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If we accept that the mental proceeds the material, then we can ultimately derive that those who control thought also control reality. It is my sincere conclusion that individual thought, and more importantly, individual experience is lost. 
We have become walking advertisements to our very own hell.
The nihilist mindset that feeds into the socialist framework of inequality and the grand solution is at our doorstep asking for contribution to even the "odds".
Now we give to empty promises, "and movements". We see something that transcendences our own existence.
A cause, a mission, we seek that idea so fervently that entire cultures and nations are moved to incite war and death upon another.
Now we enter this "technological" age, were the war no longer exists on battlefields of earth, but that of the landscape of the mind. The etheric and holy universe of thought and imagination.
The realm of conscious thought that the universe has destroyed and resurrected to allow for the possibility of free will.
And we are left with emotions capitalized for material "gain" (check YouTube).
Polarized servants of "political" movements.
And frankly, the bullshit of the "New Age" community that lead people down spiritual spiral of the next empty doctrine or monetary subscription.
Only 99.99 for 3 months.
Society has culminated to the thought of victimhood and disillusion. 
The Catholic Church has been reviled for what truly is, power corrupted, and the mass media is so obviously miss-leading you might as well be watching a cartoon interpretation of the world.
So comfortable we become in our environments, we have been blinded to what has lurking below.
Now we have the ability to share. Lol....
No consequence for what we say (as long as our words follow in line).

No retort, just rampant nihilism and the expectation that something should be handed to you for nothing.
Then why even live? I think that mindset has been thoroughly explored in the twentieth century.
And yet forgotten, because there is cotton candy at the fair.

Now we have technology to accelerate the process of calcifying the mind to pure materialism.
Its apparent to me now that individual thought is lost. Its lost in the crowd of seething fear and meaningless obedience.
Obedience to the crowd. 
If there was every a time for individual thought and expression to emerge, its now.
But only such things that are worthy of doing require individual sacrifice and individual hardship.
Two things that have been relinquished to the crowd.

The Individual Is Paramount,

As Within, So Without

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