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Over the last decades and increasingly so of late many are either seeking to become 'ascended' beings, super human, creator gods and all other types of 'beings' besides being or becoming more human. 

So it makes me wonder what is a that something to escape from or leave behind...why would humanity have been created in the first place and whats the point of creating a species in the first place who want to escape itself....


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Comment by ancestralblue on October 15, 2011 at 10:59am

 Have to think that as personal alchemy gets a wider audience that the grasp of who we are and what we're doing here will provide strength that we never knew we had.

  It's slow progress but it is and has been happening through the gift on conversation around the world...We're learning this from each other and for that....gratitude.

   Gratitude to you too my sister friend...

Comment by Sunmover on October 15, 2011 at 10:32am

How sad AB........sigh.   It is a fact from studies that those who go into the caring professions are often deeply bruised emotionally and seek to help others. This blog and it's responses has hammered home to me the outcomes of imbalances in thought and action, left and right brain, and desire and the need to escape how we perceive our lives. 

Man is like a puppet. The strings of his habits, emotions, passions, and senses make him dance to their bidding. They bind his soul. Paramhansa Yogananda
Comment by ancestralblue on October 15, 2011 at 10:15am

All true Sun...It seems as though it's purely about pain through imbalance and a need to know that's impaired...purposely. There are those who benefit from that and there are those who suffer...

  I knew a young vet named Carol  who visited our farm once to aid a mare that had foundered.

  Founder is the result of insulin resistance and is a very painful condition where circulation to the feet is impaired.

  Watching how she treated the mare...her kindness, compassion and caring...I knew she wouldn't last too long at that particular practice. Generally their focus tends to be time and money...They're very hardline.

   About six months later I called to have a horse gelded and I wanted her to come...They had five vets in practice there..but this horse was a nervous sort with strangers and I knew her kind hands would help him relax and the whole procedure would go better.

    I was told on the phone that Carol was dead...Shocked, I asked how and the answer was..."by her own hand" as I learned later, she self injected a euthanasia drug...they said she had a history of depression.

    Depression can certainly be the mind looking at the way things are in the system and the feeling that it hurts far too much.

   I don't know what else was going on in her life. I know she was married and she had no children.

    For sensitives such as she was...(I found out later through a mass card that I was sent, that she was a catholic.) The system that includes such religions provides no means of balance and without a knowledge of the fullness of who we are...only overwhelming pain can be the result. Lack of balance can equal pain in the sensitive.  

   In her case and in the cases of so many, the escape is the need to get away from that which is overwhelmingly painful without compromising what we know to be true and right in the heart.

   It sure seemed so in Carol's case.


Comment by Sunmover on October 14, 2011 at 7:18pm

It seems AB that systems are created by humans for humans to bind and lock them into a paradigm where they lose all sense of expansion through expression.  Certainly I agree with you that it is a left brain driven mechanism which of course helps to explain what occurs when we leave the feminine out of the equation.  That same left brain can tell us that we feel pain but it cannot tell us why or how to heal it.  That only comes from the right brain or intuitive side as the nurturing all embracing feminine energy.  

Perhaps that higher reaction you speak of could be the blending and balancing of the left and right brain functions working in tandem to rise above limitations that resides in one side or the other.  Maybe those who seek to escape their body are really in need of the antidote of hemisphere balance.  Without this elevation one cannot fly very high as their emotional wings are broken or clipped  by their wounded self image or lack of understanding that we are all alchemists whether we know it or not.  Each of us can fire our own internal wiring.....after all pain is really a call for attention through intention.....

Comment by ancestralblue on October 14, 2011 at 6:58pm

 The most appalling thing about life on earth is "the system". Earth is itself a paradise full of beauty and wonder.

  The system has corrupted everything by it's insistence on isolating humanity to the left brained paradigm which has in effect, sent everything that lives and breathes into spasms of pain.

  But if we can die to that system and live in a  balanced feeling zone where it has no negative effect we are altering that negative paradigm and feel it as an exercize we can transmute and transcend.

   It's hard though...when we look at innocence in pain and suffering. It really PISSES some of us off.

   But then...we have to know that by a higher reaction we alter outcome and that's helpful.

   And so it seems "the system" is the worst part of the exercize.

    We see the system and it's manipulations in the very worst of the multitude of abuses on the frail of human societies and on anyone or anything that can't truly defend itself. We often prefer to cut this stuff out of our lives, but, it still exists whether we see it or not. Still exerting it's poison whether we transcend or not. The key is to remain hands matter what we see. That's tough too, but, the reward of  better outcome can be amazing

   Yes...we all want to become more human, as humans were meant to be. Divine beings who need no system that operate from love and to love.

   But there's no enjoyment of pain. Only the masochistic can enjoy it and most prefer to escape it. Hence the market for pain killers.

   When the pain is of the feeling self and becomes too great... as we have often seen...escape is often the preferred option.  



Comment by Sunmover on October 13, 2011 at 3:50pm

Every moment is spiritual, every moment an opportunity to be “A conduit for love to flow”,

Even if that moment is the moment when you are washing the dishes or making the beds or throwing out the rubbish.

Until we each have cleared out none loving energy forms from our energy fields we are not ascending very far and we are staying in the mouse wheel of karma.

There are no short cuts, no fast track methods.


Other souls are busy chasing round the world to exotic locations for the energies, for their “soul retrieval”; some of these souls really want to escape the denser energies and be around only “spiritual” people; their sensitivities increase, and now it becomes tough to be in the denser energies, their tolerance of denser foods causes allergies, they require special diets, they say they can only be where the “good” energies are.

They say they want to get finished here on Earth and ascend into heaven as though the Earth is a disgusting unfriendly place to be, but the Earth plane is where love is required

So now they want to get away from anywhere or anything that has “dense energies”;

but the Earth plane is exactly where love is required the most.


There is a need to really look at your intention behind your choices, are you trying to escape or are you learning about and becoming your true self realized soul.

What is your true intention?  Your intentions carry ninety percent of your effect, your actions only ten percent. It is not what you are doing (action) but what you are being (intention) behind your doing.

George David Fryer
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on October 13, 2011 at 12:41am

But it goes without saying that 4D conscious existence is not for everyone and represents merely one evolutionary choice made possible only if you have evolved beyond the 3D in terms of your actual perceptual world. To understand what I am saying you must consider Flatland. If you are a 2D square encountering a 3D sphere, you will not be able to perceive this higher dimensional body directly, but only in pieces as it passes through your plane of perception. You would first see a dot, then a tiny circle, then a series of bigger circles expanding to the midpoint of the sphere, finally shrinking back to another dot and disappearing like a ghost. Hyper Sapiens are to Homo Sapiens as the sphere is to the circle.

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on October 13, 2011 at 12:36am
Mac, futation is not about shunning physical existence, simply adding a fully four dimensional aspect to it. We are not 3D subjects trapped in linear time; we are in fact 4D objects composed of hypertime. Imagine all of your life happening at once in full four dimensions, and you can see your hyperbody as architecture built from the moments of your experience. I still have a fully functional "non-shunned" physical existence, but it occurs in a linear theatre of hypercubes akin to how you understand your skin. Thanks to futation, my true body's skin is my life event envelope, and the new shore I speak of is the 5D environment that such a 4D life-skin hyperbody exists within.
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on October 12, 2011 at 6:40pm
The definition of "human" is now in flux because we are at a point of evolutionary transition, like when the first amphibians left the sea and crawled on land for the first time. The only difference is now, the new land is hyperspatial, four dimensional, and to reach it we must radically alter our views of human reality, physiology, and destiny. Those of us who pursue this futation are forming a new branch of evolution, call it "hyper sapiens", with results very much like what you see in the Marvel Comics X-Men mythology.
Comment by Sunmover on October 12, 2011 at 4:50pm

@Octavia.......who or what is it that could be given anything  re....and 'shoulder' is a part of the human anatomy....

we won't be given anything we cannot shoulder,

@Sky it seems you have identified the propulsion for wanting to escape form.

@Ero, what does this mean if we are to be in our seems you have confirmed that some may want to escape the physical body. I find this confusing as a concept that has no relevance outside of new age teachings.

Ascension and Inscension are animating our lives

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