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 i know i am so behind in my esoteric studies than most of you, so thanks for bearing with me.....

Lately i have found myself thinking about when i studied the Tower of Babel story. it always intrigued me-   its interesting that the Ggod who created these people, would  want to keep them so distant from him as to create division amoung them. they worked harmoniously together on this Babel project. Ggod  separated them so they could not reach him.  why?   the people  are quoted as saying "let us make us a name for ourselves (a united identity?), lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth." okay,  they  wanted to stick together. were they working collectively to save themselves from the impending disaster of the earths breaking up? the Old Testament does say, almost anecdotally, that this was the time frame that the earth was to be divided by cataclysm.  (in Pelegs time).  

well,  the Ggods said (paraphrased) weve got to stop them- we dont want them with us, and we dont want to teach them or share our knowledge with them. the world was on the brink of serious catastrophe and the gods concerns were to disrupt their cooperative work. then Ggod did exactly what the people were afraid of. 

The Lord did therefore confound the language of all the earth; and from thence did the Lord       SCATTER

them abroad upon the face of all the the whole earth."

i think the disaster of the lands being torn apart happened before the languages became distinct. 

does this give an explanation to the worlds Cultures all sharing similar creation myths, legends and god types?  

do you know of other cultures that share this particular theme in their myths?

my interest is not really about the gods or the catastaphe, but what was the technology the people used that was capable of them coming to meet the gods?

it also reminds me of the Edens trees. 


please excuse the formatting problems as well as my usual over the top slop writing!

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Comment by belladonna took on February 20, 2016 at 8:24pm

im coming from the place that this was an actual event that very closely preceded the flood. the "Babel" endeavor, our scientific technology or knowledge was threatening to them. they shut it down. the reason was stated.

i no longer study the mystical aspects of this text, but would be interested in what you think of my questions.

id like to hear your point of view :) 

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