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A thousand corpses

Litter the flowing plains

Where a battle has been fought

For all eternity.


The screams of the dead

And the dying

Echo in the dark recesses

Of the human soul.


Faces contorted in terror

At what has been wrought

Knowing they cannot escape

Even by death.


Through the morass of blood

I wade and watch

Unable to lift my weapon

A witness to the horror.


I watch as a lover

Becomes a whore

Leaving a precious affair

For the arms of another.


I watch as a warrior

Becomes a mercenary

Abandoning honor

For the sake of gold.


I watch as a child

Has all innocence taken

Left as dead

For all purpose is gone.


And I am one of them.


I am all of them.


I am none of them.


Watching, I see

What you do not

Oblivion denied

As chaos rages around me.


On the battlefield

There are no sides

Just bloodshed,

Total war.


A war of souls

On this battlefield of the damned

Few can calm

None can stop.


Every horror witnessed

I wish my eyes to rot

Images fade to milky white

Then nothing.


That is the way of the world

This is the truth of the soul

Shall you listen

Or will you fall?


After love has been slain

Honor destroyed

Innocence shattered

Hope still lasts the night.


Where does this come from

This hope of dreams?

Whispered upon Seraph's lips

Gliding softly on angel's wings.

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