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  • The primordial vibrations of the cosmos are numerically encoded in sacred geometry and numerology systems. This reveals the highly intelligent cycles and constructions of the universe.


0: empty circle, eternity, cosmic egg, void, monad totality of life, before the one
1: beginning, creator, yang, unit length, spring forth
2: duality, opposites, stability, balance, yin, binary, male & female, twins
3: creative growth, multiplicity, triad, trinity, pyramid, beginning-middle-end, heaven-earth-man
4: square, completion, solid, order, 4 elements, 4 directions, 4 seasons
5: human microcosm, pentagon, pentacle, 4 cardinal points plus center, 5 senses, 5 petaled flower
6: equilibrium, harmony, balance, star of David, solar wheel
7: man plus universe, 7 musical notes, days of week, feminine, 7 Pleiadian sisters, 7 gates of hell, heptagram
8: infinity, cube, perfection, pair of opposites, octagon, Egyptian Ogdoad, square into circle, regeneration, solidity
9: completion, attainment, triple triad, 2 m/f triangles, celestial power
10: perfection, cosmos, journey completion, return to origins, decad, include all numbers and possibilities
11: idealism, visionary, 11:11 digital code of awakening, spiraling twin DNA, higher octave of 2, galactic center of mass is spinning at 11x/sec, zodiac precession in sky mandala in 11yrs, 12-21-2012=11
12: tree of life, matrix of 12 pyramids around 1 center, 12: 12 illusion of time, higher octave of 3
13: continuing spiral, Fibonacci number, transcendence, 2013 as closure of reality program, 13 joints, 13 moons a year, 13 feminine fertility cycles, 13 tones of creation (maya), 13 circles of Metatron’s cube, 6th prime number linked to 6, 

13 is "The Return of the Goddess in all things", 13 is a unifying vibration, it is the Christ with the 12 disciples.

13x4 equals 52 weeks of a year


1.61803399: golden ratio found in all living systems

11: solar flare year cycle, 11,000: magnetic pole reversal cycle 

33: vertebrate in human body, 3300: Great Pyramid capstone pounds, solar core spin

36 : At its poles the Sun rotates once every 36 days. 1/10th of 360

360 : 360° : 5 = 72° ( pentagram ) 72, 144, 216, 288, 360, all 9 in addition

64: tetrahedron vectors, DNA codons, I Ching hexagrams, 64/2 is the tilt angle of the Sphinx face

72 : Precessional number : 25.920 years = every 72 years one degree of precession (72x360).

108: names of the Goddess, degree of each angle of pentagon / pentagram is Venus star, atomic weight of silver, adds up to 9 of completion and galactic womb 

144: tetrahedron faces, 144,000 years: Mayan calendar baktun, critical mass for awakening to next level. 144 pointed crystalline energy/light grid for new earth

Is in the 11th/12th  position in the Fibonacci sequence ( depends if one counts 1 two times )


26,000: solar system light years from center, precession of the equinoxes

240,000: miles of neural threads in a brain, distance of Earth to the moon

200 billion: neurons in brain, stars in Milky Way galaxy



  • Many extraordinary and highly intricate geometric and harmonic glyphs have been formed in crop fields for the past century and back to thousands and millions of years. They often appear within a matter of minutes and with no eyewitness or video footage. The degree of complexity and detail makes these formations nearly impossible to be replicated.

  • The visual patterns of crop circles are like exquisite mandalas that can be found in cymatic sound wave experiments and ancient sacred artworks. People who experience them commonly report unusual phenomena, such as supernatural sounds and visuals as well as profound healing. 

  • Most of these crop formations give off special radiation and show precise bending of plant stalks and elongation of nodes that is not found in nature or experiments. Only a small percentage of the formations, ie the least sophisticated ones, have been found to be formed in a few days by pranksters, like Black Op plasma technologies deliberately seeding false messages and sculptors or digital artists wanting to inspire boldly.

  • The circle makers have been speculated to be a combination of lightning speed orb intelligences, fairies and devas, time traveling aliens who use them as harmonic portals, interdimensional entities from interior Earth, or manifestations from our collective unconscious. Given what perspective you’re coming from, any or all could be accurate.
  • Crop circles have been decoded to reveal prophetic messages about the various circumstances that will evolve us necessarily toward embracing our long-withheld galactic community. Messages are wide-ranging, including dramatic solar flare activities, Mayan Calendar 2012 symbols, extra DNA strands, Goddess rebirth, solar system alignments, ET lifeforms, etc.




  • Pyramids and sacred sites around the globe act as important geographic markers and harmonic tuning forks to reveal hidden codes and knowledge of humanity. As conduits for electrical current, these structures are multidimensional radio tuners. 

  • This wireless, telepathic network of sacred structures have been discovered to produce an infrasonic hum of 1.45hz that can produce transformative healing effects of the human body – through an entrainment of the hypothalamus, pituary and pineal glands and synchronization to the heart and mind of the planetary gaia system. (reference: Alexander Putney/Human Resonance)

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza was built about 9000 years ago by harmonic levitation. The Sphinx, created in the Leo Age, 25-50,000 years ago, is its guardian and hints of the original creators. These truths have been hidden, including enormous Atlantean pyramids and ruins that have been found all over the world, such as Cuban waters and Antarctica. 

  • The Great Pyramid is the nexus and spin point of Earth's land masses. It has a ground correlation with the constellations of Cygnus, Orion, Pleiades and North Pole star. Also, the internal layout corresponds to the pineal gland, the human face and body. 

  • The Pyramid holds the Hall of Records and advanced extraterrestrial sciences. It mathematically encodes a timeline that reveals pivotal historical events, such as the birth and crucifixion of Christ, WW1/2 and the 2012 shift as symbolized by the Rising Sun. Large pyramids located at different parts of the world including Teotihuacan, Mexico and Xian, China also have similar sky alignments. The square footage of the Great Pyramid and the Mayan Temple of the Sun are the same, and both encode 2012 messages. (reference: David Wilcock/Divine Cosmos)
  • Pyramid structures, as seen in Russian studies, show remarkable harmonic healing effects, such as curing disease, increasing crop production and reducing natural disasters. Strategically employing pyramid fractal and vortex science has enormous potential to create global transformation.


  • Every sacred site on Earth is located at a geometric distribution node of nonlinear infrasound standing waves, which is represented as the ancient Sanskrit mandala of a circle containing a square and seen throughout the world's sacred art. 

  • The planet is a measurable grid that includes all of the 5 platonic solids – i.e. cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. The global grid geometry is a fractal standing wave pattern of the universe. 

  • Most precise is the Becker-Hagens grid discovery, which involves the overlaying of two out-of-phase icosahedrons over the Earth sphere. With 10 equidistant nodes along the equator, the grid is a spherical polyhedron with 120 identical triangles.

  • A series of hyperdimensional and psychoacoustic lines converge at tetrahedral nodes. At key grid points are: storm pressure points, ocean current centers, solar influx areas, electromagnetic anomalies, vortexes, placements of classified cold fusion device, earthquake zones, mineral ore concentrations, magma zones, animal migration routes, new species breeding grounds, cultural monuments and birthplaces for human civilization.
  • Located at 19.47 or 22.5 degree N/S latitudes on tetrahedron nodes are:
    – Sun: sunspots, hot temps, N, S
    – Venus: Alpha and Beta volcanoes
    – Egypt: Great Pyramid 
    – England: Avebury largest stone circle
    – Hawaii: Mauna Loa volcano, Mauna Kea 
    – Mexico: pyramid of sun and moon, Teotihuacan pyramid
    – Australia: Mt Samuel
    – Moon: Apollo 11 mission moon
    – Mars: Olympus Mars volcano, Mars pathfinder '97, 120 degrees W of the Face and 120 degrees from the tetrahedron tip
    – Jupiter: redspot, vortex
    – Neptune: Voyager 2 '94, N sunspot
    – Atlantic ocean anomaly: S satellites flying difficulty

  • An increasing amount of extraordinary, supernatural effects around the planet are showing evidence of the clearing and opening of Earth chakras and nodes. These include: levitating boulders, spontaneous fires, shrinking kilogram and gravity, earth booms and humming, high altitude atmospheric plasmas, etc




  • The NASA-monitored Schumann resonance, the extremely low frequency portion of the global EM field, occurs between the Earth surface and the conductive ionosphere as a standing wave. It has a cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the planet and is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

  • The human brain and heart are about 6.8-7.5 hz, which is equivalent to Earth's ionosphere. We’re hard-wired to tune into the Earth. This is the coherence effect of the human body and the Earth, which has been crucial, suppressed information. 

  • Dynamics of galactic center are causing a huge hole in Earth's magnetosphere. The human electromagnetic field is also being affected, where the individual electrical system is like DC, and the brain and nervous system are AC. 

  • The Earth has lost about 90% of its magnetic field for 4-5000 years. Since the ‘40s, the magnetosphere has been degrading and showing huge holes. 

  • Changes in the magnetic field influence stock prices, nervous systems, plant protein synthesis, traffic flow, etc. Shortwave radio, vacuum tubes and analog power plants are immune to magnetic field breakdowns. 

  • In recent years, the Schumann frequency is increasing rapidly above the standard 7.8 hz to 8.6 – 12 hz in various geographical regions. This phenomenon is accelerating time, so that approximately 16 hours equate to 24 hours today.







  • The universe is infinite, conscious intelligence that can be seen organized as dimensional matrices of the harmonic octave – the musical and visual spectrum of our natural universe. 

  • There are 7 fundamental tones of the sound octave, 7 primary colors of the rainbow, 7 basic geometric platonic solids, 7 main chakras of the human body, and 7 emotional sins and passions. 

  • There are also 12 tones of the chromatic scale, 12 primary, secondary and tertiary colors in the main color wheel, 12 the main fractal of the primal tetrahedral shape of living organisms, 12 Mother Goddess/Gnostic Sophia-Gaia wombs and feeling essences, 12 houses in the astrology zodiac, and 12 of the 2012 new world prophecies. 12 plus one is 13 a fibonacci sacred geometry number, the Goddess wombs joined in the pleroma/quantum vacuum and the spiralling fractal to infinity.

  • Every bit or fractal has information of the entire whole, as seen in the holographic universe theory or Indra's Net. The quantum vacuum is a holographic recording in-formation system, and no part of a hologram can be destroyed. 

  • All individual and universal soul information is encoded in the cells of our body and in the air we breathe. The layers of the finite body matrix interface with the infinite cosmic matrix to create a whole system of embedded programs. We are individual holograms living in a much bigger one, such as characters in a video game or film (like Matrix or Star Trek’s holodeck), where there are mazes to navigate, battles to encounter and next levels to reach.


  • Spheres of consciousness divide into fractal vortices and create self-similarly in the harmonic resonance of sacred geometry aka: phi, golden ratio, fibonacci series, golden mean or divine proportion. The 1.618 phi spiral is found everywhere: the atomic nucleus, solar orbits, DNA, nautilus shell, pine cones, arrangement of plant branches, nerves and veins, human limbs, musical intervals and tones, Mona Lisa painting and ancient art, Parthenon, Notre Dame and cathedrals, Great Pyramid of Egypt, stellar body frequencies, Apple iPod, etc.

  • The pulsating vibrational vortex is the basic pattern of matter in the universe, from electron orbits, tornadoes and hurricanes, sacred sites, crop circles, fruit structures, cellular centers, torus heart, plasma torsion fields, stargates, Einstein-Rosen bridges, Holy Grail to the Goddess kundalini. 

  • Infinite phi spiral waves implode and explode in and out of singularity and multiplicity, such as the Cosmic Egg and Big Bang theories. Black and white holes invert and reflect into each other through tones and light. Gravity and levity push and pull galactic vortexing forces – with gravity pushing down and creating Earth and physical matter. These are the interrelated dynamics of the implicate order as the underlying, enfolded reality beyond perceived space-time notions, and the explicate order as the manifesting, unfolded order of the implicate. 

  • The phi harmonic vortex field is composed of plasma, the fourth state of matter as hot, filamentary ionized gas, which emits light and electrically charges the entire universe. It accounts for the dominant forces that conventional physicists call mysterious dark matter, dark energy or background radiation that fills the vacuum of space. Plasma forms includes: the sun, fire, lightning, plasma lamps, neon lighting, television screens, etc.


  • The harmonic light spiral vortex is the dynamic of creation as seen across all cultures –  the spiraling dance of the cosmic spheres, yin and yang, prakriti and purusha, Shakti and Shiva, Heaven and Earth, the world tree structure, appearance of God in a whirlwind, embryonic shape of languages of the ancient spiritual world, including original Hebrew letter sequence, as well as Egyptian, Sumerian, Latin and Chinese.
  • In esoteric terms, the spiraling merkaba or tetrahedron-shaped vehicle of sound-light and feeling-thought is responsible for time travel, teleportation, invisible shielding and levitation. Things vanish and return in large vortex fields, as evidenced in famous spots such as the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge. 

  • The vortex field reveals the effects of anti-gravity and transcendence into another dimension, and gives rise to all forms throughout the cosmos and is the metaphor of the spiritual ascension process.



  • In cymatics, water or sand on a vibrating surface or membrane will form itself into standing wave patterns like simple concentric circles. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes are produced, such as artistic mandalas from native cultures.
  • Music arises from the sacred geometrical resonance of water. Rivers babble and mermaid sirens sing through the mists. 

  • The human and planetary bodies are comprised of over 70% water. Babies are 90% water. Older people are 60% water. Across all cultures, water has been the elemental, astrological symbol for the emotional and spiritual essence of our temporary human form.
  • Wave shapes are found everywhere in nature, e.g. mountain topographies, leaf veins, blood vessels, etc.


  • Water is our primal mirror. Negative frequency and pollution are distorting the clarity of our original image. 
  • Popular studies of water crystals have been shown to break into dissonant structures in response to negative emotions and organize into beautiful geometries in response to positive ones.
  • When you melt down a snowflake, it reforms itself in its original shape. This gives clues to how organisms can reincarnate or resurrect. 

  • Working on the level of water imprinting and emotional vibration is an important way to clear physical toxicities and crystallize higher structures. Powerful water therapies include: hydroacoustics, homeopathic remedies, water childbirth, mineral bathing, watsu, etc. 

  • The purest water in the world consists of 0% deuterium, 100% protium and traces of gold and silver nanoparticles, which produce electrical currents in the body for high rates of cellular regeneration.
  • Water is the deep unconscious, the primordial resonating waters of the universal Goddess womb. Out of the cacophonic turbulence of our blue planet, Aqua Terra, mankind is being reborn.


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Comment by David on July 16, 2011 at 7:06am
Thank you for this. I especially liked the information on water. I am coming across more facts regarding water that makes me think it is more important to us than we perhaps realise. I will have to do some research on the topic.
Comment by Incarnation on June 27, 2011 at 8:48pm
Wow, wonderful information, a keeper, thank you!!

Comment by Jolan ☯ on June 27, 2011 at 3:06am

Some pictograms just resonate deeply, and are clearly adding to our comprehension and awareness of life and things...

The Alien head's message, heads up is well stated, It does make sense to me...

Comment by Jolan ☯ on June 25, 2011 at 4:38am

Comment by Ananda on June 24, 2011 at 9:16pm
My Fav is the ET with Binary code one could have created that in an evening.... bring on our enlightenment :) and Full Liberation into Truth ! :)
Comment by Herman Duchamp on June 24, 2011 at 7:45am
hmmm... resonance. very interesting read

Comment by Jolan ☯ on June 24, 2011 at 3:23am
Sure thing Alfred ;)  From God and us all ;)

Comment by Jolan ☯ on June 23, 2011 at 4:16pm
Yes thats where it comes from, great collection of info. I've added some data to the second list of number meanings
Comment by ancestralblue on June 23, 2011 at 12:18pm

Great website Sister!


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VERY informative...Thankyou!

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