what is unconsciousness, the mechanist knows how much we edit out -the truth!- I say, good show.

Bruce Lee said that self-consciousness destroys fluid activity -what is this self?- how does one form a self, without becoming stagnant -act naturally!- a dynamic construct, one might look to Ptolemy for this, but what is a Ptolemic system -why- what is astrology!

There is a world of flux -also of design or pattern- we may call this flux energy, it is perceived in a multitude of ways, in one instance, the physical world -since- none have proven perception of psychic emanations -!- the mind must be viewed as entirely enclosed.

Replacing the individual with the simple result, one can then determine anyone by probability, along with environmental determinants, one looks to the balloons periphery, another looks to contents and is ignored (why, you must be speaking of the periphery -everything else is a shifting fog- how foolish!) how foolish a method, to ensure willful blindness -worse is the false pride!-.

What is the reasoning for this -?- it stems from a mere belief, my thoughts are in my head, a faith in electric coincidence -willful blindness- all contrary evidence rejected with excommunication (PHD’s know why, but I do not -why!- I only understand priest out of three) this borne in a world that relies on communism, but the apple becomes another tree, even if it falls further.

One imagines the energy -as if- stemming from the physical -just as the root of thought- but there is no break in the flow, moving into and out of detectable perception, still the feed moves through -try to stop sight- it cannot be willed, one can only control with a mask, pinpricks prove quarrelsome!

One recognizes feedback, based on developed pathways possessed -told certain things- one realizes they are hearing their own thoughts, the waving rope is a sea snake, the reaction comes as such, unconscious!

Each sense may be developed -so that- one tastes the nutmeg in some scones, while some have a broad experience, others are sensitive -yet- if one develops sensitivity without understanding, imbalance arises, one thinks very repetitively, another hears voices -but who?-!

Purely negative paths distort feedback, when one neuron fires others do, one develops chronic pain, as developed pathways influence feedback (but they have no understanding, beyond knowing that others do not hear) a story arises to deal with endless feedback, one of the government attacking them, or one of subjugation to shadows.

Each emanation is targeted, by they themselves (one simply controls their thought -without understanding- would this be a subtle despotism -that is- attempting to eliminate certain thought) rather than focusing and directing, the individual is assaulted by every passerby, but what is insanity?

We are each like neuron’s, if I fire one message -that was idiotic- another fires a message themselves -that parking attempt was idiotic- I pick up my recognition of this signal -that was idiotic- if the comment involved driving, which I don’t have extensive experience with, it may also possess something about driving, in a garbled or distorted fashion, I don’t drive and the message is metaphoric.

This is not to say that one hears another’s thought -rather- there is no other thought, but basic points of integrity, variations of certain patterns appear, those basic patterns are picked up, one can call this the akashic record (one views imprints that are strengthened, by physical references -one views global archetypes- colored by perspective) to view another as separate -due to- the minds absolute detachment, this is the modern flat earth theory.

The modern cross and inquisition reached its apex, when lobotomies ran rampant -easier to make right than to understand- failure to deal with emanations -it is true- that is insanity and simple irresponsibility, the idea that our minds run into an invisible wall, this is the modern version of earth centrism, it is mind centrism and a flat earth theory (look there and behold, the world stops -if you keep going- you’ll fall off the edge!) falling into insanity, demanding mechanism for its own validation.

Absurdity and hubris: nature built itself according to human machinery, besides, we’ve almost surpassed nature!’; “oh my, rejoice!”; ‘the tower is nearly complete!’; “we all possess awareness”; ‘a shark is mechanistic, there is no responsive I -thinking of the event- but immediate reaction to stimulus’; “there is no mental development -to think how one feels about this- but I am seeking a common integrity.”

Delving deeply into universal structure, is delving deeply into one-self, it may redefine the very basis -how one believes they may experience reality- if one cannot overcome the world, it is indeed best to go under, but every philosopher is indeed a psychologist, by nature.

Like a brain in chronic pain, an individual can create a feedback loop, now they sense the same firing, even when the same cause is not present, pain without cause for pain (aggravated by the fact that we maintain connections, one may sense an emanation that is distant -perhaps a sense of pain and loss- then react defensively in the immediate environment) we have forgotten that we must be our own healers -should clearing arteries heal a diet?- common sense and maturity!

Now I myself am insane -to a certain degree- as I have seen the crack (a voice in masculine tone, representing certain aspects I have suppressed -but- it is in fact myself) recognized in the looking glasses integrity (also represented by my somewhat morbid sexuality -though BDSM can develop playfulness and trust- ironically revealing lacking trust and self-discipline -so much feedback has been small minded- I’ll make the feedback for myself) but I still need to get better with a feather!

The psychic feedback is varied and simultaneous, it is also connected beyond immediate spatial effects -so that one must see beyond the particular alone- for an example, a car cuts off another and a voice is heard ‘fucking idiot!’ it arises amidst the honking, but it is only a whisper, heard across the street -the scene is not merely interpreted- the story was put together, after glancing out the window due to the emanation.

It exists in connection, likely in an event, the individual would have judged something as idiotic (three other events shortly before, these could have brought, fantastic!) it arises when the pathway for recognition exists, but where is the input coming from?

Without recognition, all such emanations have no perceived recipient, simply heard as anything else, what is noticed of this world, it is mutual contempt and distrust -more sadly- the effort to help by rejection, I cannot judge fully (seeing a cut off state of affairs, I must recognize my own disconnection -throughout the social sphere- dictates a darker world than another’s) the depth of such flows may not be denied however.

Furthermore, the reverse is also true, mantra and affirmation are not mere self-help, they are an attempt to reverse a global psychosis (people who believe they are separate, science proved that thoughts are in the brain -but- where are memories?) one might question (if I were to give a woman an orgasm, could I feel it, where is the ground of our existence?) can holidays be a time when people cannot work, if bliss were distracting, what is heaven on earth and global peace?

One must experience through, or beyond the events as they arise -furthermore- as communication is also multiple, a dozen tracks may be held at once -spouse/brother/passerby/teeth/etc.- in addition to the co-worker one is talking to; this deepens the need for simplicity, complication cannot extend deeply -the interconnections are too vast- one cannot account for all connections underlying the event, religious/scientific/political efforts to do so, all are bound to failure -immense effort in theology/discipline/bureaucracy- one finds overwhelming complication at best.

Honest communication is the only answer, in allowing for depth -one must remember the lies told- but this never discounts skill, until one has skill, errors spread through honesty like wildfire -if there is even integrity- but who is one honest too?

The failure of organized religion, it has equaled that of governance -in the failure to invigorate depth- failing to develop a real constitution in the individual, this means that it must seek to uphold -an individual form- that which the true nobility can alone (there is a necessity of individuation -in governance through direct participation- it must be demanded in all facets -in religion through personal communion- liberty is an irrevocable demand as much as a right) nobility demands awareness recognize its essence, glimmered through a never ending stream.

Mechanism views life as energy (should you prefer electric, ah well!) when the spark has faded no life remains (thank the gods, chemistry isn’t so differentiated, to spark a word war with no winner.) but energy flows through the whole, should it end because you cannot detect it -which is a different word than see!-?

The universe flowing through, deep life and eternal life are synonymous -in integrity- is one deeply alive each moment, I have learned it is to elect through focus, a focus through the form, rather than on -but- what is one conscious of?

Disgust of Ptolemy -of blind superstition!- for sake of a vain/juvenile pride, this has rooted subjectivity of the worst kind, the core of that system is the core of initiation -therefore maturity- today one seeks facts as to be right, as if they could be right from the beginning (but they are relatively, right from the beginning!).

One reads an event like they read a word -generally poorly or properly- but the event is a facet, like a word, shallow artifice alone is absolutely defined, a vast ocean -one meter deep!- with obscurity proving depth, and hardness.

The event arises -it is- neither good nor bad (meaning nothing by itself -absolutely- how do you change everything, while changing barely a thing?) the event is a pointer -yet- it is often read for itself (as if, knowledge of it alone, is understanding the integrity of its truth.).

This man murdered that one -is this all you need to know?- that person has high levels of cholesterol -should you operate?- NPK is needed for plant growth -now we know!- human beings help one another, should one act on principle in these things, calling such principled actors good, that is charitable!

The event mirrors the integrity of ones focus -and it is guided- consider the event, that a man’s son finds a horse: upon finding and capturing it, people say how fortunate he is; while training it he falls -as the horse bucks- the people say it is a terrible fate to break his leg; war comes and fit men are drafted -the son is spared with his broken leg- people look to his fortune of being injured; the son is riding his malnourished horse -it tires easily and trips in an unnoticed rut- the horse falls and snaps his spine as it rolls; made paraplegic in a riding accident -along with his remaining health- the man begins to appreciate painting.

The following is simplified -it does not account for the integrity of others- but consider the sons integrity as courageous -yet- also lacking the habit of caring for himself, the son finds and trains his horse: he uses it to give a lover a romantic ride -does the event or focus determine what occurs?- she becomes pregnant later and they marry; a war breaks out and the son is drafted -he is careless and steps into the line of fire- a bullet strikes his spine; dealing with subsequent problems -the son enters marathons with a wheel chair- he experiences a deepening of his character (one must question, if the negatives of failure to act represent character -or lack of developed character?- how can all be right in a shifting paradigm?).

Supposing a war did not break out, could he lead a good and peaceful life, but also develop high-cholesterol, leading to a series of strokes?

The focus is of importance before the event, one commits evil for sake of a singular entity -I- another acts selflessly for the community, at the cost of a singular entity (the way beyond is to remove that singularity -within- the body and mind extend as far as the environment -suddenly the I remains as vibrant still- what was singular extends beyond the horizon) the answer is to become -to paraphrase Rumi- like a hollow reed as the soul flows.

Read nothing into that -for- my stone is cracked -I wonder- am I swimming upstream or across, my Charybdis and Scylla, one should be careful the wars they pick -or the intention of their side!- but I have no side.

Events are looked upon as generally controlled, a gunshot or pressure spike, these are seen as the truly haphazard -their news actually lets one feel control- one could leap off a ladder ten thousand times, then their jeans catch and the leg snaps back, badly breaking the leg and dislocating the shoulder -from a simple two foot hop- when is one safe?

In a sport like hockey, one focuses on safety alone -when it is not possible absolutely- there can be no balance in a continual drive, one would argue for a focus, towards injuries that may heal (or the utilization of giant bubbles, with highly engineered foam pucks -for- idiot proofing makes sophisticated idiots!) should one focus on unlimited growth, it’s in the constitution with injurious ignorance!

Though I would take a child, and teach them invincibility (springing back to life, after dying in a game of battle) then strive to teach them mortality, introducing increasing connection and responsibility, slowly giving them a short lived animal to bond with (encouraging them that it was their best friend -to confide all secrets- that should they learn what I mean, it would remain with them for eternity) as one should learn loss after learning to strive; when they meet a life-long relationship, they might deeply understand -through the depth of loss- what it is to cherish and what may be lost (I do not believe in preventing any harm to a child -can one live without harm?- but helping them release suffering -better to love and lose a gerbil!- for experience) developing respect for experience before fear.

If one never strikes a child, does the child appreciate their own power (breaking a car window, giving a little sister a cut, they may recall one moment) or do they simply develop a demand on the world -what should be for the good- if struck just once or twice, will they appreciate their own ability, along with the rare moments -in which- aggression may be applied, there are few situations I can recall, requiring that much force!

One cannot be told how to act, they must have the choice, along with experience, seen in increasingly deep perspective -allowing them to make their own choice- with understanding and common sense, is one evil or undeveloped -but- why do so many animals share common structures?

Even if the child killed the animal, is this purely evil (the main goal is developing an understanding of connection, each other member then takes a pet -look it was in the fine print you signed!- gaining perks the other only regained later) the base experience simply provides empirical evidence -the view of which may shift- is developing such a child considered sad (what if that child led to breakthroughs -in health care through self-experiment- willing to take action others would never consider -they don’t consider what others do to be a loss- they must have a fundamentally shifted view) what if your evil is simply requires different focus of development, could its existence lead to worthy action, do we bind ourselves by rejection?

Even in the same end -where was the beginning?- must the path be singular, but what is experience?

The pattern is guided, but not controlled absolutely, planning on travelling the world, one marries and settles in Bavaria -fuck your plans- the pattern shifts but follows its integrity.

The world is not understood through reading the event -the word is understood- through simple repetition of experience, the moving connections add depth (the varied form of many deep events, leads to understanding the integrity, the common sense) but one never knows a deep author; the author of an event is understood, only as they impact the individual, the author’s challenges are those unspoken -personal unconsciousness that may show the global- the challenge of their own striving (Bruce Lee’s recommendations may be seen as his striving, not as an absolute truth -beyond the depth they may be modified- he would not hold rigidly himself) the other challenge is of the author to the given society.

You never know the author, but understand the impact upon yourself, with a degree of common sense (for this reason -also granting depth of exploration- I most appreciate the honesty of Jung and Emerson -from Jung’s honesty and self-reproach- one gains insight by honest description) too many seek to know what is right, what was really said -the error is absolutism- the real need is precision.

The difference in refining precision, one relinquishes an absolute right, though definition may arise, it is not only possibly changed -but- it is expected to.

For integrity, this shifting must occur from birth to death, otherwise the statement becomes hollow, this isn’t absolute -but- it is simply the truth, solidified by verification!

I gain nothing from understanding, what Emerson really meant alone, beyond transforming its impact upon me, I gain everything from the insight -the personal effect of an honest word- experiencing ripples of the impact (through which self-honesty is the true guide -and- the largest single reason for failure to understand -!-!!!) one focuses on the rightness of the words, then loses the depth of integrity.

A doctor reads an event -only the absolute facts are appreciated- what is known destroys understanding, the doctor no longer sees the patient through the event, then sends a man with a broken jaw away ‘get some pain killers!’ one with a stroke receives the same help ‘I know, it’s merely a migraine!’ there are none of the indicators.

One gets drunk and hospital staff rush, ignoring the statements of the individual -out of amusement- a bone is thrown to those wishing to help , nothing is done -it is not what is being treated- afterwards one asks in passing, were you really suicidal, so helpful in the war against drugs!

Such things are brushed away, the result of one individual does not reflect the whole (if a person is shot -character/mentality/habits/faults- have they spent their life being shot -!- common sense is not so gross) the event of one doctors mistake is evil -it alone that is- there could be no linking integrity -where would you even begin to look?- willful blindness!

The failure to appreciate Ptolemy, is linked with the failure to appreciate initiation, one crosses an empirical threshold instead -18/20/21/30?- now they are a man -!- science has eliminated superstition and mythology, what about juvenile pride?

Reap what you sow -and- science has earned honest scorn, for its scorn of countless great thinkers -but science is just a methodology!- foolish to think all scientists think alike (maybe the public deserves scorn, but what is that?) alas!

Science only has worth, through the frame of belief -one may believe that needs to be questioned!- the event is understood through repetition -or- connection of experience, it is mere sophistry otherwise -I actually prefer baloney!- a skillful linking of rules, it may have worth, but falls apart without deep connection.

This makes wisdom inherently personal -one could call it gnosis- one can tell you truth, but application of the word alone is only shallow connection (as Krishnamurti said ‘you will not be liberated because of me, but in spite of me) thus one must repeat the pointer, until understanding the integrity, preferably through a multitude of mediums (learning scientific theory, through whale watching or gardening and cooking).

The event is neither good nor bad, but the reflecting sliver of a whole -and- the truth of a word does not matter, beyond the recognition of it, as far as impact is concerned.

When one has multiple initiations shatter and reform, experience is fixed and knowledge loosed from one’s belief (all this arises after the belief, initiation introduces variables that break the beliefs rigidity, such as total immersion into another culture) multiple/deepening perspectives vary the view of experience -thus- fixing it more precisely, while ones beliefs arise before raw knowledge -breaking the belief to purify knowledge- showing the common integrity of it is needed.

Wisdom is a shifting thing -it cannot be rigid- though it is solidly rooted, this is easy to say -but what is real depth of initiation?- what is desired is not a new box, one seeks full immersion, in what may simply seem to be the shifting form.

One could look to a common integrity of menu, each business fills various roles (one may purchase raw or basic product -like bread/cheese/fruit- purchase communal meals like Fasolada/Paella/Bolognese, or they may purchase full courses) the integrity is in the individual -who may slice an apple into a yogurt/granola mix- making their own snacks, then dining cheaply for several meals in a day, finally eating one or more courses.

With general products costed at a dollar, short meals at ten and courses at a hundred, one sees opening possibilities for depth in community (the focus on eating out, along with communal meals gives the chance to meet, without making any specific demand on the individual) while diversifying economic streams (one may purchase from several groceries -which may also hold vendors for specialties like bread- while eating at over a dozen restaurants in any given month -freeing time for personal activities- when one cooks it is as often in pot lucks) deepening the integrity of what it means to eat, the current model is speed and personal (communal meals are specifically refreshed -they don’t require specific/time intensive creation- the community itself is a place for meals, eating as part of a fractal extension) no demand is made, for an individual may just as soon eat two courses a day, all in a private booth; they make their own food just as easily.

The only necessity in the form, is giving full ability to make a choice -thus- well defined value models allow one to see needs, for a full and healthy life, one needs to be able to allocate 235 a day (two full meals, three soups/small pastas/rice bowls/etcetera, 5 apples/carrots/small baguettes/etc.) a basic minimum in a fully diversified -therefore defined and structured- economic system driven by all levels. 

Simply ensuring that the most basic levels, produce enough current to fully support each level in turn (without demanding excess, that ultimately falls upon the total environment -never fully recognized by any individual- so-called acceptable loss) with the structure making no absolute demand (one may purchase barley and hops, along with yeast/glass bottles/etcetera, still putting 70% of their income to drinking) one cannot be controlled in this way, the structure of the system only directs.

The point is not even to develop each individual, only to the very highest levels of mature growth (not every initiatic level must be reached, even within those that must be considered essential -for basic and effective functioning- not all will gain an absolute insight) the point is simple development and ratio, for we are not born complete, the initiation of maturity cannot be that one has turned 20, it must help redefine the individual, which is a core component of effective religion -one demands the system control- assuming this failure then one is already oppressed.

First they took the actors for vengeance -some call them fall men of justice- then they took the criminals for safety -protection became safety- then they took the rebels, soon after those who aided, finally the minorities where taken, when they came to take me, I died without realizing -we were all a sliver of one.-.

Relying upon rules and guidelines, in place of self-direction, but that failure is intrinsic to our development, not to our basic humanity.

Even still, the idea that one can or must control development is foolish; that idea is also bound to the same immaturity, which created the failed system in the first place, seeing the error from within the same system that created it.

To redefine a flawed system one must see it -first from the view of error- before the Christ -one anointed in light- the anti-Christ must arise is simple common sense, then following basic pinnacle points -objective foundations- recreated in the subjective form, but my life is not anyone else’s, for me to judge myself in this way is suicide, to judge another is despotism.

Common sense is simple, it must be -since- it must underlay the whole (that simplicity may become layered, as in the trick shot, simplicity does not deny complexity) this utter simplicity is the greatest challenge -all dilution like lies must be removed or cloud.-.

Simplicity means there cannot be mere modification -adding new words to bolster a system- but a fundamental shift instead -hence- it must be personal, any following can only be a modification, of presently held views, no truth may be told.

Not a modification of words -however extensive- to build a guiding structure, but altering the foundations of unspoken belief, that simplicity which comes -before- in the midst of any thought or judgement.

In creating the economic model, the first cycle had roughly 88% discarded -or massively changed- the hope is to keep 25%-35%, found in the current form.

Similarly, nearly nothing of the first scientific model survived -only some very basic ideas- I hope to maintain at least 10% of the current cycle, along with the elements of earth/fluid/plasma/ether, ether made of electricity/magnetism/gravity -where’s Waldo?- but what is the difference, between cold plasma and hot?

Then again, what is burning, does one need to understand physics for this, or simply to be complete -still- why is one burning, that is an entirely different level.

I do not believe in absolute/factual truth, I believe in a truth that is depth of precision, I do not believe in right, but in refinement.

The task is to search all of this time, seeking the pinnacle points, to form a basic pattern -developing perspectives on a system- then breaking down what cannot work -through constant challenge- seeing the pattern for what lay beyond it, to then develop and refine the core.

All I have written, is thus almost nothing -for- it will only be an end, when it is a whole (parts flowing together seamlessly, not diluted by haphazard modification) each refinement sheds a brighter glimmer -yet- the true nobility shifts about, one must move beyond good and evil.

In the end, I wish to change little to change everything (it is not guiding people absolutely -rather- letting them see what they will, this will suffice) this exploration is the pursuit of common sense, any system must be founded in it, to support infinite complexity -and- that simplicity is the most difficult to find, only in the integrity underlying, beyond the conception of mind.

The goal is not reinventing the wheel, it is defining the meaning of a wheel (from the ball to the wheel -changing the system is not the primary focus- the wheel transformed transport/farming/energy, without raging against subsistence farming as evil) the change is evolution, it must stem naturally -then!- the first task is seeing the beauty of the wheel, something that has been my failing -music and good food guide me!- thank god for mountains!

Simplicity is the core of a seamless/whole structure, the nobility is not confined by this, but dances about (is a pool trick shot confined, by the structure of precise motion -to a single form?- the structure gives rise to diversity) a great meal possesses simple techniques -but simplicity depends on precision- repeating the simple -until- it is seen through the complex, delve into that which is simple until it is known most minutely.

Then one must look to pinnacles: Novum Organum by Bacon, Principia by Newton, Relativity by Einstein, QED by Feynman, Works of Tesla, Almagest by Ptolemy, Wholeness and the implicate order by Bohm, Works by Russel (whether right or wrong is not the point -every perspective hides its basis- any fully formed idea curls around its essence -even purposeful bullshit possesses diluted gold- it may reveal an underlying integrity).

To see what formed initial ideas -what charge even implies- to see the farthest reach of modern thought, to find the most developed radical thought, to challenge an evolving perspective -as the cracks are fused and hammered out- refining a perspective of reality, to end this time.

For religion failed just as Christ did -or whatever person/people took that title failed- to institute a new time, Christianity instead instituted a new time through coercion, then reflecting the failure of fractal integrity, by integrating in a surface level through government -fully refined by Islam and Soviet Russia- the end of time was never a physical thing, to accomplish through force however.

The twilight of the gods comes through the individual -that essence- the gods arise relative to a pattern, one that must be forged, even though it must be torn asunder (the modern god is money -arising through birth/marriage and death- it is the bedrock of a purely material world -the record of exchange but how- this is merely an objective fact) the gods never die, they metamorphose in the pattern.

The pattern is monism -the refinement is not your god but god- as seen in culture and farming -it is born of a tribal paradigm- banding together to better survive the world (it became obsolete when humanity developed, no longer at the mercy of nature’s motion, tragedy began millennia ago) the modern improvements have become a gross imbalance.

With gross monism, racial segregation and fanatical nationalism arise, with gross diversity, a grey soup forms -lacking the differentiation of repeated initiation- one cannot appreciate the loss -modern multiculturalism is ironically racist- the leveled mind holds no respect, beyond the public -a macrocosm of the ‘static’ ego- static energy that only exists in reaction.

A mono-crop, or a crop with one tomato plant, every 20m, both of these represent a failure, a purity of outdated patterns -driven to failure by overabundance- along with a pure reaction, there is no answer within that time.

A field of 15mX10m -forced to contour with the land- it holds several crops and is planted by hand, this poses no problem (does relative/self-imposed segregation of several hundred, among several thousand?) change the form to 150 acres, do all changes scale up -linear and uniform?- what is a fractal scale?

I would wish to be a destroyer -for- the caterpillar must die, should the butterfly be born, and the first born son of every generation -he- must be sacrificed (but it has been long, since the tribal mind was overwhelmed) one must ask what is culture and initiation?

A critique of religion and the purpose of fantasy (hey you -!- that’s not objective -!- mythology is proper)


…A critique of Religion and the Purpose of Philosophical Mythology in Essentialism

I’ll make a good professor yet -as long as I can convince people I might be right- maybe even knowledgeable -!- but first I need to find a master (I don’t really care where -possibly game design- biological engineering/sustainable energy systems -either way- I have the ability to adapt it to my purpose) then I should probably get at least three degrees, at least one in history and/or philosophy, maybe one in art, but I’m losing touch with your reality, I think!


Dream question (apologies but the Vangarian are undergoing training with the nin)

What is the simple, direct, a single pool shot -synchronistic event- what is deep passion?

What is deep complexity, so vast it is beyond direct comprehension, why can one who finds such complexity obvious (easily dozens of crisscrossing shots) not even be able to comprehend direct, why did god need prophets?

Now it’s off to my boathouse, because I live on a boat -bitch- pfft.

The one thing I have learned from experience, just because one is not willing, to bring a child into the world, this is no reason one cannot give an orgasm (or a good conversation, but I need to work on timing) it is abhorrent to act on principle, in spite of the situation.

My apologies to the numerous aggravated ladies (spiritually speaking they are just disappointed -lacking deeper extension- emotionally it is closer to rage, until one finds another outlet for flow) but I cannot apologize for your own lacking ability, I was disappointed (but how many licks does it take, to wear through one’s patience?) no good creating a hypocritical answer to failure.

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