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In my field of work, I meet many different types of people, each with their interests and ways of live. Countless different souls on the path of creation. Some meet each other on the way to mastery and help each other grow and then move on, o travel further alone.  Some we meet and they automatically attract us, they have this something inside them that pulls us to them without even knowing why. Might be a smile, the way they look at us or the way they carry themselves across the room when they walk over to us. Others repel when we see them again without really knowing them or why we dislike their presence yet we do and we do our best to leave because we don’t feel comfortable in their presence. Both of these thought, do have something to add to our lives and it’s the people we try to avoid that teach us the most important lessons in our lives, because it takes depth and courage to understand a feeling in ways that it can add to our wellbeing consciously and not just out of instinct. This is what separates us from the rest of life on this planet. The ability to reason and think consciously outside of instinct.

I work in an elderly home outside of a big city. It is quite big with 4 big sections. I work in one of those on the 3rd floor. The team we have is one of those close teams where everyone would look out for one another and for the people that are here under our care. The souls living there with us aren’t many but each unique in their own precious way. Even though it is considered unprofessional we all have our favorites. Very few would admit it but we do, I do as well. It is normal to click better with some than with others. It is just how it is with social relations. When you spend day after day caring for a person that you enjoy you can’t help attach to them involuntarily.  It is their vibe, the feeling we get when we talk to them. It is that pleasant warm feeling that they give us, that we all enjoy.

I want to tell you about one of those souls that we have the honors of working with. She is in her 80’s. Let’s call her Betty. The elegant clothes she wears mostly give her a very lady like appearance when she walks across the halls of the unit she stays in. sadly the old age has brought her a disease of the mind and she cant think and remember as well as she would love to. That’s life, it isn’t always fair and it isn’t always good. Without those negative experiences though what worth does love have? Sometimes I would see people like her and my heart bleeds for them. Life is so unfair, but it is what it is. We have to go on and fight even when life isn’t fair. It is about what we do after and not about what happens to us. Its all about our own actions. That’s what karma is, it isn’t judgment of anything or anyone.  Noone on a cloud will look down and judge and make your lives bad or make you come back as an ant.  It is not personified law of nature that says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, im sure you recognize this version of it.

Lets go back to Betty though, I was doing my rounds and saw her lovely face on the hall. She was standing on the side of the window holding on to the wall and looking right at me. The tears were in her confused eyes lost in a time that has passed long ago.  Her elegant nature had vanished along with this time. She wasn’t dressed at all, standing there where all could see, her old self would be too proud to allow herself to be seen in such horrible manner. The hair was messed up even though we combed it an hour ago. She had no idea where she was or why she can’t go home. The sight makes your heart break because you know when you tell her, she will forget an hour later and ask you the same thing again in the hall.

In those eyes there was still the old Betty though, she was a prisoner of a broken body and a broken mind. Slowly falling apart by the hands of time. What could we do but sooth and be there. None of us can fight time it always wins; it is the master of our world. The old Betty is seen in those eyes when she smiles and when she cries. Sometimes she finds a crack to speak through like when she is at the mirrors in the elevator and wants to fix her hair, like she used to. Or when she is looking for her purse that she always carried around. The soul that is behind those blue eyes will always stay the same beautiful lady that she once was. Time can’t destroy the pure beauty we all hold inside.

That’s what makes every single one of us beautiful. Betty like us all is beautiful inside and out. She is beautiful in the hall in her t shirt and no pants, she is beautiful fully dressed in elegant pants going out for dinner and she is beautiful crying on the sofa lost in confusion of her own broken mind. The smile that bright up her entire face when I hug her and say hello is priceless. That is why I do it for, for the smile of a white pearl hiding in a broken shell, waiting to be released so it can bright up someone’s life.

We are all Betty in our own ways, we will be her in our old age and we will lose ourselves sometimes in confusion. In those moments there is one thing that will never be taken from us and will always carry the shine and love of our pure soul inside. It is the smile on our face and the beauty behind our eyes.




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