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And we will present new ideas that people will struggle to understand which will produce fear, after this we will produce products to help alleviate that emotion (fear).
This process will be cloaked in the great "disclosure". Here's the problem and we have the answer. Sign up for the membership before you place is taken.
With the catholic church now in shambles, the "New Age" is more attractive. But actually its more of the same. Just a different version. Crowd control, and you are participating.
But why do it yourself when you can train others to do it for you.
Walking advertisements!
You seek because you think you have nothing.
And in the end you are surrounded by shadow, illusion and fear.
Because that's what you have accepted.
There is a darkness that lies outside of your consciousness.

Empty and black. No structure, no earth. No hope.
No possibility, no sunrise, forever falling.
No voice, no sound.

And you have a program? The secret?

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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