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Trimming a full beard: forestry creates value and differentiated uses, by limiting the forms available, also by maintaining products with recurring value.


Fur Trade: protection of environmental habitats, stabilization of animal populations -mere replacement of product lost to time- partly directing by introducing new product.


Ivory trade: reverence of the dead -by honoring their remains and family heirlooms- only recognized products gain recurring value, land protected by poachers or rather revenants.


Omnivore: one may eat light, one may eat plants (a plant requires water/light/minimal minerals, to be capable of giving off beneficial emanations -watering a plant consistently- I love you comes as flowers bloom the next day) overcooking a chicken brings fuck you!


Animals are more complex, they require motion/interaction/a good death, Nina Kolagina could stop a frogs heart -true or false?- can an animal be released, even if they could not, can a human being die peacefully and at will -this is beyond the point of suicide as possibility- what is a good life and death to an animal?


Omnivores do not eat because they feel like it, they eat what they can, when it is available -lest they starve due to inflexibility- canned food is winter food, meat comes and is there such a thing as mercy killing, but injuries happen in the work place (what would you think, if you could not carry your own weight ever, and could not move to eat?)


morality says: I want to save you, because of how I feel, but the Vikings were immoral -they wanted to live!-.


The Hero: I’ll climb a hundred mountains!


The comforted: but why? You could perish!


The Hero: it is better to live and feel alive, then to live and only decay, when men who did not fear death left, this world lost a great light.


The comforted: I felt this loss, now the ones who crave death shout -for they carry the torch- the world is not comfortable enough!


Beyond good and evil


The forest is immense, due to the drive of greed, but that is a word I should morph, benevolent generosity -Jung says for her within- that might be a better term.


Beyond good and evil


Your morality is not mine, but if my son should live in this world, it is better I die as a good man, then to live as a coward -at 360 or 40- the coward who lives does as much damage -to the character of courage- as the one who is found, lacking the courage to even fight in a corner.


If a piece of meat shows rage at overcooking, why should it be so enraged?


Light/plant/animal/beyond, any may be absorbed by another, thus nourishing continued flux, if an ant dies what happens to its awareness, if light is absorbed what happens to its awareness (insert answer here, for I hear too much noise, without much worth at all!) there is not moment that I would condone pure veganism, as anything but life denial -even if animal farming is evil!-.

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Comment by Loki on July 25, 2016 at 5:04pm

PS: Mary Jane also makes timber sustainable, she's a very beautiful woman, but what is beauty?

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