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To own what was previously lost. I had to have it. I wonder what was going on. I met a Pakastin friend at the hospital. He mentioned the Black (RA)inbows. I was all for it. A heated debate. The Brotherhood of the Shadows. We take what is rightfully ours. I love competition. How else was I going to survive? Through faith? I knew it was an Occult Order off the break and it's ours. The RA in me says to keep pursuing the light. I'm all for it. There' a few steps to "become" one and there isn't a catch. We struggle as Christ did in the flesh. We deny our wants in order to provide for those that seek. There is no other way around it. I do somewhat have faith and they like it. Mmhmm. I got another way of explaining it. Yup, I'm in a trance. He can provide the rain to quinch our thirst. And there's more than one.

This is why with what we know that things continue to revolve around the Sun God BEL. Something in which I understand, a portal to infinity. The very warmth of the sun invigorated our souls to see the good in all people. It's very important to see how one distinguishes between good and evil. A very hard topic to swallow. It always started with me on Alnitak in Orion's Belt. Have you ever seen the Orion Nebula? The perfect rainbow of how you can level with me. Hence the solar deity RA, to me, is the Sun God BEL. We all know how things overlap. This sect includes all that think outside the box. Like Taoism, "action through non action." It's purfect, yup... The Nectar Gods. Yup, the Eagle and Lion coming together aka the Imdugud. Aquila and Orion. They provide the sweet morsal of something so exquisite that you can't even swallow it. A agonizing initiation. It does work wonders and after a series of tests, you then understand what we think. None of who instigates people to question the nature of God. Is it Bel, God, or Allah? This is the whole point of this order. We continue to strive for excellence and strive for what truth that applies to us individually. As it is said, "there's more than meets the eye." 


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