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What is the difference, that makes all the difference, at its core must be something simple -to the human mind.-.


Questioning what I am, one sees her and realizes, the questioning voice is not I, her emanation comes -the reflection of the total spirit- I cannot tell her that I love her, but by my presence, through active awareness of imagery -being in one form- she comes alive and knows love.


What is happiness at its root -what could it be in extension?- from this supply of ‘material’ for the soul, what may be taken, how may it be put together, how may it be utilized?


The core change must be simple, an imperceptible shift from the root out, any gross difference stems from this, like the roots of legumes, used to give a meaty taste -developing the vegetarian aspect of nutrition- using the whole instead of the fruit alone, simply to balance the ratio (for I am an omnivore, never would I think of rejecting meat, though the modern practice is barbaric) for I would never reject bread, simply due to incompetence in practice.


How can diversity build upon passion of action, all the gross forms imagined are hollow -merely to develop alternate perspectives- a true answer must stem from a fundamentally shifting core (the gross exploration into solution, allows for minute shifts -creating new perspectives- when delving into the root) one asks the most obvious questions, then gives the obvious answers -common sense.- again and then again in frustration.


The solution is so simple, that very simplicity veils it from sight, how does one change everything, without changing barely a thing (searching the obvious answer, to find the answer one cannot see -from the very beginning- creating the very beginning) our solutions uphold our poisons (as in the idea of charity -its modern form- upholding the very despotism, which causes the problems fought against) the solution cannot come from that position, the foundation of the same system.


It is so simple, one passes it by a dozen times, the most aggravating part of solution, is the obviousness of it when found.


The goal is deepening life, it may be perceived by any human -called an orgasm- yet that state is not sustainable (thus one is bound to the chains of karma, the rest of life becomes dull in contrast, viewed against fleeting moments) deepening is a state that might be called bliss, the goal may be called awareness (Christ seen as a title -like king- meaning one anointed in light, as the Buddha is the awakened one) awareness of the flux of life.


Jester: but nirvana is death!


Being deepens from action/breath/pulse/vibration, ascetism is not to live with boredom or discomfort, but to feel the life in each moment (when one seeks to do something -no longer bound by desire/aversion/confusion- they don’t act because the event gives life, but for the life itself) every action is the extension of life, not following the thoughts (the knowledge that this act is good -creating the sense of life- at basic root as orgasm, or that the act is bad even as boredom) washing dishes and aware of life, not enslaved by the need for life, a fish drowning in water like an still shark.


I do not say this to claim Christ consciousness (various flaws in character make it unlikely -certainly- I could make no claim now -is it willingness alone?- one does not claim without the right) but to assert the greatest degree of honesty, one must show the goal (delving into this is delving into the subtle, it means that these words will be warped, by each individuals channeling mind) one must maintain honesty, so the words at least point where they point (determine the worth of them for yourself -this is not right but perspective- every channel distorts the message -the mind right next to awareness- blind belief follows the lying prince) eating the fruit of the knowledge, one is barred from eternal life, by the cutting flame of their own awareness.


So the anti-Christ arises before Christ, just as those who do not worship the ala, they must face eternal suffering, the good bound within the evil, an artificial duality.


In the modern mind, the living state may not sustain itself, what is the difference that makes all the difference (looking at the emanations of Terra -some call Sophia/Maya/Maria/Freyja- one sees that the thought is her, then what is the child, that child is with the undifferentiated Father) what is happiness at its root, tithing upwards brings the laughter of gods -merely my truth- so one goes down to move above, the vibrant still arises.


What is fundamental diversity, to extend through the passion of action, deep life for its sake, not bound to the event of the act (if this is the flowering of the race, are all fruits and beauty -sight/scent or otherwise- merely the abundance of life) then what could be the fruit of the human race, the result of being made external and heaven on earth (architecture that spans millennia, modular around a lasting root -the true heritage of culture- we design flowers called cities) what does it mean for humanity to bloom, a building block of nature, as DNA or cells before us.


Fool: a week, or a hundred thousand years, all things fade in time.

Jester: Let us prevent a retreat, if one must descend, what of descendants in the depth of the term (moving into the connection with one’s descendant, into a basic innocence and connection, must this be part of deep life?) regardless of the rejection of practice and system, one is self-crippling in absolute rejection (the demand for honor is a characteristic, but temperance through diversity is virtue -one never acts absolutely in principle- the character shifts about the pillars of virtue) rejecting basic aspects of life, basic to what is available in the psyche (the stone cracks, not with the failure to act but the unwillingness -in any statement made is the question- is it true to my recognition having been posited?) one must hold acceptance for the basic core, it is good and only diluted to imbalance: burning bridges.


Cents for your time.

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Comment by Loki on July 16, 2016 at 11:05pm

Note: the focus on orgasm is not denying countless other forms, but this is the one that is most deeply rooted, especially with the diminishment of such things as ecstatic dance and music.

I am not speaking of any high, I am speaking of destroying the illusion of solidity, at the core of sense, so that one moves from one form of flux to another, there is no high but different motions -all of them are vibrant- the very presence of living is vibrant.

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