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"A samurai once said, 'There are only two kinds of willpower: one is within and the other is without. If you don't show it (the willpower) at the right moment, then it is useless.'
Let me draw an analogy, that of the sword blade: when you occasionally draw the sword out to wipe it, you had better whet the blade, hold it at eyebrow height, and then put it back in its sheath. On the other hand, if you always keep your sword out of its sheath and swing it about, then no one will come near you and you will have no friends. But if you keep it always in its sheath, then your sword will become dull with rust; then people will underestimate you."
-Bushido, Tsunetomo Yamamoto

The Warrior seeks opposition to produce action (even the possibility of threat produces action, training), thereby creating what brings meaning for the warrior.
This can only last so long before the wait for expression of this mindset to occur, begins to appear empty.
And with all this time and effort spent waiting to express that which so gloriously is imagined, turns to dust.
The warrior is destroyed in catastrophic fashion.

But the warrior was connected to the enemy. The perceived enemy created the warrior.
The enemy has fallen, and so has the warrior.
What remains? The process of creation.
The validity of the process painted in red for those so "fortunate" to express.
And Unfortunately the same color for those not able to express as well.

What to learn? Careful which enemies you engage with.
The ones most worthy of battle/effort are usually the ones that are the closest.
The correct enemy produces the sharpest sword.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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