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On March 17, 1974 I took the ''road less travel''.  All my life I have been a super extravert.  But due to some unknown forces at the time I have through the years lost thousands of friends, some family members and my first marriage (2 daughters).  44 years later I love who I have become and what I am. I love people but I do not ever want to be around them if I do not have too. People are my purpose.   Today I do not feel I belong here in this dimension.   AND I TRULY BELIEVE THAT 80% OF THE PEOPLE OF THE usa ARE NOT REAL HUMAN BEINGS.   No am not crazy but I believe this to be real.  I can even see it.   After being around someone for a little while I know what they are goiing to say about anything even the words they are going to use.  AFTER YOU READ THIS CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.  THANKS.  AD ASTRA. 

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